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Warnings: Yaoi, POV, AU, OOC, Masturbation, Lemon
Pairings: ? + Duo

Note: This fic is actually a small surprise for some good friends of mine: Pen, Jan, Jana, Steel,Chrisy, and Kel. Hope you all enjoy, be on the look out for more.

By d_huron

He’s doing it again, yet not even knowing that he is. Teasing me with that smile, those eyes, and the lithe and perfect body. I can’t take my eyes off of him, nor do I wish to. I ache to run my fingers over the soft skin, trace his collar bone with my lips and tongue. Just to pull him into my arms.

Gods, if you can hear me let me have him.

He turned to look at me, and smiled that smile. The one that makes me harder than steel and makes my knees weak; the one that I would do anything to see again, he has that power over me.

As quickly as I could, I left the room and hurry up to a secluded one; before he could see just how much that smile affected me.

Ah good, a love seat.

‘This really has been happening too often. The thought ran through my mind as I quickly unbuttoned my too tight jeans, my hand sliding underneath the denim.


I’ve never really been the most patient; quickly I lowered the zipper and pushed the pants and underwear down to my knees, falling back on the cousins of the love seat. My fingers wrapped around my cock, thumb teasing the tip; gathering the proof of my desire and passion.

Never before had I even considered submitting to anyone, but the growing desire for the long haired pilot finally overcame any reservations. I wanted him…in every way….

Gods Duo, I want you….so bad….

I tried not to moan as I began stroking myself, even tried biting down on my lower lip. Would you touch me like this, run your fingers over my arousal; tease me with your tongue.


I can see him, my Duo, standing before me his eyes darkened with lust and need. Parting his lips, while he slowly begins to strip; just for me, my own private show; another whimper escapes my lips and I tightened my grip.

My other hand slid underneath the black tank top, teasing my skin with feather-light touches, sliding upwards, teasing my nipples to rock hard nubs.

Lust, passion they both burn through my veins, all for the long haired pilot. The pace quickened, my back arching from the seat back and eyes closing. He is touching me, his hand around my cock driving me insane with building pleasure. My name falling from his lips, low and seductive; I gasped again, unable to restrain it.

I can see his face, in my fantasy, twisted with pleasure above me, thrusting inside of my body; claiming me, owning me, using me…Fucking me

Our lips would meet in a heated kiss, and our tongues would battle for dominance while he continued to thrust.

I was so close, my entire body felt like it was burning, and my hips were rocking; thrusting in time with my strokes. I was gasping, panting for air as ecstasy rolled over my body, and I tried to keep my cry low from my climax. His name fell from my lips as my hand and abdomen was covered with hot passion.

After an eternity, my heart stopped racing and my body slowly relaxed. My eyes slowly opened, and peered into darkened amethyst.

"Need a hand, Heero?"

My gods…..there was that smile again….


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