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***** scene change

+++++ Daydream/dream

Notes: This is a GGOA fic, which means it falls into the ‘Greatest Gift of All’ timeline. Remember I said I’d do more in this timeline. Well I’m starting now with this Valentine’s Day fic.

Forever and A Day
Part 2

Warmth enveloped the figure underneath the sheets. Rays from the sun pierced the darkness of the room, shining upon a head of brown hair. Heero had his koi’s pillow clutched to his chest, as he would hold Duo every night. The intoxicating smell of his love, a constant in his life, filled his senses. Everything seemed perfect. Heero stirred in his sleep..

“Duo...” he whispered

Slowly the twin blue eyes blinked open, perfection blinked away. Heero looked at the other side of the bed, Duo’s side, and didn’t see his love.

Heero sighed wistfully.

“Are you okay?”



The fragrant smell of roses filled the air. Softly blowing wind carried the sweet scent, caressing the two bodies. Heero’s hands caressed the cheeks of his love, his thumb brushing over the full lips.

The violet depths were filled with warmth and love.



Heero snapped himself out of his day-dream before it got really interesting. He had an idea.

“I hope you get the message love.”

//Valentines is tomorrow.//


Trowa and Quatre were in the den, cuddled up with one another, watching television. Wufei was no where in the house, apparently he went to visit Sally.

“Guys, can I ask you something?” Heero asked while walking in the room.

“Sure” Quatre replied

“Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. I know what I want to do with Duo, but need some help.”

“Of course we’ll help.” Trowa stated to his friend. He left his little one and went to the desk.

“Just let us know what you need” He retrieved a pen and pad of paper. //Duo, you’ve done so much for us all. Especially him, I’ll make sure this night for you two is perfect..//


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