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Parings: 1X2

From the Ashes
Side Story 3 - Heero/Duo

He saw Heero waiting for him down the hall. //Damn lucky// With a small seductive smile he swayed his way to his lover, bent on fully showing him just how happy he was. Duo gladly fell into the open arms, his own arms circled the slim waist. “Hi lover” He smiled brilliantly. Their lips met in a soft kiss, when they broke away they walked out of the hospital in each other’s embrace.


“How did it go?” Heero finally asked while they were waiting at a red light. He smiled at Duo’s goofy grin.

“It’s unbelievable Heero, all these years I thought I was alone. I have a brother and sister, it’s just...” Duo couldn't find any words to describe his feelings, but he knew his koi knew how he felt. “How did it go with Setsuna?” Duo slid closer to him and placed his head on one shoulder, and sighed when one arm went around his shoulders.

“It went great Duo, but we can talk about that later” Duo saw the mischievous gleam in his koi’s eyes. He smiled in return, his hand venturing downward to give an erotic squeeze. “Let’s get home Hee-chan.” he whispered seductively.


Duo walked into the house, his stride slow and sensuous. He barely made it to the foot of the staircase before he was swept off his feet and into Heero’s arms. “You are a tease koi.” Heero kissed him before any replies could be stated and he walked up the stairs to their room.

Heero placed his koi in the middle of the bed, he slowly began to unbutton Duo’s shirt and pants. After all of Duo’s clothes were thrown across the room, Heero quickly undressed, his eyes didn't leave Duo’s gaze. “Missed you koi.” Teasingly he walked over to the nightstand and retrieved a small tube. Unwilling to wait any more, Heero quickly opened the tube and squeezed the cool gel onto his hand. Duo’s sweet moans urged him on, the panting mouth was too irresistible. His kiss sent Duo’s mind further into the hazy fog, while he began to prepare his koi.

Duo moaned loudly as Heero slowly entered him, the pace torturously slow. “Please...” He bit down on his lower lip when the pace quickened, eyes closed he savored every inch of movement. “Harder...” He met every thrust with his own and nearly cried out when Heero started to pump his hard arousal. Unintelligible words spilled from his lips, his orgasm at the pinnacle. His scream of ecstasy reverberated throughout the house, his seed exploding and covering both their bodies.

Duo’s scream sent shivers of pleasure all over his body, he thrusted faster and harder into his koi, he felt Duo climax and his muscles clamp down on him. After two more thrusts, his own climax hit, his seed filling his lover. “Ai shiteru” He fell into the open arms, his head resting on Duo’s chest.

“I love you.” Duo whispered into the mop of brown hair, his hands on his koi’s lower back. “Forever” Duo reached over to the nightstand. He brought the ring into Heero’s line of sight, and slowly placed it on the slim finger.

Heero watched Duo’s actions, when he saw the ring he knew what his lover was going to do. “Forever Duo” Their fingers interlaced, “Forever” He whispered once again.

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