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From the Ashes
Part 13

Lumin watched Heero, she decided to go with him and find out some more information on the person her brother loved. She liked him, already thought him as another younger brother. //Who says I can't have a little fun..// With an impish smile, Lumin turned to face him.



“How much do you care for my brother?”

“NANI?” Heero turned to face her, his face full of surprise and shock.

Lumin tried to prevent the laughter, but failed. “Gomen, but your face...”

Heero looked at the older woman, well not by much. He smiled at her before answering, his heart’s words pouring from his lips.

“Duo is the most important thing in my life. He is my heart and soul. Before I met him I was empty and cold. I love him so much, he was the first and only person to care for me, love me, hold me, and make me feel special and wanted. I wouldn't live without him”

Lumin listened to Heero, who was already another brother to her, her eyes were moist from the dialogue. She really didn't expect all that from him, while she didn't doubt his love she wondered how deep it was.

She walked over to him and pulled him into a fierce hug.

“I'm so glad he found you and you him. I'm proud to call you my younger bro if only in spirit.”


“So Duo, who was she?” His brother asked playfully, teasing him like an older sibling should.

“Just a friend from one of the schools I attended” Duo replied, lost in thoughts and memories of those days. So much had happened since his days as ‘Christian’.

“Duo, you okay?”

“Hm? Yeah I'm fine Su, just thinking.”

“Why don't we go for some ice cream, my treat”

Duo smiled at his ‘big’ sister before glomping her. “You're the best!”

The two older persons shared a look, both smiling that Duo was slowly acting normal again.


Heero walked into the house they were currently using, the afternoon had been pleasant. He smiled in remembrance, still feeling silly. It was all to good to be true, his family kept growing.

He walked up to his room, wondering if Duo was home yet. His koi wasn't there so Heero went over to lay on the bed, just letting himself get lost in thought.

Heero went over to the stereo, being in the far corner of the room, and placed his favorite CD in the player. The room was filled with Adam’s soothingly sexy voice.

“Let me turn all your tears, that you've cried into pearls
Hand them over to me
I'm going to keep them, keep them for you

I want to hold you, I want to kiss you
I want to mend what is broken”

The soft beat of the song and soothing voice calmed Heero’s mind, he soon fell asleep to dream about his braided baka and his new family.


*one hour later*

Duo, along with his brother and Setsuna, finally returned to the safe-house. All three carrying at least one shopping bag.

“Thanks guys, I had a blast.”

Duo then glomped them both, giving one extra squeeze before he went to look for his koi.

“He’s finally happy.” his brother stated, smiling at Duo’s cheerfulness

“Yes he is, I only wish we could keep him happy. There is still a war going on...”


First Duo checked the study, he didn't find Heero there but did see his two friends sleeping together. They were curled up around each other, Trowa holding his precious one as close to his body as possible. Duo stepped out of the room with a beaming smile.


//Now where could he be//

Duo nibbled on his lower lip while considering his options. “Of course!”

The bundle of energy race up the stairs and went straight to his and his lover’s room.


Heero was sleeping, he lain on his side and was snuggling the pillow, in the absence of his love. Duo debated on what to do, finally he decided he didn't want to wake the sleeping boy. Turning to leave the room, he was stopped by Heero’s sleepy voice


“yes koi?”

“Why you leaving?”

A soft chuckle, “I didn't want to wake you.”


Heero said his name in the tone of voice that turned the American’s knees into jelly. The lying boy extended his hand out, asking the braided one to join him on their bed.


“Tomorrow, it all comes down to Tomorrow.”

“What shall I tell the pilots?”

“Tell them to get a proper night’s rest. We launch in the morning.”

“Yes Trieze-sama”




Wufei stood in a dark forest, the pale moon shining down. He looked around, barely able to see two feet beyond. Deathly cold wind wrapped around his body, tendrils of death’s embrace. He shivered from the frigid gust.

“Anybody out there?”

He walked deeper into ominous forest, each step deeper made his stomach knot up in fear.

Slowly he neared a dim light, drawn to it’s unexplainable allure. Wufei walked faster, doom poured into his veins the trepidation growing by the second.

He reached the ghostly light and found himself upon a cliff. It was overlooking a battle field. Death and Destruction reigned everywhere.

The young pilot fell to his knees, he recognized the devastated figures. The five gundams were completely obliterated, pieces of burnt wreckage littered the area. His tears fell to the barren soil, four bodies laid dead on the ground.


Wufei jolted up from the bed, his healing wounds protesting violently. The sharp daggers of pain were nothing compared to his racing heart. The dream still haunted his mind, and he knew it was a warning.

Frantically he called out for anyone, the feeling kept growing and he knew they were in trouble.

“Wufei what is it?” Sally came running to his side.

“They're in danger...”

“Who? Wufei who’s in danger?”

He turned terror filled eyes, looking passed her. “my family. Please tell Heero and the others to get over here...”


The two lovers were awakened by a loud noise, Duo opened his eyes and listened to the sound.

//A message!//

He jumped out of the bed and raced over to the desk, Heero was on his heels.

Duo paled considerably as he read, what he feared most.


He fell to his knees, the information completely shattering his world.

“DUO!” Heero was at his side instantly, trying to calm his love.

“Heero, we have to stop them...”

“Heero!” Quatre yelled as he ran into the room, too much in a hurry to knock.

“We need to get to the hospital. It’s Wufei...”

//What’s happening...//


//I have to help them. They can't...I won't....// Wufei couldn't finish the thought. The nightmare still haunted his mind, it was so vivid. Heero, Duo, Trowa, and Quatre all dead and scattered on the war-torn ground. Their light gone forever?

//I won't let them DIE!//

He tried to get out of the hospital bed, each slight movement shot pain through his body. He still hadn't fully recovered, but he didn't care.

The door was jerked open and everyone ran into his room, each one frantic and worried.

“It’s time...”

“Oz is going to attack.” Lumin stated, blood dripping from her clenched fists. She turned to look at Orion, sharing a look and nod.

“We have to stop them.” Quatre stated worriedly, Duo was still pale.

“I'm coming!” Wufei demanded


“Duo, I'm going”

“I said no, you're still hurt. I'll be damned if I let you go into battle.” The braided pilot retorted. He knew that they were about to face their toughest battle.

//If I have to give my life...they will make it out alive.//

Wufei threw the covers off his body, intending on getting up and walking out of the room, but Duo pinned him down with his weight.

“I'm sorry Wufei, this is for your own good.”

Wufei felt a needle pierce his skin, his vision began to blur. He reached out with his hand.




“Let’s go.”

Duo turned to face the three older teens, “You are not going either.”

“Duo..” Orion began

“Don't, it is our job to protect you all...”

“but we..”

“Su, he’s right.” Heero said to his older sister.

“Trowa, Quatre lets go.”

“duo..no....” Wufei whimpered in his drug induced sleep.

Orion, Lumin, and Setsuna watched the retreating backs of the pilots, once they were out of the building they began to plan.

“I'll pilot Nataku, they are going to need all five gundams.”

“Are you sure Su?”

“Yes. We'll hold them off as long as we can. Meet with D and E at the lab.”

“Be careful.”

“I will be. You two get there as fast as you can, we're depending on you two and Duo...”


The four pilots fought with everything they had.

Arcs of green fire decimated a few mobile suits that confronted Deathscythe Omega. Duo destroyed suit after suit, his determination fueled by his need to protect his family, his love.

Sandrock and Heavyarms fought side by side. They moved together, movements gracefully deadly as they destroyed suit upon suit.

Heero blasted away with his buster gun, he didn't see the twins suits stalking up behind him until it was too late. His eyes were wide with surprise as he prepared himself.

“Heero!!” Duo screamed out...

The two suits were engulfed in blazing fire, the cries of the enemy pilots were almost audible beyond the melting metal.

Duo and Heero saw Nataku spear through the sky, landing smoothly on the ground beside them.


A communication’s visual popped up on their screens, revealing Setsuna in the cockpit.

“Are you okay Heero?” concern filled her voice.

“What are you doing, Su?”

“Saving your ass little brother.” She said before launching the gundam into a small group of suits.


The battle continued, both sides fighting with every ounce of strength. The gundams were losing, the sheer amount of suits was overwhelming. Oz had them trapped by squads of Leos and Aries and two new types of suits, similar to the blue prototype they destroyed.

The new suit types were few in number, but they were superior to the gundams. The only one that could damage them was Duo’s gundam. He kept them away from the others, but even he was tiring.


He turned his gundam in time to see Sandrock go down, sparks flying from the fallen gundam. To his horror, the advanced suits moved in on the other three gundams. Heavyarms’ arm and left leg were severed with a beam saber, Nataku too a volley of fire to it’s body falling in a heap of damaged metal.

“Heero!! Get out of there!!” Duo yelled through the communicator, but his cries were too late. One suit got past the Wing’s defenses and it’s saber struck the gundam. Wing fell to the ground, beside the other fallen gundams. Unable to do anything as the suits backed away to regroup.

“Duo...please save yourself....”

“No!” Tears were streaming from his eyes. //I can't lose you all. I won't//

Deathscythe Omega stood in front of the battered gundams, protecting them from the four advanced suits. The beam scythe flared to life, and the black wings extended to their full length.

“You have to get through me You bastards!!” //Someone...give me the strength....onegai//


An image of his brother popped up on his screen, “What are you...”

But before Duo could finish, one of the suits took off into the air and flew towards an incoming cargo plane. He watched as the beam saber sliced through one wing.


The plane fell from the sky and crashed into the ground, flames engulfing the remains. The fire roared into the sky.


‘ From the Ashes of defeat the two Avenging Angels will appear to join the third. One as three, Three as one to rise against the enemy’


Enraged, he charged the enemies. Within his fury, Duo pushed his gundam to it’s limits, he fought will cunning precision and frightening fervor. The God of Death had arrived in full force and sought he’s revenge.

His targets cowardly retreated behind a squad of Aries and Leos, Omega swung it’s weapon of choice. If he would have been thinking, Duo would have heard his friends’ distressed calls and he would have known he was way out numbered.

“Get away from our brother!!”


Duo turned on the rear cameras, a visual window popped up. It revealed two suits, so very similar to his. One was in shades of red and orange, like living fire. The other was it’s complete opposite, enriched with different colors of ice blue. The stood there, standing before the raging fire.

With incredible speed, the two strange suits attacked the Oz mobile suits. Spheres of ice and fire enveloped and destroyed the enemies, both suits landed beside Deathscythe.


One as three, Three as one


As one, the three suits attacked the group of Oz soldiers.


Heero, Trowa, and Quatre watched in silent awe as the three suits tore through the enemy. They moved like one being, each being and extension of the other two.

“Who are those two?” Heero asked, the communication systems were among the few things working.

“That’s Gundam Isis and Gundam Solaris” Setsuna answered while watching the three siblings dance upon the battlefield.

“How do you know that?” Quatre asked worriedly

“Because I helped to build them.”


“Orion and Lumin are the pilots of those two gundams. They are equal with Deathscythe Omega.” she paused for a moment, collecting herself so the pain she was feeling from her broken arm wouldn't leak into her voice.

“We've been expecting Oz to make a move like this, so we prepared.”

//But was it enough...//


“Shit! They're running away!!” Duo yelled and was about to follow the bastards...

“Don't Duo..”

“Why not Lu?”

“We need to get the other’s back to safety...”


“Let’s go, and Lumin?”

“yes Duo...”

“you two have a lot of explaining to do...”


(several hours later at the current safehouse)

“What are we going to do? The gundams are beyond repair..” Quatre stated worriedly.

“How long before Oz regroups and attacks again?” Trowa wondered.

“They took a heavy blow, and need time to build their forces back up. We need to prepare” Orion stated angrily.

“But how can we? The gundams are useless...”

“Su, I think it’s time...”

All eyes fell on the tall woman, she sighed and nodded her agreement.

“Time for what Su?’ Heero asked

“Follow Me”


In a dark room, a single figure was huddled against the wall. The body was shaking with unrepressed sobs of anguish. The girl looked up as the door opened, and revealed a short elderly man. Just the sight made her more afraid.

“What do you want..?”

Dr. J looked at the female, a smirk came to his lips. “You're going to be the key to the destruction of Duo Maxwell, Tori...”

::grins:: and hides from the readers. That's it for 'From the Ashes' how'd all like? It took long enough to finish ne? The next big 'fic series' within this arc is a little further down the road. There will be a few smaller fics before I can get to the next fic series. Within these smaller fics we'll see what J has in store for Duo and Tori, what Su is going to show the pilots and Trieze's reaction to his bittersweet victory/ loss*


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