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Notes: Minna-san, this fic is the sequel to 'Winning Hand'. Although that fic was sweet and happy, this fic will be a little rough. Angst warnings in future chapters.

Fragile Love
Part 5

Two chairs held the two slumbering boys, on either side of the bed. The room was dark, except for the pale moonlight filtering through the hospital blinds. The figure lying in the middle of the bed was still unmoving, the only indication that Duo was still alive were the beeps from the heart monitor.

Heero was slumped in his chair, his clothes ragged. His hand had held one of the pale boy's, afraid that if he let go of it, he would lose the braided boy. He shifted to the emerald-eyed boy, fast asleep in the other chair. Heero could see the tear tracks left on his beautiful face. Suddenly, the door opened and a blonde head of hair peeked in.

"Heero..?" Quatre whispered.

Dark-blue eyes turned to face the visitor, twin oceans of sorrow. Heero tried to put up the Perfect Solider mask, but it crumbled under the weight of his heavy heart. Fresh tears poured down his face, only this time his shoulders began to shake and soft sobs escaped his lips. Too much had been piled onto the Japanese youth's shoulders, and he couldn't bear it. He felt himself being held and rocked by Quatre's caring embrace.

"It's okay...let it out Heero," the blonde said, cradling his friend in his arms. He tried with everything that he was to pour positive emotions into his friend's heart.

The machines remained the same, the steady beep filling the room to be joined by muffled sobs. Heero had almost lost Duo forever, but either by some miracle or by divine intervention, Duo had lived. His mind and heart filled with swirling emotions, Heero's control had finally broken down completely, leaving a scared teenaged boy.

"It's my fault..." he whispered brokenly, "while I was out having fun...Duo was..."

"It's not your fault, Heero"

The Japanese teenager lifted his grief-stricken face to meet Sally's. "None of it can possibly be your fault."

"I wasn't there with him. I swore I'd protect him, but when he needed me...I was..," his body began to shake. *He* was to blame. It was his entire fault that his Duo laid on the bed, near death.

"My fault...all my fault..."

A resonant smack filled the room, flesh upon flesh. Heero's head jerked to the side from the force of the slap. His hand flew up to his reddening cheek, and speared a glare at Sally.

"Snap out of it. It's not your fucking fault. You weren't there . . . well, neither were we!" Sally was nearly shouting. "How do you think we feel, Heero? Do you think we're not breaking inside too?" Sally took a deep calming breathe,"Thinking like this will not help him at all."

"I'm sorry..."

"Heero, you need to get some sleep."


"No. Quatre can watch over Duo and Trowa is here, as well. Now you go get some sleep, before I have to sedate you."

"I'll go with him." Trowa spoke, finally. "Quatre, stay and watch over Duo, would you, please?" After he saw the blonde agree, the taller boy ushered Heero out of the room and down the hall. They entered another room, which contained a small bed.


"Try and sleep, koi. I'll stay with you." He pushed back the dark bangs that fell into Heero's face. His heart ached with both relief and fear. Duo was alive, but would he wake? He couldn't do anything for his braided love, but he could surely help this one. Trowa knew he needed to be strong for all three of them; the emotions were too foreign and intense for Heero to deal with alone.


A low whimper from the bed broke Quatre and Sally from their discussion. In an instant they were by Duo's side. The two watched, with hopeful eyes, as the braided boy's eyes began to flutter open.

"Duo..?" Quatre asked, tears running down his face and a smile on his lips.

Slowly, his eyelids opened, revealing cloudy violet eyes. Duo looked at the form hovering over him, he couldn't quite make out who it was....


"Duo, do you know where you are?" Sally asked.

"Sally..?" he asked, his vision slowly clearing up. He turned his head slightly, "Quatre?"

"How do you feel?"

"Like shit..." His eyes shut once more, breathing slowly and calmly, struggling to think traight. "Where are Heero and Trowa? They must be worried sick...."

to be continued

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