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Parings: 1X2, 3X4

Notes: This is a GGOA fic, which means it falls into the ‘Greatest Gift of All’ timeline. Remember I said I’d do more in this timeline. Well I’m starting now with this Valentine’s Day fic.

Forever and A Day
Part 1

The morning sun’s rays pierced the trees’ canopy, slowly the ground and its inhabitant’s were enveloped with light. Birds sang their morning song, squirrels and other small forest creatures started their daily routine. Everything was normal, except for the slumbering form of a teenager, warmly snuggled in a sleeping-bag. The sun illuminated the pale and fair skin, kissed the soft chestnut locks. Slowly the figure began to stir, graceful arms stretching and twin violet eyes opened. Duo looked around the picturesque landscape, which still took his breath-away.

“So beautiful”

Breathing in the sweet air one last time, the young gundam pilot got out of his sleeping-bag and began to pack things up.


Duo sat on Deathscythe’s open hatch, he was gazing at the landscape. His hand pulled out a single photograph from his shirt pocket.

“Heero.” His voiced filled with love and a hint of longing.

The photograph was one that Trowa and Quatre had taken. It was Duo and Heero asleep in Duo’s bed. They were snuggling with each-other. Heero’s face was relaxed, a small peaceful smile on his lips. That picture was Duo’s favorite for obvious reasons..

“I miss you. I can’t wait to see you again.” Duo told his koi, reverently running his fingers over the priceless picture.

“Valentine’s Day is coming koi” Duo put the picture back in his pocket and began to think. //What will be the perfect thing for the greatest love?//

Duo was brought out of his thoughts, apparently someone was trying to contact him.

//Not another mission//

Duo climbed into the cockpit, he typed in his security codes. “One message...” Duo opened the single message, fearing it was yet another mission from Professor G. He smiled and had tears in his eyes, Duo almost turned into a pile of goo. Only three words were in the message...

‘I love you’

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