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Parings: 1X2


From the Ashes
Part 11

Heero had been awake for a couple of hours just looking at his love curled around him. He squeezed Duo’s braid, while he moved his lips to touch the warm forehead. “Duo, my Duo.” He softly whispered , his other hand gently stroking the soft chestnut hair. He looked thoughtful for a few moments before whispering, to his love, once again.

“The Darkened Existence
once held me in comfort
Straying from the light
Choosing an secluded life“

His hand caressed one round check, his thumb running over the pale lips.

“Feelings of content beyond grasp
just being, existing,
Cowardly hiding from the world
Fearing being left alone “

He thought back to life prior to meeting Duo, before he found Su. He was a shallow vessel, waiting to die.

“The Dark was spellbinding
Lulled me into pseudo-comfort
Embraced my body in utter familiar coldness
Freezing my soul, locking away feelings
The Cold was home
Protected me from the hurt
Shielded me from the evil of others
Slowly killing my spirit “

He watched as one violet eye blinked open, he placed his index finger on his lips then onto Duo’s.

“The Frosty Prison was breached
Unlocking me from my self-exile
Slowly the ice melts,
Freeing my Spirit
Feeling welcomed and wanted
Embraced with long forgotten warmth
Freed from the confines of my mind
No longer having to cowardly hide away”

“Duo, Ai shiteru” Heero lowered his lips to Duo’s parted lips, they kissed as it was their first kiss. Duo didn't think it was possible, but he was falling in love all over again. “I love you too.” Duo let one tear fall, he buried his head in Heero’s chest. “Love you so much.” They remained in their lovers embrace, content with their lives if only for a couple of hours.


“Onna!” Wufei yelled at the female doctor, he was embarrassed as all hell at being unable to care for himself. “I can do it myself!”

“Fine, Wufei do it yourself” Sally was exasperated with the Chinese pilot. //He’s so damn stubborn// When he fell she was immediately by his side. “Are you ok?”

Wufei tried to walk on his own he knew he needed to get well for their sake. One step, another step, his legs buckled and he fell. //Dammit!// “Are you ok?” He looked into those eyes filled with concern and something else. For some reason, unknown to him, his heart felt warm. He smiled almost shyly “Could you help me up?”


“Report Lady” Trieze stated all the while not looking at his subordinate, truth be told he was tired of the delays. He wanted to rid the world of the Gundams.

Une shifted uncomfortably, she was not in pristine condition as she usually was. The last few weeks had taken their toll on her. Lack of sleep, not eating right and stress were a few among the difficulties she had to endure. She rubbed at her bloodshot eyes before clearing her throat and speaking.

“We will be ready to launch the operation by the end of next week, your Excellency”

“Good, you're dismissed”

Une saluted her superior and left the room, once the door was closed she slumped against it. “One day....one day....”


Orion and Setsuna watched Duo bounce from one store to another, his face lit up in excitement. “It was a good idea to bring him here Setsuna”

“It’s good to see him so cheerful.”

“Guys? Are you coming??” Duo had turned around and was acting very foolishly, the laughter from his two companions was sweet music to his ears. “Come on slowpokes!!” Duo ran up to his brother and Setsuna..


Duo turned around, his eyes big and disbelieving. “Tori-chan?”

Tori ran and glomped Duo, “I thought I'd never see you again!” She squeezed him tighter.

“It’s good to see you Tori.”

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