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Notes: This is a GGOA fic, which means it falls into the ‘Greatest Gift of All’ timeline. Remember I said I’d do more in this timeline. Well I’m starting now with this Valentine’s Day fic.

Forever and A Day
Part 3

Duo walked from where he hid his gundam, hands in his pockets and looking up at the clouds. //Today is Valentine’s Day. I wonder if he’ll be home or not// He reached the front door of the small, by Quatre’s standards, safe-house. He entered the dark house, by the looks of it no one was home.

“I guess I spend it alone...”

Duo jumped, he was pulled against a strong and very familiar chest. “Heero..”

“Sshh Duo. I’ve got a surprise for you.” he replied before pulling out a long strip of black material and blind-folding Duo. He felt Duo tense...

“Do you trust me Duo?”

“H..hai Heero. Ai shiteru”

“Ai shiteru Duo...” Heero then took Duo’s hand and led him through the house.

Duo followed where Heero took him, his whole heart trusting his koi. His mind was in a flurry of thoughts. //What does he have planned..// He knew they went outside, the sound of the door and the cool wind.

Heero turned and looked at his koi, his face full of love and trust. He removed the blind-fold and pulled those soft lips into a passionate kiss. //It’s been too long koi, but I’ll make sure you never forget today//

“Open your eyes koi”

Duo did as Heero asked, slowly he opened his eyes. What he saw surprised him and sent waves of warmth rippling through his heart and soul.

“Do you like Duo?” Heero asked, a little bit nervous.

Instead of answering, Duo threw himself into Heero’s arms and hugged him will all his might. “Heero...I..it’s...oh...”

“Come on koi, we have the entire afternoon and the sky is waiting.”

Heero literally swept Duo off of his feet and walked over to the hot air balloon. “For you koi..”


“This is amazing Heero. It’s so beautiful...” Duo commented while gazing out of the basket they were in. The sun was high, shining upon the land. The landscape was perfect, almost like it came from a photograph. The sight stole his breathe away.

Heero’s arms wrapped around his koi’s waist, his head rested on Duo’s shoulder.

“Yes it is, but not as breath-taking as you koi.”

Duo blushed.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Heero.” he whispered before turning in the warm embrace and kissing Heero.

“Happy Valentine’s koi”

Duo’s arms snaked around Heero’s neck, pulling their bodies closer. “This is perfect...”

“but it’s not over with.”

“It’s not?” Duo asked between the increasingly heated kisses.

“Iie, there is one more surprise, love”


Duo stared at the clearing, mouth nearly on the ground. All around were flowers upon flowers. Trees surrounded them, reaching for the azule sky. Birds’ song danced through the air, mixing with the fragrant flowers. //Perfection...//

Heero watched thousands of emotions and thought pass over Duo’s face, he didn’t fight the smile. The sun’s rays made Duo glow and sparkle. His hair seemed to shimmer in the wind.


“It’s wonderful Hee-chan...” Duo couldn’t finish, he was so happy the tears poured down his face.

Heero hugged Duo fiercely, knowing his love was crying from happiness. He brushed away the tears with loving gentleness, then kissed each eye.

“I love you so much Duo. I’ll tell you everyday for the rest of our lives.”

He pulled Duo down on the blanket, allowing his lover to fall onto his chest. He pulled those lips to meet his in a soft and caring way. His hands began to remove the barriers between them, slowly and almost teasingly.

“onegai....heero...” Duo whimpered into the warm mouth of his lover. “take me, show me”


Heero withdrew his fingers, the whimper of displeasure reached his ears increasing his lust for Duo. He quickly covered his aching arousal with the cool gel.

“love you so much...” Duo whispered in pleasure...

Heero wrapped Duo’s legs around his waist, the tip of his arousal nudging Duo’s entrance. Ever so slowly and lovingly he pushed his way passed the tight ring.

They both moan and cried out in pleasure as Heero slowly claimed Duo. Pleasure, Pain, Heat, Tightness, Love, Need, Lust, spiraled through their veins coalescing within their hearts. Each thrust sent them both closer to the edge. Heero reached between their bodies and pumped Duo.

Colors and emotions exploded within Duo’s body, he arched off the ground crying out Heero’s name. His passion exploding from his body, covering both their lower bodies. The force of his climax forced him to tears, the waves of pleasure still a never ending crescendo of passion.

The incredible tightness of Duo increased, squeezing Heero almost painfully. He pulled back and thrust once more before the intensity of his building climax was too much. His passion poured into Duo, his body shook with the force of his orgasm. He scream Duo’s name.

The waves were slowly ebbing down, Duo’s arms encircled Heero’s shoulders and held him tight. “hee-chan...”

Wearily Heero open his eyes, looking into the violet orbs. “koi...”

Words long ago failed to express the true depth of their feelings. They were joined in heart and soul. Within each other’s eyes, they found burning devotion and endless love.

“Forever and a day duo....” .


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