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From the Ashes
Side Story 1 - Duo/Lumin-Orion

Duo woke up in a unfamiliar bed, he rose to a sitting position and looked around the strange room. His gaze fell onto a picture across the room on the dresser. He got out of bed and walked over to the dresser, looking at the picture he nearly cried out. He recognized himself when he was younger, but there were two other children in the picture with him. He heard someone clearing their throat and spun around to face them, still clutching the picture. "Good you are up. We have a lot to talk about Adam" His eyes watered and lower lip quivered from the raging emotions and memories that were flooding his body. He fell to his knees, he was aware of Lumin holding and rocking him. He wept the joy of knowing he really did have family. He looked up into her eyes and smiled through the tears, then he looked towards the door and saw his brother standing there, eyes asking the question his mouth couldn't voice, reaching out to him Duo nodded. The three of them spent what felt like an eternity just embraced, the loneliness and despair being driven from their torn souls.


After longs moments of just being in each other arms, Duo broke the silence. “All this time I thought I was alone. This is the best thing to happen.” He started crying again, his older siblings holding him tightly, afraid they might lose him for a second time.

“Duo do you remember what happened that day or your real name?” Lumin asked between her tears. Duo tried to remember those faded memories, but nothing really concrete appeared. “ I was running somewhere, in a hurry, but I fell and someone picked me up...” He looked up into his sister’s eyes, “ I was screaming as I was taken away, I was going to miss the shuttle. The person wouldn't put me down.” He looked down. “I don't remember my name, I really don't remember much. But I do remember you two now.” He felt his brothers hands on his shoulders..”It’s ok a-chan, but you have already used your real name, Adam” He laughed at the dumbstruck look on his younger brother’s face. “Come on guys, lets go out and get something to eat.” Duo’s ears perked up at the thought of food.

After all three had stuffed their faces at the restaurant, they returned ‘home’ to watch some old home movies. Duo was really excited, he would be able to see happiness from his childhood. They sat in front of the television watching themselves running around in diapers, their laughter filled the room. Duo was completely involved in the videos, Lumin and Orion shared a meaningful look. It was about eleven at night when Duo began to doze off, he leaned against Orion, the picture was too kawaii. With Duo safely nestled in his arms, Orion carried him over to one of the bedrooms and tucked him in.

Duo opened his eyes, finding it hard to do. “Please stay for awhile? Tell me some more about our life?” The other two could see the hint of fear in his eyes, they walked over and sat beside him on the bed. They told him about how they searched and searched for him that day, and everyday after that. They had never given up on their search, they were sure he was still alive. Then they went into stories of how everyone fell head over heels for Duo when he was little, even as a baby he had an uncanny ability to make friends. Duo’s eyelids slowly drifted shut as he listened the soft voices, his eyes picked up the soft singing of his sister before he fell into a world of memories and pleasant dreams of the future.


The smell of pancakes filled Duo’s nose, blinking his eyes open he yawned and got out of bed. He walked towards the kitchen, the wonderful smell stronger. He was greeted with a hug from Lumin and a “Good Morning” from Orion. “Yes, it is your favorite. We even got the strawberry syrup. Now take a seat and I'll serve you.” Lumin had to laugh at her younger brother’s face.

“I wonder how Heero and Setsuna are fairing” Orion wondered out loud.

“What do you mean?” Duo said after swallowing the mouthful of pancakes.

“Well ‘Duo’, Setsuna is Heero’s older sister. Although that is not his real name, which I'm sure you know. But to keep things simple we'll call him Heero and you Duo until this war is over.”

"So she is his sister?" Duo was shocked yet again, first he found out he had family now they were telling him that Setsuna was Heero's sister. "I always wondered why she was so nice to me." He smiled again and asked if they could go see Wufei. His siblings agreed, not able to deny him anything.

Duo kinda sat there, absorbing the new information. //This is weird// He looked at his family. //but I wouldn't have it any other way//. “Ok, I'll go take a shower and change. Then we'll go see Wufei and perhaps see Heero.” He got up and left the room, leaving two very happy young adults in his wake.

The next sidefic will be about Setsuna and Heero. The third sidefic will take place where part 10 ended, then part 11 will begin where the third sidefic ends. We have lots of sap and angst coming along. I left some things open in this chapter, but will close them later, they serve a purpose. Trust me.

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