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As in Rising Star, I will be taking some liberties with technology. There will be some new characters introduced into this series. As stated before, this is the third fic in a series of fics. If you haven't read 'Jester Unmasked' or 'Rising Star' do so please to forego any confusion.
Warnings: AU, OOC,Yaoi, mild language, a bit of sap, Poetry! bastard J, original characters.
Parings: 2X1


From the Ashes
Part 7

Duo laid Heero in his bed, because Heero’s was a mess. //You are so different when asleep, that mask is gone. I hope this war ends soon, then we can both destroy our masks// He pulled the covers up to his koi’s next and soft kissed his lips. “Sleep well my Hee-chan”. He began to remove the dirty sheets and remake the bed, then he left to take them down to be washed. He walked back into the room, Heero was still fast asleep on the bed. He walked over to the small desk where the laptop sat, grabbing a notebook from his bag he began to flip through the pages. //Which one should I turn in?// Finally deciding on a one, he began to type it up.

Heero was warm and comfortable, he didn't want to get up from his restful sleep, but he was awaken by the printer and clacking of keys on the keyboard. He slowly opened his eyes, peering across the room at his lover. “Duo come to bed”

Duo turned and smiled at his lover. “Hai Heero” He turned it off and crawled next to the other young man, snuggling up close to him. “Hmm, this is very nice. What do you want to do for the rest of the evening?”

Heero moved his body so that not one inch was between Duo and himself, “I just want to stay here with you in my arms and fall into a wonderful dream filled sleep” With that said they both fell asleep just holding each other.


Quatre went to answer the door, //Odd who would know we are here?// “Setsuna, what are you doing here? What’s wrong?” She had a cold fire in her eyes. “Come in”

“Quatre we need to talk. Duo is in danger.”

“What?” His face had paled, that answered the nagging feeling he was feeling.

“What I tell you has to remain between us Quatre, I not suppose to tell any of you, but I decided to go against those orders. Do I have your word?” Seeing his nod, she began to tell him about J’s attempts on Duo and their countermeasures, and of the suspicion of him leaking information to Oz.

Quatre watched Setsuna as she talked, he was outraged by what he heard. Very few things angered the mild tempered Arabian. Closing his eyes to calm himself, he felt a wave of something from his space heart. //What is it?// “Orion and Lumin are currently watching over them at the school” //Nani? Those two// The feeling in his chest increased, until it became clear, the pieces all falling into their places. He looked up at her once again, an image of Heero appearing next to her face. //Of course, why didn't I see it sooner.// “Don't worry about anything, I will do everything in my power to prevent that bastard from harming either of them.” //I won't let him take away your family//


“Damn it all” Une was not happy at all. The new systems were not compatible with the Mobile Suits. “Find a way, I will not accept failure.” //We need those new measures if we are to stand any chance against the Gundams. Damn researchers// She stormed out of the room with a flurry of muffled curses. //This will set us back by at least a month//


Duo stood in front of the class, ready to read his assignment. He had decided to go back to the specs, because Heero liked them.


“Duo, why don't you wear your glasses when you read?” Heero asked the boy cuddled next to him.

“I don't know, I just don't.”

“I wish you would, you look cute and intelligent with them on”


Clearing his throat, he looked around at the class knowing his koi was somewhere near, //He skipped class just to listen to me. Damn he is the best//

“Aquatic Dreamscape

Tired, worn from the Day
Lying half awake upon the bed
Hearing the music from the Ocean
The Rhythmic crashing of Waves

Drifting into Sleep, soothed by the Ocean
The Mind goes on a Journey...

Rushing of water, the smell of the air
The Beauty of the Waterfall Pouring into the
Crystal Blue lake below. Perfection at hand,
Untouched by Humans, left in its remarkable Splendor

Closing my eyes, taking in the soothing air
All goes quiet for a brief instant, A faint Song
The inhabitants of the lake sing with Majestic Beauty
Drawn to the Siren Song of the Lake, hypnotized Fading away

Raindrops falling on my body, Slowly opening my eyes
No longer at the Enchanting Waterfall, but in a Valley
The Faint rain grows in intensity, falling faster upon me
The Sensual Smell of the Rain, overcomes my senses

Finding shelter under a tree, watching Nature’s production
Gray Clouds pouring their Tears on the Green land
Thunderous Cries filling the sky, sending chills up my spine
Sparks of Fury Striking the Ground, Dancing in the sky

Such Precision, Thunder Lighting Rain
A glorious gift, clouds growing Darker
Sparks growing, Cries screaming louder
Sitting, watching the clouds pour their soul on the ground

Running out into the Production, Rain covering myself
Lighting Flickering all around me, hearing the sizzling
As it touches the Rain, Thundering Welcoming me
Closing eyes, feeling the rain...fading away

The Moon shining Down, No longer under the rain
but on the Beach at night. The Waves swaying, Moon
Providing the Light and the wonderful music of dolphins completing
The ocean’s production of the night.

Calling out for me, walking into the ocean
Feeling, finally feeling the splendor of these waters
Diving underwater, swimming with the aquatic creatures
Riding with the Dolphins to the Depths of this Mysterious Ocean

Taken to a new level, the majestic beauty
The unseen beauty of the aquatic world
Colors vividly expressed throughout this
Perfect representation of art, nature’s Hidden painting

Further down, into the Ocean, I am taken.
Led by a pack of Dolphins, hearing their wondrous song
Peace, Never found on the ground, but pouring in the waters
Submerged in Peaceful waters, seeing the truth.
The Truth within the mystery of the ocean, closer to the Radiating Light
Further down they take me, into the heart of the ocean....

Awakened from the slumber,
Refreshed and calm
Hearing the ocean outside
Smiling and remembering

“Wonderful Adam-kun. I'd like to speak with you please” The bell had already rang and Duo gathered his things and approached D-sama’s desk. “Yes, D-sama?”

“Adam, that was remarkable. I was wondering if I could enter it in a national contest for you?”

“That would be great. Here it is.” Duo handed the paper to his teacher and left the classroom with a great smile.

D-sama put the copy with the papers she had already prepared, after she changed the last name. Looking at the paper “Adam Winters”.

“What are you planning D?” Lumin walked over to the gentle woman, curious as to her intentions.

“He has talent, while I can do nothing more than keep an eye on him, I can do this. Make sure he has a future after this war” She sealed the envelope and placed it in her purse for mailing later that day. “I want to make sure he has a good future Lumin, this is how I can help him.”

“Thank You D, we are lucky to have you watching out for his well-being”

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