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Notes: This is the follow-up to `Trowe~o', and is dedicated to Kash! Hope you enjoy more of this pairing!

If You Can't Take the Heat...
Part 2

The Japanese boy couldn't stop the involuntary moan from leaving his sudden dry lips. Heero squeezed his length through his jeans, dark blue locking with emerald green. He looked down, to Duo covered with what appeared to be pie filling. Memories of their first time, the three of them, filled his hazy mind. Heero could feel the sticky marshmallow goo, smell the sweet scents of sex and sweat, hear their trio of voices ascending to euphoria, and he could still feel the taller boy's burning tightness. His fingers dropped to the single button, slowly unfastening it. With teasing grace, learned from his evil braided lover, Heero lowered the zipper.

Duo whimpered as he tried to thrust back. He needed for Trowa to take, thrust into his body. The braided boy wiggled his hips, trying to entice his lover with his firm ass. The head of the other boy's arousal teased his opening, torturing the American even further. "Gods.. please..." He pleaded with both of them, needing to feel Trowa's hard length slid into him and wanting to see Heero touch himself. Nothing could compare to the breathe-taking sight of the Japanese boy slowly, sensually stroked himself.

Heero made sure they both were watching him, when he was positive he had his lovers' undivided attention he slowly parted the fabric. "Nnnn.." he moaned, sliding his hand into his opened jeans. He teased his wet arousal, slowly stroking while his hips moved in small circles. The Japanese tease's hand left his erection and he slowly approached the table, his pants slowly falling down his hips, revealing more flesh, with each step. Finally Heero stood before his two lovers, pushing his pants down his legs so that they pooled at his ankles, arousal dripping and hard, eyes blazing with sweltering lust. Heero's hand trailed down his chest, gliding over his abdomen and encircled his arousal.

Trowa's hands tightened on Duo's hips, he bit his lower lip as he watched his lover, radiating sex, touch himself. With a strangled moan, his hands tightened further and he thrust into his lover. "Trowa!" Duo cried out as the other pilot took him. His hands moved to take his own arousal, needing to come so bad.

Trowa had other plans, deciding that his braided lover still needed to pay for teasing him senseless. His hands left Duo's hips and pinned the American's to the table. "No you don't.." he gasped into the boy's ears while thrusting into the tight heat. "Watch him Duo; don't take your eyes off of Heero." The taller boy moaned, thrusting hard and fast.

The braided boy opened his eyes and watched his Japanese lover, like Trowa told him. He cried out in pleasure as he watched Heero and felt the taller boy's hard thrusts. "Heero, Trowa please.."

Heero closed his eyes, licking his lips, and continued with his slow strokes. He loved to prolong the sensation, bring himself to the edge then stop; only to start all over again. The Japanese boy loved when Duo or Trowa watched him, he liked pleasuring himself while they watched.

"Trowa.. please.. let me.." Duo whimpered, unable to touch himself. He was going crazy. "Please...."

"No Duo," Heero spoke, staring into the violet orbs. He, too, enjoyed torturing the braided boy and it wasn't often that he had the chance. He looked over at Trowa, silently telling his taller lover not to allow Duo his release.

Trowa could feel himself close, just a few more, delicious thrusts..he stopped, wanting to enjoy his violet eyed lover beg. Slowly Trowa pulled out of Duo's heat, licking the smaller boy's ear. "Now watch.." He told the whimpering boy. Duo watched Trowa reach for the bowl and prowl around the table, towards Heero.

Heero felt his lover's hands all over his body, covering his flesh with the lemon meringue. His lips were claimed with a deep, claiming kiss and Heero surrendered to his lover. "Trowa.." he whispered, arching his back as the other boy's hand covered his length with the warm goo.

"You feel so good, lover.." Trowa whispered while falling to his knees, he looked up at Heero and gave the boy a seductive wink before taking the Japanese boy's arousal into his mouth.

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