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Warnings: AU, OOC,Yaoi, mild language, a bit of sap, MAJOR ANGST
Parings: 2X1


From the Ashes
Part 8

“Setsuna, I have a question”

“Yes Quatre?”

“When are you planning to tell Heero and Duo about you and the others?” He was greeted by the young woman face faulting, he tried to cover the small smile.

“How did you know?” She was confused, no one besides G, D, and E knew the truth.

“When you were talking about them just now, I got a feeling. Slowly the pieces started to fall into place. Now please answer my question, when are you all going to tell them?”

“To be honest, I don't know. We never fully expected to find them, when we did we were extremely happy. After debating we decided to watch over both of them and slowly enter their lives. Our hopes were to one day reveal the truth to them, to finally let them know they have family.” During her explanation she stared right into Quatre’s eyes, hoping he would understand. “I hope one day soon, we will finally be reunited.”

Quatre had moved over to sit next to her as she spoke, the pain of being separated from her only family coursing through his space heart. “It’s okay, the time will come.” He pulled her into a friendly hug and whispered calming words into her ear as soft sobs started. Both were so occupied, neither noticed Wufei in the doorway.


“So when do we leave.” Wufei was determined to get to the school, he wouldn't allow anything to harm either of them.

“In three hours. We should be there by late tonight.”

“Isn't it risky for us all to be at the same place?” Trowa stated in his usual calm voice.

“Risky? What would you rather do Barton, just sit here and let something happen to either one of them? Would you prefer to just lounge around while our friend is in danger? I for one can not, I let him down once and don't intend to again, do what you want.” The angered Wufei left the room and one shell shocked Trowa.


“Do you understand? I will not accept any failure, if you do not kill him don't bother coming back for your life will be forfeit.” Dr. J was merciless with the hired gunman. With a dismissive hand gesture, he was gone. “You will not escape this time”


Heero and Duo were getting ready for the evening. They had agreed to go with Orion and Lumin into town for some deserved fun. “Duo, we still have an hour before we are suppose to meet them..” he left the remainder of his statement unsaid. Duo swayed his hips as he approached his koi, finally in his arms he moved in for a kiss.


“Shit” Duo mumbled

He walked over to the door and opened it. “Wufei? What are you doing here?”

“We have been relocated for the moment, that is why we are here.”

“Oh I see, where are Trowa and Quatre?”

“They will be here shortly, I left before them” //I had to, Trowa didn't seem to want to come here. He might be correct in the risk//

“Yuy what are your plans for this evening?”

“We are going out with Orion and his sister”

“Hn, I will see you tomorrow then. Have fun Duo” He turned and walked out of the room, leaving a mildly confused Duo.


( Four days later)

“Listen to me Lumin, nothing is going to happen to him. The others are here and watching over him as are we. Don't forget about agents D and E.” Setsuna was still trying to calm the younger female down and not having much luck.

“I don't like waiting for them to make a move, just sitting here is putting us all in a bad spot” she retorted.

“I agree, we need to do something and now.”

Three sets of eyes spun to glare at the intruder. “What are you doing here Wufei?”

“I am here to protect my friend, what about you?” After no response, he continued “Good, now let us discuss what we know”


“Guys this is great, I'm glad you all came.” Duo was in high spirits, ever since the others showed up he had a ball of a time. He was never bored, activities were planned for everyday. This day was no different, except everyone tagged along. He was thrilled by seeing Setsuna again, oddly he felt calm near her and his two newest friends.

“This has been fun Duo, it is good to spend time with your other...” Lumin’s sentence was cut off by the sound of a gun going off. Everyone turned to where it sound had come from. They all saw a man in his late twenties, what angered them was he had a gun pointed a Duo.

“02, your life is forfeit.” He fired once, aimed straight at Duo, knowing it would hit it’s mark.

“NO! Duo!” The anguished cry, by whom nobody knew.

Duo closed his eyes and waited for the biting pain to end his life that he never felt. Opening his eyes, he saw Wufei in front of him swaying on his feet. “NO!” He caught his friend as he fell backwards. “Why Wufei? Don't leave us Please.” He felt a hand brush away his tears.

“Don't cry Duo. Even though I don't so it...I I consider you my best friend. You have so much to live for, Heero and you...your fam-family” He couldn't say anything else as the pain sent him into the unconsciousness. “Wu..please don't die.”

As soon as the shot fired, the assassin was beaten into a bloody mess of broken bones by an enraged Setsuna, Lumin, Orion and Heero. The blows struck his body so swiftly and fiercely that he didn't even have time to scream out in pain before darkness took him. They turned and saw Duo holding the bleeding Wufei, begging him not to die.

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