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Notes: *sighs* Argh..Minna, I tried to write a one shot fic for Thanksgiving, but my muse turned it into another multipart. This will be the first part of a `holiday' series, it will include Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

The Greatest Gift of All
Duo's Thanksgiving
Part 1

It was November 21, Duo was at the safe house by himself. The other four pilots were called away on a mission. //And I get stuck here alone, damn injury// He was really lonely, stuck by himself in the huge estate currently serving as their shelter. His computer began to beep, he opened the vid file and saw Quatre. He said they will be home in two days, everything was fine but time was short. Cutting the connection before Duo could say anything. //Sigh, two more days of being bored out of my mind. Hey wait!! Thanksgiving is coming// Running to check the calendar, to his surprise it was in two days. //I know, I'll cook a Thanksgiving meal. Ha, shock the shit outta them//. Walking to his room, he got changed and grabbed some money.

(Two days later, very early in the am)

Duo stood in the kitchen, flour on his face. His black apron covered with various substances. //Well if they say the best cooks make the biggest messes...//. With a grin he put the turkey in the oven. //The guys should be here later this evening// All the pre prep work done, he took off to the bathroom for a relaxing shower.

After getting dressed and rebraiding his hair, Duo went back into the kitchen to check on the turkey and ham. //Almost done//. Closing the oven, he check all the food chilling in the refrigerator. Grabbing bowls he began taken things to the dining room and setting the table up.


Heero, Quatre, Trowa and Wufei walked into the safehouse dead tired. Each going straight to their rooms intending on taking relaxing showers. After each was cleaned up they noticed how quiet the house was. //Where is Duo?// Heero wondered //Usually he is here pestering me to no end// He didn't understand why his absence bothered him so much. Walking out of their shared room, he went to see if Trowa and Quatre had seen him. About to knock on the door, he heard a moan. Blushing, he left in search of Wufei. About twenty minutes later the door to Trowa's and Quatre's room opened. Finally noticing the lack of a certain voice. They went in search for the American, only to meet up with the Heero and Wufei.

"Have you seen Duo?" Trowa and Wufei asked at the same time. Starting to get worried, they went downstairs. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, they were going to split up when the most wonderful aroma teased their noses. Following the wonderful smells into the dining room, four jaws hit the ground. The grand table was covered with various foods, each sending off it's own alluring smell. Five places were set, about to ask who did this, Duo walked out of the kitchen with the turkey.

"Hi guys, well don't just stand there sit down." He said while placing the large turkey in the center of the table.

Finally finding his voice, Quatre spoke up. "Duo, did you cook this' he gestured towards the elaborate meal.

Smiling, Duo nodded. "Yes I did, I spent all day over that hot stove."

"I didn't know you could cook" Wufei stated.

"Well it's something I don't do often. Only for special occasions."

"So what is the occasion?" Heero asked confused.

"Thanksgiving no da! Happy Thanksgiving guys"

Finally getting their heads out their rears, comprehension dawned on them. "Happy Thanksgiving Duo" they chimed together. Sitting down they began to eat. It was a really peaceful evening for Duo. He was celebrating a holiday with his only friends, throughout dinner they made small talk, even Heero and Wufei added to the conversation.

With dinner finished, Duo gathered up the empty plates and went to the kitchen. Putting the apron back on he began a sink full of soapy water. In the middle of washing the dishes, Heero appeared beside him. "I'll help with these" Smiling to hide the shock, he simply nodded. //Damn, I didn't expect this//. After the dishes were washed and dried, Heero turned to Duo.

"Duo, thank you for dinner. It was my first Thanksgiving, it was wonderful" With a grand smile he turned and left a gaping Duo. //Oh man...// Recovering from his shock, he went up to his room, passing the other three. Wishing them good dreams, he went into his and Heero's room, changed into his sleep wear and went to sleep dreaming of a pair of blue eyes.

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