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From the Ashes
Part 12

Quatre sat alone in the study, lost deep in thought. A certain times the normally cheerful pilot needed to be alone, now was one of those times. He pulled his knees to his chest and let his chin rest on them. The large room was quiet dark and cool, matching his current mood.

//So much so happened//

The last few months had been straining on them all. The weight upon his shoulders grew too great, and it finally all came falling down. Quatre remembered the time of Duo’s disappearance, and the immense guilt flooded him once again. Even thought Duo had forgiven him, he still hadn't forgiven himself for those harsh and cruel words. Tears fell down his cheek, trying to was away the pain and guilt.

He remembered watching Deathscythe explode, and the dreams he didn't take heed to. Finding out that Heero and Duo had family. He remembered the attack on Duo, ending up with Wufei in the hospital. He cried harder, hugging his knees to himself.

His mind focused on Trowa, his beloved. With everything that had happened, he was their to comfort and support Quatre. In those dark times, he found himself falling deeper in love with the silent boy. He knew Trowa cared for him, but didn't know if it was as deep as his love.

“Trowa...save me” he whispered brokenly. Praying Trowa would come and pull him out of the pit of despair.


Trowa walked down the hall, heading for the stairs. He had spent all morning in his room thinking about Quatre. Everyone was out for the day, and it was the perfect time to talk with his beloved and beg him to be his if he needed to.

//Where is he//

Trowa walked by the study and stopped when he heard someone crying. The next thing he heard pierced his heart.

“Trowa...save me”

Those three words were filled with such grief and despair, Trowa opened the door and walked into the study. He found Quatre on the love-seat, knees pulled up to his chest and his head was resting on them. He was rocking back and forth slightly, shoulders shaking. He sat beside the crying angel and pulled him into his arms. Whispering soothingly in his ear.


“Can I get you anything else Wufei?”

“No, thank you.” He replied to the nurse. He wished she was there with him, he longed for her company. The endless days he spent in the hospital room nearly drove him to madness, but then she would come along and they would talk. Wufei found out that Sally was a very strong and intelligent women, and each day he found himself falling harder for her.

“Wufei....are you there.”

The soft tones of that voice reached his ears and brought him out of his haze. He turned his eyes to her and fell into those lovely eyes.


“How are you feeling today?”

//Much better now that you're here// Wufei thought, or at least he thought he did. He saw her blush and cursed himself for saying it out-loud.

“Sally, can I tell you something..?”


“It’s good to see you, Tori” Duo said after the initial shock wore off. It had been so long since he last saw his friend.

“Where the hell have you been?” She asked as she punched him on the arm. “Up and leave without any word. I have half a mind to strangle you right here.”

She looked Duo over, it had been too long since he disappeared with those other teenagers. He was the same old Christian, without the glasses. //He is so cute// She thought then blushed.

“Tori, I didn't expect to see you here? But I'm glad I ran into you” He smiled that smile that had her heart beating a mile a minute.

“Well I'm here with my family visiting a friend. Can we talk?”


Cold eyes watched their every movement, after confirming his theory he pulled out a cell phone and made a call.

“Sir, I think we just found what we're looking for.”

“Aa, I'll follow and carry out your orders.”


J hung the phone up, with a grand smile on his face. “I can't hurt him, then I'll hurt his friends and have him come to me. Your days are limited 02.”


Quatre jumped when a pair of hands pulled him sideways. He was about to say something but then he heard Trowa whispering in his ear. //He came// He sighed comfortably letting his eyes close. //So warm//

Trowa held his little beloved as close to him as possible, his hand ran soothingly over his back. It was heaven for them both, neither wanted to be anywhere else except with each other.



“I need to tell you something”

Quatre pulled back and looked at Trowa, fear had begun to grip at him. He took a deep breathe and calmed his racing heart. “I need to tell you something too.”

They both looked at each other, almost afraid to take the next step.

“I love you” they both blurted out finally.

Both smiled, finally knowing their love was returned fully and their suspicions were correct. Quatre reached out to touch Trowa’s cheek, he ran over the smooth skin of his cheek and moved to trace the soft lips. Timidly he moved closer to Trowa, and his lips touched his love’s in their first passionate kiss. The kiss was soft, lips parted and tongues darted. Electricity shot through Trowa’s veins.

“Quatre..want you..”

Quatre pull Trowa back with him, that the tall pilot was laying on top of him. His hands started to tug at Trowa’s shirt.

Trowa pull back to pulled his shirt off, then quickly reclaimed those soft lips. The soft whimpers and moans coming from Quatre’s mouth drove him further into passion. Quickly he began to unbutton Quatre’s shirt and pull it off.


Trowa felt hands on the waistband of his jeans. Quatre unbuttoned them and pull down the zipper.

Quatre’s hand slip inside the denim, and grasped Trowa’s length. Hot and hard passion, just for him. His other hand ran over the firm globes.

“Off Trowa...”

After he had pull the too-tight pants, Trowa returned to Quatre and quickly pull his pants off. He didn't have any more patience for teasing.

Quatre watched as Trowa pulled the pants off his hips, revealing his hard cock, and down the muscled legs. The sight of Trowa was simply stunning.

The vision laying, nude and aroused, on the love-seat was breathtaking. Quatre laid their offering everything to Trowa. It was enough to bring tears to his eyes. He watched Quatre raise his hand, beckoning for him to take it. Here it was, everything he ever wanted. Trowa took his love’s hand and was pulled back onto the blonde pilot.

Mouths met again and again, in the beginning of seductive dance of the ages. Both moved together, hands born to touch and caress each other explored each contour. Hardened Arousal brushed against each other, the friction and stimulation drove them both higher and higher.

“take me trowa..”


“please, don't make me wait”

The deep blue eyes pierced Trowa’s soul, and he knew then he couldn't deny him anything. He sucked on his fingers, coating them with saliva. With all the gentleness born to him, Trowa began to prepare Quatre. He didn't want to hurt his angel at all, therefore he went slow and kissed away each gasp of discomfort.

Trowa finally decided Quatre was ready, the small blond was writhing and thrashing about. He pulled his long finger out and positioned himself. The tip nudging at Quatre’s entrance.

“are you sure little one?”

“Yes..please...please..” Quatre whimpered, his eyes were begging Trowa to take him.

Slowly Trowa took Quatre, his erection slid slowly into his love. Both were at the edge, the room was filled with sweet moans of pleasure. After an eternity of waiting, Trowa was fully seated. He paused to kiss the tears away. “Quatre...I love you”

“Oh Trowa...I love you so much...”

Trowa began slowly, still afraid of hurting his lover. To be honest, this was his first time because he didn't want anyone else except for his angel. The incredible heat of his love sent shock-waves of pleasure up his spine and into his blood. He pulled back only to thrust back into the tight heat. His usual silence was broken with ecstasy.

“Quatre..gods...only you..only you” He half moaned, half whispered

“Trowa...AH...my angel..”

Quatre cried out, the pleasure reaching mind-blowing peeks. He cried out when his erection was pumped in time with Trowa’s movements. It was all too much for him, he cried out as he came. Vision blurring at the edges, Quatre’s body rode the ebbing waves of pleasure.

Quatre’s climax sent Trowa over the edge, his hands squeezed the slim hips. He cried out his angel’s name, claiming Quatre as his. He collapsed onto the smaller pilot, panting hard. They both laid intertwined, spent from their intense act of joining.

“You're my life Trowa. I love you...”

Trowa kissed the warm forehead, “love you too”. They slowly fell into a deep peaceful sleep, locked in a lover’s embrace.


“Sally, can I tell you something?”

//What does he want to say? Maybe he wants...// Sally squashed that thought, no use in getting her hopes up too high. //If only//

“Yes Wufei, what is it?” //Gods his eyes, they are so...//

“I know this isn't very professional...but I like you..I really like you” He had his head downcast, fearing to look into her eyes.

“Wufei, look at me” he did as he was asked.

“Good. I like you too.” //and if it weren't for the fact that you're still injured I would've jump your bones awhile ago// she thought to herself.

They both sat staring at each other for a long time. Neither wanting to break the surreal moment.


Lumin watched Heero, she decided to go with him and find out some more information on the person her brother loved. She liked him, already thought him as another younger brother. //Who says I can't have a little fun..// With an impish smile, Lumin turned to face him.



“Lady, are the final preparations done?” Trieze asked.

“Yes, Trieze-sama. Everything is ready, we await your orders.”

“Good, we begin tomorrow morning.” He turned to the window, effectively dismissing Lady Une. Once the door was closed, he sighed.

“Soon, so very soon...”

Lady Une walked down the corridors to her room, finally she would be able to get some rest. The pounding in her head had only gotten worse over the last couple of days, she often doubted her feelings for Trieze. //This isn't love...//

She entered her room and sat on the bed.

The lady was having doubts, and perhaps a change of heart....

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