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Notes: This is the follow-up to `Trowe~o', and is dedicated to Kash! Hope you enjoy more of this pairing!

If You Can't Take the Heat...
Part 3

Trowa moaned around his lover's length, taking all of the Japanese boy's arousal into his mouth. He knew exactly what Heero wanted, and how to tease the boy out of his mind. He began to tease his lover, bringing him close to the edge then back down, it wouldn't be fair to tease just Duo, now would it?

"Trowa..." Heero moaned out. The taller boy's incredible mouth quickly brought Heero to the edge, but never enough to push him over. He was about to thrust into his lover's mouth, but was prevented by strong hands on his hips.

Duo watched Trowa go down on Heero, wanting nothing more than to wrap his long fingers around his arousal. He was still painfully hard and wet with aching desire, but refused to touch himself; he wanted to come deep inside the Japanese boy.

The braided boy walked towards the other boy, standing behind Heero. His hands fell to Japanese boy's hips, preventing him from thrusting into Trowa's very talented mouth. Heero deserved a little torture.

"No you don't lover," Duo whispered into Heero's ear while running his fingers over the Japanese boy's abdomen. "I want to hear you ask for it, beg for...."

Trowa's mouth left Heero's erection; he looked up at the perfect picture of his two lovers. Duo's hands teasing the Japanese boy's nipples, while his tongue lapped at Heero's neck. He had to take a deep breath after looking at Heero; mouth parted in a silent, begging moan, eyes half closed, nipples hard, legs spread. The contrast of Duo's flesh against the other boy's was breathtaking. Trowa lowered his head, once again, and took Heero back into his mouth.

"Trowa... Duo... make me come...I need to.." Heero begged.

Duo looked around, finding the bowl off to the side. All the wonderful meringue was nearly gone, but there was just enough to use. He scooped the filling out and covered his fingers, thrusting against the Japanese boy. The braided boy slid on finger inside his whimpering lover, making sure to tease Heero as much as he could. "Let us hear you, Heero. Scream for me, beg to be taken, to come..." another finger joined the first; thrusting and stretching the boy's tight entrance.

Trowa pulled back, letting his lover's arousal slide out of his mouth, green eyes locked with violet in a mischievous gaze. "Heero, look at me. Watch me tease your arousal, beg us..." he said before blowing on the Japanese boy's burning erection. One hand came up to cup the boy's sack, fondling Heero while he continued blowing over the head.

"PLEASE!" Heero screamed out, knowing he couldn't win against both his lovers. Duo's thrusting fingers, Trowa's teasing mouth, and it was all too much for the Japanese pilot. His body was shaking with need, skin on fire from their touch, mind melting from ecstasy, cock wet with need.

The taller boy rose to his feet, pressing up against the whimpering boy. His hips moved, thrusting against Heero. His lips claimed Heero's, thrusting his tongue in. "Duo.. take him.. Now," Trowa whispered, running his hand over the American's cheek.

Duo nodded, pulling Heero over to the kitchen table. The American's fingers left the boy's body, "Get on the table and lie down, spread your legs Heero."

As soon as his Japanese lover was spread open on the table, Duo guided his slick arousal to the boy's opening. "Heero, what do you want?" Duo asked, nudging his lover. He knew he was being evil and would pay dearly for it, but much later. It wasn't often that he had his Japanese lover in this position, and Duo intended on making Heero scream his name and beg for more with each pounding thrust.

"Take me, Duo! Claim my body, own me...please! I need it.."

The braided boy thrust inside Heero, stopping so that only the head of his dripping arousal was buried with the tight heat. "Gods.. Heero....you're so good...." His hands tightened on the boy's hips, preventing Heero from thrusting back against him. "No, no Heero not yet." Duo looked over at Trowa, smiling. "I want you to finish what you started." He emphasized his words by bending over slightly. Trowa walked towards the other two, standing behind Duo; nudging the American with his hardness. One long hand reached over Duo's shoulder, taking Heero's erection. He slowly started stroking the Japanese boy and he pushed the American to bend over more. "Watch me Heero, as I take our lover."

Slowly the taller boy slid into the braided boy, gasping as he was surrounded by Duo's tightness. His hand continued to pump Heero, eyes locked with passion-clouded Cerulean. "Duo..so tight.."

Heero gasped as Duo slid further inside his body, his hands came up to intertwine with both his lovers'. He arched into Duo, needing more. "Duo.. Trowa...more.." He silently begged Trowa to stroke his hardness, to make him climax.

Trowa began their rhythm, starting slowly and teasing, each thrust into Duo sent blinding heat crashing through his blood. He was pressed up against Duo, muscled chest against his lover's back. The boy's hips picked up in force, soon slamming into the American; thrusting with all his strength. Duo's cries rose in intensity as he pounded into Heero and thrust back against Trowa. The American threw his head back and howled: the rolling ecstasy drove him out of his mind; taking and being taken. All that mattered was fulfilling his unsuitable need, to be joined in the deepest way with both boys. He tightened his grip on Heero's hand, feeling his climax fast approaching.

Heero couldn't take it anymore, both Duo and Trowa's hands pumping him, he cried out and came; hot passion covering his two lover's hands, and his lover body with stream after stream of seed. "DUO, TROWA!"

Duo thrust deep inside his lover's impossibly tight body, crying out as his body burned from his intense orgasm, he filled Heero with pulse after pulse of his hot need, moaning from Trowa's continued, yet frenzied, thrusting.

"DUO.. HEERO!" Trowa howled, thrusting faster, harder into Duo's tight body. His vision blurred as Duo's tightening heat stole his last remains of control. Thrusting once more, Trowa came hard, filling the braided boy with his seed; marking Duo once again.

Slowly the three lovers came down from their touch with euphoria, sweaty chests panting. Carefully Trowa pulled out of Duo's body, helping the braided boy ease out of Heero. He pulled Heero into his arms, devouring the Japanese boy's mouth, thrusting his tongue inside. He finally released Heero's mouth, only to claim the braided boy's.

Heero ran his fingers through Trowa's sweaty hair, and glanced over at Duo. He gave them both a warm smile, knowing they didn't need to say anything. He held his hand out to Duo, bringing the braided boy closer to him and the green eyed boy. They shared a final kiss, pouring their hearts and souls into the tender embrace. They finally broke away, gasping for air. Their eyes met: Emerald, Cerulean, and Violet reflected the same emotion; love.


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