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Warnings: AU, OOC,Yaoi, mild language,LEMON
Parings: 2X1


From the Ashes
Part 6

Heero was looking in the halls for his koi, but couldn't find him. //Where is he? He should have come back to the room. Maybe he is in the lunch room// He walked down the corridors and hallways until he came up to the double doors. Walking in he scanned the room, seeing the braid he walked over and promptly stopped. There sat his koi, between Orion and Lumin, who had her arm around HIS koi, never mind the fact that he didn't know they attended this school. A wave of jealousy overcame him as he watched Duo return the hug, and the pat on the back he received from the other boy. "Adam.." He said behind his clenched teeth. He was somewhat happy to see the other boy jump about two feet into the air.

"Dammint Heero, don't scare me like that" Duo was trying to calm down his racing heart. He motioned for Heero to take a seat, he didn't missed the look he gave the two on either side of him. //Ah he is jealous// Heero sat across from Duo and stared, but Duo knew better, he was pouting. //So kawaii when he pouts//.

Lumin and Orion watched the two lovers with great interest, with a wink to her brother she excused herself saying they needed to go and do a project for class. "Did you see Rion? That was too funny, I think Heero is jealous." "Yeah I think he is, come on Lum we got to report back to E"


"So Duo, I'd say you were looking comfortable with those two" Heero tried to keep his tone normal, but Dammit he was miffed. //I know I'm out of line, but Dammit he is MY koi// The only response he got from Duo was said boy getting up and walking towards the door. Panic began to claw at his veins, thinking he was in big trouble, but the wink Duo sent over his shoulder told him otherwise. He waited a while two minutes before racing out of the lunch room and to their dorm room.

Heero opened the door and walked into the room, searching for his lover. In two seconds flat he found his arms full with the braided boy invading his mouth. He groaned as those hands started ripping off his clothes, soon he stood there in only his briefs. He moved his hands to start disrobing his koi, only to have his hands slap away. "No no Hee-chan, you were bad. I'm going to show you who I belong to and who you belong to. No moving without my permission. Understood?" Seeing the dark hair boy nodded, he pushed him onto the bed and quickly pulled his own shirt off, leaving himself in his pants.

Duo looked down at the nearly nude form of his koi, growling low in his throat he walked over to his bag and pulled out a jar. Turning from the bag, he pounced on the other one. He kissed him with every ounce of passion his small frame contained and more, licking the lower lip asking for admittance. The kiss deepened as his hands roamed over Heero's chest, taunting and toying with the hard nipples. His mouth moved lower, down to the neck playfully nipping and licking every inch. His hands ever so lightly brushed against the cotton clad erection, Heero's loud moan filled the empty room, thrusting his hips up looking for some friction. Duo's hands slid beneath the clothe and took the steaming erection into his hand, slowly trailing his long delicate fingers up and down it's length, swallowing all the moans and cries of desire.

In one smooth motion, Duo slid the offending briefs off and had thrown them across the room. He looked down at his naked love, his erection dark and pointing to the ceiling, moving his gaze to lock onto the cobalt eyes. Reaching to the side, Duo grabbed the jar and opened it. With a seductive grin, he started to pour the golden substance all over Heero's naked form. Duo started at his chest, slowly pouring all over while moving down to the navel and lower. Putting the jar away, he began to use his hand to rub the silken honey evenly over the taunt form, hands moving down to Heero's inner thighs rubbing the soft flesh, one hand caressing his hardness painfully slow. Heero's head was thrashing from side to side, moaning and begging for mercy.

Duo lowered his head to take in Heero's length. He nearly screamed as it was engulfed in the hot wet mouth, he felt the head hit the back of Duo's throat. Duo began swirling his tongue on the underside, while slowly bobbing his head up and down, his face repeatedly brushed against the dark patch of curls Heero's scent filling his noise. Lifting his head from the hot and sweet erection, he quickly removed the rest of his clothing, then moving back up Heero's body he took control of the panting mouth, thrusting his tongue deep inside the welcoming mouth.

Heero whimpered into Duo's mouth, wanting nothing more than the beauty above him. He wiggled under Duo, trying to get him to finish what he started. Finally Duo seemed to take the hint, he slowly moved his tongue down the contours of Heero's body. Taking his time to relish every inch, he reached Heero's hips, focusing all his attention on the tender flesh. He sucked and licked the skin while holding Heero still, with a growl he bit the soft flesh, bringing blood to the surface. He lapped up the blood, and kissed the mark with a thousand nerve burning kisses.

Finally he moved on, brushing the tip of Heero's aching erection with his tongue. Slowly he took it in, centimeter by centimeter until the tip reached the back of his mouth, moving his eyes upward he saw Heero watching him with lust filled eyes.

Heero nearly screamed again as Duo began to swallow the head of his penis, the pleasure was increased ten fold as Duo penetrated him with one finger. Thrusting in and out of him, soon a second joined the first and his mind was lost. While the fingers were busy stretching him, Heero's arousal was still in Duo's warm mouth, the sucking and licking were quickly bringing him to the edge. A third finger join the first two, stars danced behind his closed eye lids as they hit his prostate. He could feel himself about to come, when Duo grabbed his sack and prevented it. "Not yet Heero, I want you to come with me." He nearly screamed in frustration as Duo's mouth and fingers left him.

Duo looked at the panting and begging boy, quickly coating himself with some of the jar's substance he returned to his lover, his aching erection nudging at the entrance. Oh so very slowly he pushed past the tight ring, he interlaced his right hand with Heero not daring to look away from those eyes. Both boys were moaning and panting as Duo's length slowly disappeared into Heero.

Heero's mind had long since shut down, all he could do was feel. He knew he was close to losing total control and this time it did not scare him. The slow thrusting slowly became faster and deeper, the angle changed to hit his spot each time. He never stopped gazing into those violet eyes, he felt whole when with Duo. Fire gathered at his stomach and slowly invaded every cell of his body, he knew he was close, he could feel his precum running down his neglected arousal, silently he begged Duo to give him release.

Duo knew he was close and so was Heero. He knew Heero was close to losing his control. Slowly he moved his other hand to take the rock hard erection into his hand, he slowly rubbed the slit with his thumb, causing Heero to buck wildly. Slowly he started pumping his hand up and down, speeding up to match his thrusts. Pulling Heero up from laying on the bed to sitting on his thighs, their eyes met. Heero's erection twitched one last time before it exploded violently, spraying both their chests and abdomens with his hot seed. His scream was swallowed by Duo's urgent kiss, Heero's orgasm rocked his already weakened body as he continued to come, he could feel Duo thrusting wildly into him and then he felt Duo release himself into his tight channel, crying out his own ecstasy. Finally, Heero's orgasm eased off leaving him crying into Duo's shoulder, his body shaking from everything.

Duo eased out of Heero and pulled him into a strong hug, whispering words of eternal love into his ear, softly running his hands through the soft hair. "It's okay Heero, I'm here and will never leave you. Do you understand, I am yours as you are mine" Slowly the shaking stopped, Duo got up from the bed and picked up Heero, taking him to the bathroom to clean up. He ran the water and put in the plug, once the tub was full he climbed in with Heero and laid against the porcelain with Heero on his chest who was slowly starting to fall asleep. "Duo th-thank you for being mine. You are all I have Ai shiteru."


Lumin and Orion were waiting for E to show up, he was late. "Where is he?" she asked.

"I'm right here young ones. So how is Duo? Everything going smoothly" E asked as he approached the two siblings.

"Yes Professor E, everything is fine with 01 and 02. We will continue to watch over them. Nothing will happen to them" Orion reported to their superior

"Good Orion, make sure it doesn't. That bastard J is just jealous that G, Set, and I created a better gundam than him. He may not know of Set or me, but he hates G. I know it and now that Heero is involved with Duo his hatred has just doubled. Be extremely careful, J is very cleaver, he will stop at nothing to get rid of Duo. Go now and if you run into any problems contact me or D." They nodded towards E and walked towards their dorm rooms, each were planning several ways to kill J.

"They have their work cut out for them don't they E?"

E turned towards D, "Yes they do, but we will do all we can to prevent J from harming any of the pilots." They looked to where Lumin and Orion had walked, praying they could stop Professor J.

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