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Warnings: Not really..kinda sad but happy
Pairings: Hmmm..faint 1+2

From the Ashes
Side Story 2 - Heero/Setsuna

//I don’t think I’ll ever be able to completely express what he means to me.// He continued to walk down the hall towards room 432, only to be stopped by Quatre and Setsuna. “What are you two doing?” He hoped it didn’t sound rude.

“Actually we were waiting for you. Heero we need to have a talk.” Setsuna willed her voice to stay even.

“I came to see Duo. I need to talk with him”

“Orion and Lumin took him with them, he had fallen asleep and they didn’t want him sleeping in the hospital chair.”

“What? Why did they do that? I should have been..”

“Kai, would you just shut up and listen?”

Heero froze upon hearing that name. Memories broke through the years of confinement they endured. Waiting for the day to be released, the memories flooded his mind. He looked up into those haunting familiar eyes with tears in his. He remembered. “Su, it is you.” He looked down, trying to hide the fact he was crying. “Why didn’t you say anything the last time?” He looked up again and saw tears rolling down her face as well. He didn’t give her time to answer, he quickly ran up to her and fell into her arms. Quatre decided to leave the two newly united siblings, they needed some time alone.


Heero’s wet eyes looked up and into his sister’s. “Can we go talk somewhere?” She nodded, and they left the hospital embraced in a heart warming sibling hug. They ended up at a park, sitting on a bench while watching young children play.

Setsuna lifted Heero’s chin so their eyes met, “I have waited over ten years for this day. I never gave up hope, even when everyone else told me too. I would not, and I finally have you back.” The last came out a strangled sob as she cried into her hands, when she was hugged by him she starting sobbing once again.

Heero whispered while holding her, never did he imagine this moment. //I have someone else// His heart soared, knowing there were two people in the world that loved him. “Su..” he whispered through tears. The two reunited siblings remained on the bench, tears of joy flowing from them both.


“Heero, wake up.” Setsuna tried to wake him, after the a long conversation he had fallen asleep from the emotional strain. //I’ll make sure you know the happiness that was taken from you.// Finally one cobalt blue eye peaked open, followed by the second. She watched as he practically sprang up from the bed. “It wasn’t a dream?”

She laughed, a heart warming laugh. “No, it wasn’t a dream. Now get up and come to breakfast” She ruffled his hair before walking to the door.


“Yes Heero?”

“I love you.”

She quickly was at his side, placing a kiss on his cheek. “love you too Kai, just so no one gets confused, I’ll call you Heero.” With one last glance, she left the room.


While eating, Setsuna finished telling Heero everything. “So that is basically it. I found out J had you and G had Duo, I then became his co-worker trying everything I could to protect you both.” Setsuna was telling her brother why they never told him nor his lover the truth.

“Can we go and see them? I’m sure they are going to visit Wufei again?”

“Yes, let’s go and see them all.” She smiled and went to change for the trip.

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