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Warnings: AU, OOC,Yaoi, mild language, bastard J, Original Characters
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From the Ashes
Part 5

“So you mean to tell us, J has betrayed us and we can't kill him?” Lumin was fuming

“We are not one hundred percent sure that he has leaked information concerning Duo to Oz, but there is evidence to suggest it. Guys this just got more complicated. Duo and Heero were just sent orders to infiltrate a school. I want you two there three days ago. I've already changed records and everything you'll need to get by. Watch over them both, even though Duo is in the most danger, so is Heero.” G was torn between killing J slowly and painfully and waiting until they had enough against him. //By the gods, if he harms either of those boys..// His thoughts were cut off by Setsuna's appearance.

“Lumin, Orion get packed and get to that school. Duo and Heero should be there in a couple of days, watch over them both. G and I have a few more upgrades to your modified suits to upload. They will be hidden the coordinates will be in your laptops.”

“I swear if J hurts Duo, he will beg me to kill him” Orion was seething.

“Nobody messes with our little brother. Setsuna we will keep an eye on Heero for you, we will not let that bastard harm him in any way.” The two siblings left the room quickly, leaving the complex less than thirty minutes later. Setsuna watched them leave from the window, “Watch over my baby brother and yours.”


“Duo how long have you know Setsuna?” Heero and his koi were lying in their bed.

“I've know her for about two or so years. She came to help Professor G before we started this operation. Why do you ask?”

“I don't know, she just reminds me of someone” Heero was still confused, he didn't know what it was about that young woman. //Why do I feel like it is important//

“Of who koi?”

“I don't know, I just get a funny feeling when I'm around her. Don't worry about it, I'm sure it is nothing major.” They soon feel asleep in each others arms, dreams of their future together filled their dreams.

The next morning the two lovers woke to the sound of an incoming message. Groaning, Duo just put a pillow over his head and went back to sleep. Smiling at his koi, Heero got up and opened the message, he read it twice then deleted it. He went back to bed with his koi and pulled him into his arms and feel back asleep. //The mission can wait a few more hours//


Duo sighed for the thousandth time that morning, he hated the school uniform with a passion. //Gah, why can't they let use where our own clothes??// He tugged at the tie again, trying in vain to find some comfort. After a look from Heero he stopped. //This is going to be a long mission. Mmm...I'm not the only one that is going to suffer.// He grinned that sexy grin at Heero.

Heero saw the grin, and knew his life was about to become hell. The last time he saw that grin was at Relena's party. //Damn// He thought, but strangely wasn't upset about the fact at all. He grinned back.

The two ignored the teacher as she went on and on about some pointless freedom of speech lecture from old earth. No, they were too involved with teasing each other, simple gestures as licking their dry lips to one hand oh so slowly and sensually moving down a well muscled chest, lingering at the abs only to dip from view under the desk.

“Adam-kun, I'd like to see you after class”

//Shit, Busted// “Yes, D-sama” //I hope she isn't too mad at me.// He looked over to his lover and saw him trying to hold in his laughter. //I'll get you later// He turned back to the front and waited for class to be over, dreading what the teacher had to say to him.


“Adam would it really kill you to actually pay attention in my class? Just keep you eyes off the eye candy while in my class and pay attention. Ok Hon?” She laughed out loud at the scene of Duo blushing bright red. “And I want you to write a poem of your choice and present it in front of the class. Now go and don't keep him waiting.” She watched as he left the classroom. “Such a cute one” She sighed and went back to grading papers.

Duo ran to make it to his next class before he was late. His cheeks still red from her words. //Damn, leave it up to her to get me all red// He just entered the room when the bell rang, quietly sitting in his seat he listened to the teacher introduce himself telling Duo to call him “E-sama”. //This class is going to be interesting// Duo thought as the teacher went into an animated discussion. The class was interrupted by the door opening and another student walking. Duo recognized him. //Hey that’s that guy, Orion//

“Orion-kun, you are late. Don't let it happen again, now take a seat” He simply said he was sorry and sat in the only seat left, right next to Duo. “Hi, remember me?” He asked.

//Oh shit, this could get complicated// “Yes I do Orion, good to see you again.”

“Adam-kun!! Please remain quiet” The teacher mumbled something about ‘talkative chibis’ under his breathe as he once again tried to continue his lecture, eyeing those to the entire time.


After class, Orion walked with Duo to the lunchroom. “I thought you said you name was Duo?”

“Ano, that is more like nick name I have. My name is Adam. I didn't know you came to this school, how have you and Lumin been?” Duo quickly changed the subject, he really didn't want to risk the mission.

//You don't know how right you are Adam, that is your real name// “Oh we are fine, she should be here any minute. Do you want to have lunch with us?” Looking around he didn't see Heero anywhere, “Sure that will be great.” The two went into the food line waited until it was there turn.

They sat at a table and began to eat their meal, talking about various things. Lumin showed up about five minutes later. “Say it’s good to see you again Duo.” She beamed and sat on the other side of him. “Sis, Duo is only a nickname. His name is Adam” Orion could see the emotion in her dark blue eyes, and knew she was thinking what he had only minutes before. “I see, it is great to see you” She put her arm around him and gave him a hug, and that is how Heero found the trio.


So did you all see the two special guest stars in this one? 'D-sama' who was inspired by The fablespinner!!! and 'E-sama' is none other than our very own Enigma.....look for these two in future parts, they are both very important in the plot.....C&C please minna!!

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