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Warnings: OOC, AU, Language, Yaoi, Het, Citrus, Wrestling, Sap?, WAFF/Fluff?, twinge of Angst
Pairings: 3+4, 5+S, 13+11, 6+9?, 1+2/1X2
Rating: overall R bordering on NC-17

Notes: This fic is the sequel to `Denying Fate'. A fic inspired by the lovely Jade. Let's hope I can keep the series line running and not bore anyone to death.

Destiny's Fate
Part 1

Morning classes seemed to whiz by for Heero, he barely paid anyone any attention. The Japanese Senior was still in a blissful haze. He absently took notes over their lesson in Calculus class, while he thought about the previous day. A slow blush tinted his cheeks, and for once Heero was glad his love wasn't in the class anymore. He didn't know if he could stop himself from grabbing the braided boy, throwing him on the teacher's desk and making hot, passionate love to Duo in front of the entire class. How he ached to run his finger tips over the smooth skin, tease his lover's perfect nipples with his tongue, take the braided boy's hardened flesh into his hands.

Heero continued to ignore the teacher, memories of the previous day came rushing back. His cock hardened further, bulging against his pants.


Heero stared at the kitchen door again, his lover had been gone for a while. He wondered if everything was okay. Quickly he walked towards the kitchen door, he pushed the door open intent on finding his lover.

"AH! COLD!" Duo screeched as the tray he was carrying lost it's balance and the two glasses of iced tea spilled. When the Japanese boy pushed the door open, he didn't know Duo was about to talk into the living room, the door hit the tray.

"Duo, are you okay?"

"Y-yes, just extremely c-cold. Gonna go change..." The braided boy stuttered while walking towards the laundry room. Duo peeled of his wet shirt, giving his lover just a teasing look of his back and denim clad ass. Unconsciously, he added a little more sway to his hips than usual.

Duo entered the laundry room and peeled off his pants, leaving him clad in a pair of tight boxer briefs. Opening the lid, Duo put his wet clothes in the washing machine and turned the knobs. After adding some detergent he shut the lid and spun around, "Heero! What are you..." The remainder of his statement was cut off with a deeply passionate kiss.

Heero watched, with growing lust, the braided boy all but saunter out of the kitchen. The Japanese boy felt his pants tighten, his arousal throbbing and burning in the confines of the material. Heero ached to peel his clothes off and take the other boy, to feel his length sliding into his lover's searing heat. He couldn't hold himself back any further, he needed to make love to Duo. The aroused boy quickly searched the kitchen for anything they could use as lubricant. His eyes landed on a small bottle of vegetable oil, from what he knew it should work well enough. Heero wondered, briefly, if he would always become aroused when around Duo, or even thinking about the beautiful American. He decided he didn't mind, and would do anything for Duo, even if that meant running around town naked. With trembling hands, the Japanese boy picked up the small bottle of liquid and quickly made his way towards the laundry room.

Heero watched as his sexy lover wiggled out of the pair of jeans. His cerulean blue eyes were enchanted with Duo's sexy ass, he watched as the material fell down to pool at his feet. The Japanese boy nearly growled when Duo bent over to pick up his discarded pants and toss them into the washing machine. The blue-eyed boy admired the very form fitting boxer briefs, the way they clung to his lover's ass had him almost whimpering with need. Then Duo turned around.

"Heero! What're you..." Heero took two steps and silenced his love with a deep kiss, somehow he managed to set the bottle of oil off to the side. He pulled their bodies against each other, moaning at his hardness ground against Duo's awakening erection. His tongue slid past the open lips, deepening passion's embrace. He explored his lover's mouth and coaxed Duo's tongue into his mouth. His hands trailed down his lover's back and squeezed the cotton clad ass.

"Duo, I need you" he whispered out, after breaking away for air. The Japanese boy emphasized his need by grinding his hips into Duo's. His body was screaming at him, all it wanted was to ripped off Duo's underwear, and his clothing as well, and pound into the aching familiar heat.

The braided boy was taken by surprise by Heero's actions, but soon was swept off his feet. His arms came up to base of his lover's neck, ruffling the soft hair while kissing Heero with the same passion. Thoughts of Heero claiming his body, filled his mind. Duo willingly slipped his tongue into his lover's mouth, teasing the other boy. His body began moving with his lover, hard erection brushing against hard erection. The braided boy's cock was wet with desire, staining the gray briefs. All he wanted was for Heero to ripped off his clothes and throw him on the washer. Duo wanted to feel his burning hardness enter his body, he wanted Heero to fuck him. The American wanted to feel complete again, to have Heero inside his body.

"Duo, I need you."

"Heero. I want you now," Duo growled out. His hands quickly pushed down the boxer briefs and he kicked them to the side. The braided boy's body was throbbing with need and sexual tension. He didn't want to wait any longer, no teasing or foreplay. All he wanted was to be claimed by his love. His fingers quickly moved the button on Heero's pants, they fumbled with the small metal zipper.

"Dammit!" he cursed, trying to get into Heero's pants. Finally his fingers stopped trembling so he could pull the zipper down. Duo pushed the pants down Heero's hips, and down the muscled legs.

Heero pulled his lover to his feet, while staring into the deep violet eyes, and picked him up off the ground. He sat Duo on the washer, kissing his lover breathless. Heero broke away quickly to rip off his own shirt and yank his boxers down his legs. He placed his hands on the vibrating washer while kissing his braided American deeply, passionately.

"Hee~eeer~o" Duo cried out, his voice filling the room from the rocking washing machine. The vibrations were such a turn on for him, sending little jolts of pleasure through his body. He moaned out loud when he was pulled to the edge of the washer, his legs being spread wide apart. His head lulled back in pleasure as a slick finger entered his body, vaguely he wondered where Heero got lube.

Heero quickly reached over, blindly, for the bottle of vegetable oil. His fingers quickly twisted the cap off and tossed it over his shoulder. He tipped the bottle over, allowing the warm liquid to coat his hand and fingers. Heero slipped a finger into his lover's body, wanting nothing more than to drive his cock deep within the impossible heat. The Japanese boy quickly prepared his lover, but the vibrations and Duo's loud, pleasurable moans were making him even harder. Long fingers thrust in and out of the other boy's body, stretching him for his aching cock.

"hee~ro....now...please....oh G-gods NOW!"

The Japanese boy's fingers left Duo and grasped for the bottle once again, he tipped the bottle and coated his hand with the oil. Heero coated his cock with the makeshift lubricant.

"gods Duo...." the Japanese boy cried out, desperately trying not to climax from his slow strokes. He jumped when the American's lets surrounded his waits and pulled him close, the tip of his arousal nudging his lover's opening.

"Heero...need you i-inside. NOW!"

Heero finally relented to Duo's and his body's demands, he pulled Duo closer to him. The braided boy's back was flat on the washing machine, while Heero wrapped the long legs tighter around his waist. He flexed his hips, pushing past the ring of muscle. Heero pushed into his lover's incredible tightness, gasping from the sheer pleasure of becoming one with the other boy. They both cried out as Heero pushed into Duo's willing body, blissful heat surround the Japanese boy's length. "Duo! You feel incredible...so hot..." he cried out as he slid into the American. The increasing vibrations creating to their building pleasure. He could feel them ripple through his lover's body, caress and tease his cock buried in Duo's body. Heero stopped when he was fully buried, giving the other boy just a few moments to adjust. Once his lover's muscled fully relaxed, Heero pulled out and drove back in. His hips began a fast and hard pace, his straining body crying out for release. He pounded into his lover, his own cries joining the braided boy's.

"L-lo-lover," Duo cried out as his lover pounded into him. The combination of Heero and the wonderful washing machine Duo screamed out as he climaxed, his burning passion covering their bodies.

"Du~oo!" Heero cried out as his orgasm ripped through his body, pouring his hot seed into his lover's body His pumping hips rode the fading waves, as he gasped for air. Slowly his thrusts stopped and the young man collapsed on his lover's trembling chest.

"Heero..." Duo whimpered, feeling his lover's softening erection slid out of his body. He still trembled from the intense climax.

"My Duo..." The Japanese boy claimed while seizing his lover's lips in a passionate kiss.

"Forever yours."


A choked gasp left Heero lips as his body shuddered, and he climaxed within the confines of his jeans. He bit down on his bottom lip to keep from crying out. His seed poured from his throbbing cock into his briefs, staining them with his pleasure.

"Heero, are you feeling okay?"

"H-ha-hai, I'm f-fine."

"Maybe you should go see the nurse..."

The Japanese boy jumped from the suggestion, just how was he suppose to see the nurse without everyone seeing the huge stain on his pants. He shifted in his seat, uncomfortably sticky.

`Well Shit...'

to be continued

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