Disclaimers: GW is not mine, just borrowing the characters for a little bit. I don't own nor claim to own anything within except for the fic itself. Poetry unless sated otherwise belongs to me. As in Rising Star, I will be taking some liberties with technology. This is the third fic in a series 'arc'. Jester Unmasked and Rising Star are the other two stories.

Warnings: AU, OOC,Yaoi, mild language, a bit of sap, not too much else in this part
Parings: 1+2, 3+4

From the Ashes

Heero paced back and forth awaiting any word from Professor G on Duo's condition. They took him into the operating room about one and a half hours ago, his patience had run out about one hour ago. //Is everything going okay? Any problems??// Unknown to him, Wufei was very annoyed with his pacing.

"Yuy, sit down and stop fretting like a child. Everything is fine" Glaring at the Chinese pilot for a good while, he finally consented and took a seat eyes never leaving the door. Hands on his lap, fingers interlaced, he sat there not moving. Quatre looked over and sighed.

"Heero, everything is okay. Don't be so worried, nothing is going to happen." Seeing the stoic pilot not responding, he turned back to Trowa and their `discussion'. They were interrupted by the swish of the doors, turning just in time to see Heero literally fly from his chair to question, or rather interrogate, the Professor. Smiling a known smile, he told them all everything went as expected and Duo was back to his old self. Moving out of the way as Heero ran into the room to find his koi. Shaking his head in amusement, G went to talk with the others.


Duo laid there absorbed in this thoughts. //Returned to normal.// Although he wanted it, he still felt a pang about leaving that wonderful dream life behind. //Perhaps after this war I can go back. For the second time in my life, I felt like I belonged.// Hearing the door open, he looked over and saw the reason he lived. "Heero"

Heero looked upon the vision before him, his koi returned to him. //Thank whatever higher power I have him// He walked up to the figure lying the bed, sitting on the edge he caressed that face. "Duo, I have something I want to read to you" . Pulling out a piece of paper from his jeans, he unfolded it and began to read to his love.


The bottle sits
once void and forgotten
Now contains the burring flame
The flame of life and rebirth

The desolate terrain begins anew
The ground shakes no more
as the blackness begins to green
and the ominous clouds recede.

The crow returns
to it's pure form
The Dove
flying high in the brightening sky

The dark reality fades
Silence is overcome
Color returns and restores
as the flame grows

The Soul grows
outshining the brightest star
Nature within changes
Bleak winter no more

The bottle glows
blinding in intensity
The seed of life
grows, reclaiming the hold

A glorious rebirth
but started by another
My soul shines
thanks to you.

For words can not
express the immense feelings
To one so kind
worthy of everything

One that has lived
in pain,
until this day
One that has saved me from darkness

One that deserves
much more than
he knows, as
he has given greatly

The one,
who has rekindled
the fire within

Allow me to
plant a seed, as you have done
and remove the eclipsing pain
so that the fire may burn once again

Desolation no more
from the deepest parts
of my burning soul
I thank you for
my soul has been healed"

"I love you Duo"

With a radiant smile, Duo kissed him tenderly and pulled him to lie next to him. Curled together, they spoke endearments of love to each other slowly falling into a peaceful sleep. The others peeked in and smiled at the sight. //They are so right for each other// was the collective thought. Shutting the door softly, the small group went to discuss the problems with repairing the Gundams.


Lady Une stood in a secret hanger, a smug smile marking her face. Looking upon the new suits that will destroy the gundams. //Ah yes, just a little more time. You think you've won, but far from it.// Lights flickered within the hanger, throwing obscure shadows on her face.

Doctor J sat staring at the information he just received. He was seething with anger. //He is in the way of My solider// Throwing the papers into the fire, he stormed off to make plans.


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