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Warnings: AU, OOC,Yaoi,Language, extreme ANGST, sadness!!!, tissue warning!!!!
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Note: This is a very very very sad part, have tissues if you think you will burst into tears. The emotional angst has gone off scale..*well by my standards anyways*.....Some might want to wait to read this if they've had a bad day. Just a reminder this is NOT a deathfic....Here is the fic C&C is always welcomed!! Ignore any stupid mistakes, I need to find another beta reader...anyone want the job?


From the Ashes
Part 9

Call an ambulance!!!” Quatre screamed, he ran towards Duo. Trowa and Heero ran to the nearest phone while Lumin, Orion ran to help Wufei. Setsuna was torn, but decided to watch over the hit man. //If he dies you will know the meaning of pain// She vowed to herself.

“Don't Die, Please stay with us.” Duo keep repeating hoping his words were getting through to his friend.


Wufei opened his eyes and found darkness everywhere. “What the hell?”

“Hello Wufei”

He spun around and fell into shock..”Merian?”


“We got to get him stabilized before transport or he won't make it” One of the EMT’s yelled at the other. They both knew the situation was grim and chances were very slim.

“Don't Die” Duo repeated again, not noticing he was being hugged by three people at once


“Yes Wufei, it is me.”

“Why are you here? Am I dead?”

“No you are not dead, but are on the verge...”


“I'm losing him. Dammit he’s slipping away!!” The EMT screamed in anguish, this boy was too young to die, just the thought was ripping into his heart.

“NOOOOOOO” Duo jerked out of the comforting arms holding him and ran to Wufei’s side. “Damn You Come Back!!” He started to try and bring him back...trying to get him to breath again. Wufei’s blood had soaked into his clothes and hands. “Come Back!!!” His scream ripped through the clouds and went straight to the heavens.


“Then you've come to take me with you?” He asked, hope filled his voice

She looked sad, “No, you are still needed. Oz is moving against them, if they are not stopped the world and colonies will suffer great loss. As we speak they are gathering stronger forces.”

“What can I do?”


Quatre was sobbing, just watching Duo tore his heart. He walked over and knelt beside the braided pilot. “He’s gone Duo...”

“NO He isn't!!” He snapped back at Quatre and continued trying to revive his friend. “Damn You to Hell!! Don't do this to me......don't leave like the others....” The rest of his pleads were cut out by the heart breaking sobs ripping from his throat. Trowa and Heero could do nothing but watch the scene before them, each feeling the pain from the other two, tears flowing down their cheeks proof of their grief.

“Come Back, Please!!!”


“Come Back, Please!!!”

Wufei turned, he heard Duo’s pained voice. “Duo?” He turned to his dead wife. “What is happening?”

“He won't let you go Wufei, he is your way back. Go they need your help. From the Ashes of Defeat will emerge the two Avenging Angels. Remember to have faith. Now Go beloved.” She vanished and Wufei was left in darkness once again, suddenly pain lanced through his body and he could hear Duo more clearly. //I'm coming back//


Duo’s fist impacted against the non-moving chest. ”God Damn You. NO!!!!!!!” He hugged Wufei closer to his body, he sobbed into Wufei’s chest.

The others stood around the two on the ground, offering what little comfort they could to Duo. Quatre was crying in Trowa’s arms, Lumin was as well into her brothers loving embrace. Setsuna had left the dying assassin and had found Heero in a state immense grief. She swallowed back the sobs and hugged him tightly, whispering in his ear while he cried at their loss.

Duo gasped loudly as he felt the chest move. Quickly he opened his eyes and looked down. “Wufei?” He barely whispered not wanting to break this illusion. Wufei’s eyes were barely open and he was breathing. He turned to the EMT’s and begged them to help him and get him to the hospital. They quickly got to work and in no time they had him on the stretcher and loaded up in the ambulance. Duo turned towards the others, “I'm going with them, met us there and pray” He jumped into the ambulance and sat next to Wufei, holding his hand. “Everything is going to be fine Wu.” More tears fell when he received a small smile in return.

“Everything is going to be ok?” Quatre was hoping beyond hope that it would. “Let’s go!!” Quickly everyone ran to the car, with the exception of Heero and Setsuna who remained embraced. Heero looked up into her eyes and gasped “Su??”

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