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Notes: This is the follow-up to `Trowe~o', and is dedicated to Kash! Hope you enjoy more of this pairing!

If You Can't Take the Heat...
Part 1

Trowa dipped his index finger into the bowl, running it through the sweet goo he had been making for the past twenty minutes. The tall pilot brought his digit up to slightly parted lips; his tongue darted out to taste his creation. A soft moan of delight escaped his mouth, Perfection. The lemon meringue filling was just right; all that were missing were his two lovers. Duo had told him they'd be back by three, it was already two forty-five.

It had been one week, seven blissful days since he was brought into the relationship. Trowa actually was happy with his life for the first time, there were actually two other people that wanted him and, surprisingly for the quiet pilot, loved him. He reflected back to their first time, Duo's teasing with the marshmallow crème, the braided boy's seduction and then Heero's participation. He felt his arousal hardened further in his jeans, Trowa couldn't wait to pay his two lovers back.

The sound of the front door opening, of the small house they were currently using, alerted him to their return. `Time to turn the tables..'

Duo entered the small house they were using, a soft sigh of exhaustion left his dry lips. Heero and he had left early that morning for a small mission, nothing much besides recon. The two lovers spent the entire morning and half the afternoon watching the activity around an abandoned where house. "All for nothing.." he muttered, peeved at being called away from his other lover. "Trowa, where are you?" He called out, walking towards the kitchen to quench his parched throat. Duo entered the kitchen and gasped.

Violet eyes were as wide as saucers as Duo looked at the tall, graceful boy run his hand over his bare chest. The braided boy watched as a trail of, what appeared to be pie filling, was left while Trowa's hand continued to descend. The American moaned aloud as his lover's hand unfastened those confining jeans, and slipped underneath.

Trowa's eyes slowly opened, moaning as his hand encircled his length. Emerald eyes darkened with lust as he watched his braided lover quickly strip. He watched Duo's hand claim the braided boy's dripping arousal, hips involuntarily thrusting. Trowa watched his lover stroke his erection, sweet moans and whimpers thundering over the room. The braided boy's cries of pleasure sounded like a symphony of ecstasy, playing for his ears only. "Duo..."

The braided boy's hand moved faster over his arousal, waves of heat rippled over his body. Duo bit his lower lips, pleasure engulfing his entire being. He was so close, so very close, but stopped. He needed to touch Trowa, feel his lover's hard body, and have Trowa take him.

The taller boy's head was thrown back, wordless cries left his lips. He could feel himself on the edge, wanting to feel the rapture of his release; but Trowa needed to bury himself inside his braided lover. He needed his other lover too, running his hands through the short brown hair, stroking Heero as he thrust into Duo. His thoughts were interrupted by another hand joining his. Trowa pinned the American with a lust filled gaze, his crushed his lips against the smaller boy's; thrusting his tongue inside Duo's mouth.

Before Duo could wrap his hands around his lover, Trowa had spun him around and bent him over the counter. Duo gasped as he felt the other boy's slick finger slid into his body.

"Where's Heero, love?" Trowa whispered into the boy's ear, while preparing Duo. With his other hand, the taller boy smeared the lemon filling over his lover's chest, abdomen and burning length.

"Right here," Heero said, lustfully. He had been watching his two mischievous lovers, his own arousal straining against the denim of his jeans. The Japanese boy watched as Trowa prepared Duo, his hands tugging at his tank top; slowly bringing the fabric over his head and tossing to the side. He kicked off his shoes, continuing to watch the two beautiful boys before him.

Trowa's fingers left his violet eyed lover, the whimper of displeasure went straight to his painfully hard arousal. He guided Duo from the counter to the table, bending the braided boy over the edge. He spread the other boy's legs apart, tracing patterns over Duo's back. Emerald eyes looked up into cerulean, "Take them off, Heero. I want to watch you touch yourself while I take Duo," Trowa stated while nudging the braided boy's entrance with the head of his erection.

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