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From the Ashes
Part 10

“Hello Wufei, today has been good. The usual, everyone fussing over me. Things are going fine, we just miss you around here. Come home soon.” Duo sat next the hospital bed, three weeks had passed since Wufei was brought in and had yet to awaken. Duo had taken it the hardest of everyone, he blamed himself for Wufei’s current condition. “Why did you do it? Am I really worth all you have and will endure? Am I?” Once again the familiar tears rolled down his face as he spoke between shaking sobs. “What family? I have no family, I don't even remember if I ever did” His head fell into his hands as he body started shaking.

Quatre and Setsuna were at the door, about to enter, when they heard Duo’s cries and heart wrenching admission. It made their hearts ache with loneliness. “Setsuna, you really need to tell him, look at how much he is hurting. Not even Heero can pull him out of this.” He turned to looked at her.

“I know, Heero has started to remember. He called me ‘Su’.” She wore a wistful smile while gazing upon Duo. “Lumin and Orion should return from meeting with G and Relena soon.” She looked at Duo and decided to try and cheer him up. Nodding to Quatre she walked in and hugged the distraught boy.


“What is your Report Une?” Trieze was becoming very annoyed with all the problems they have been having the past few weeks. He wanted those new suits, no he needed them to rid himself of those damn gundams. Lady Une was before him about to give her report, he simple glared at her, daring her to give him more bad news.

“Sir things are moving along as expected. We should be ready within the next two to three weeks.” Une wanted to panic, never had she seen Trieze this displeased with her. //Damn those scientists. It is almost as if they are trying to delay us//

“Good to hear, you may leave” She saluted him and quickly scurried out the room.


“The next time he makes a move against him we will eliminate him. Not before, is this understood?” Professor G was trying to talk some sense into the siblings, it was hard for him for he too wanted to gut the heartless bastard. Because of him Duo was a complete mess and Wufei was still in the hospital. The siblings agreed to his terms and left his company. //Perhaps this was needed to reunite you with him.//

They arrived at the hospital two hours later, and went straight to where they knew Duo was. He was slumped in the uncomfortable hospital chair, the dried tear tracks showed on his face. As one they walked in and Orion carefully picked him up from the chair and carried him out of the room, taking him with them. They passed Setsuna and Quatre on the way out, with a single nod they left the two. Lumin opened the door the their car and got into the back seat, once she was settled in, Orion placed Duo in the back with her. He got in and started up the car and began the drive home. Duo began to whimper in his sleep and started to awake, Lumin caressed his cheek and softly began to sing the lullaby their mother use to sing to them. Tears of joy fell from her eyes as he quieted down and snuggled closer to her.

Heero looked down at the paper in his hands. He was nervous, which he didn't like. He tried getting through to Duo but nothing was working. So he decided to try writing a poem for his love, he knew how Duo loved the last one he attempted. //I hope this helps//

He read over it again, kinda red in the face that he actually wrote something like that.

‘In a Lover’s Embrace, the Heat Unbearable
Softly Kissing you, Soaring in the sky
Hearing you whisper in my Ear, I Love You
Knowing you are mine, the temperature rising’

//I don't think I'll ever be able to completely express what he means to me.// He continued to walk down the hall towards room 432, only to be stopped by Quatre and Setsuna. “What are you two doing?” He hoped it didn't sound rude.

“Actually we were waiting for you. Heero we need to have a talk.” Setsuna willed her voice to stay even.

“I came to see Duo. I need to talk with him”

“Orion and Lumin took him with them, he had fallen asleep and they didn't want him sleeping in the hospital chair.”

“What? Why did they do that? I should have been..”

“Kai, would you just shut up and listen?”

Heero froze upon hearing that name. Memories broke through the years of confinement they endured. Waiting for the day to be released, the memories flooded his mind. He looked up into those haunting familiar eyes with tears in his. He remembered. “Su, it is you.” He looked down, trying to hide the fact he was crying. “Why didn't you say anything the last time?” He looked up again and saw tears rolling down her face as well. He didn't give her time to answer, he quickly ran up to her and fell into her arms. Quatre decided to leave the two newly united siblings, they needed some time alone.

Duo woke up in a unfamiliar bed, he rose to a sitting position and looked around the strange room. His gaze fell onto a picture across the room on the dresser. He got out of bed and walked over to the dresser, looking at the picture he nearly cried out. He recognized himself when he was younger, but there were two other children in the picture with him. He heard someone clearing their throat and spun around to face them, still clutching the picture. “Good you are up. We have a lot to talk about Adam” His eyes watered and lower lip quivered from the raging emotions and memories that were flooding his body. He fell to his knees, he was aware of Lumin holding and rocking him. He wept the joy of knowing he really did have family. He looked up into her eyes and smiled through the tears, then he looked towards the door and saw his brother standing there, eyes asking the question his mouth couldn't voice, reaching out to him Duo nodded. The three of them spent what felt like an eternity just embraced, the loneliness and despair being driven from their torn souls.


Wufei laid in the hospital bed, the sounds of the machines filling the room, no body was in the room at that time and no body saw the twitch of his hand, nor the figure that appeared beside him. “Remember, From the Ashes of defeat the two Avenging Angels will appear to join the third. One as three, Three as one to rise against the enemy. Wake up soon and warn them.” The figure was gone, leaving nothing behind.


“So she is his sister?” Duo was shocked yet again, first he found out he had family now they were telling him that Setsuna was Heero’s sister. “I always wondered why she was so nice to me.” He smiled again and asked if they could go see Wufei. His siblings agreed, not able to deny him anything.


“So that is basically it. I found out J had you and G had Duo, I then became his co-worker trying everything I could to protect you both.” Setsuna was telling her brother why they never told him nor his lover the truth.

“Can we go and see them? I'm sure they are going to visit Wufei again?”

“Yes, let’s go and see them all.” She smiled and went to change for the trip.

They walked into the room and froze. Duo was hugging a very much awake Chinese Pilot. Lumin and Orion were standing off to the side with Trowa and Quatre just watching over the two best friends. They walked in, Heero went over to his koi’s side while his sister joined the others. The rest of the afternoon the huge extended family stayed in each others company, telling Wufei what he had missed.

Once everyone had left the room for one reason or another, Wufei looked at Duo. “Yes you are.” Duo looked confused. “I heard what you were saying Duo, and you are. Haven't you realized it by now, look at how far we would all go for you. We all lost you once and don't want to again.”

“Thanks Wufei” was the only response he could think of. He hugged him goodbye and left him to rest, going over what he said. //I am really lucky// He saw Heero waiting for him down the hall. //Damn lucky// With a small seductive small he swayed his way to his lover, bent on fully showing him just how happy he was.

“Three as one rise against the enemy” The words repeated themselves in Wufei’s head. He knew he needed to recover soon, the time was coming and he was going to be ready.

Well looks like the families are back together. How so very happy. The poem part is actually from 'Blistering Night' the side poem I posted awhile ago. Although you really didn't need to read it to. The way I left this chapter I am going to have to write THREE sidefics. One for more details on Heero/Setsuna, one for Duo/Lumin&Orion, and for all you hentais a lemon..still wondering if it is gonna be 1X2 or 2X1. Also I kinda left a little cliff hanger. Well the last chapter really get into the action leading into the next fic. Feedback onegai??

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