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Warnings: AU, OOC,Yaoi, mild language, a bit of sap
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From the Ashes
Part 4

Three days had passed, and Duo seemed to be in higher spirits. His outgoing personality came back, he would pull those long missed pranks on Wufei, who couldn't be mad because he had missed them. Everything seemed back to normal at the safehouse, and each pilot couldn't be any more happy.


Setsuna intently listened to the siblings story about dinner three nights ago for the millionth time, but she couldn't help but smile. They looked really happy, a first in a really long time. The door opened and G walked into the small room, gesturing for Setsuna to join him for a cup of coffee. “So my dear, they talking your ear off again?”

“Yes they are, I haven't seen them this excited in a long time.” She looked fondly at her ‘adopted’ family. Getting up she excused herself and decided to go into town for a little bit, maybe even stop by and visit with Duo for a little while.

Duo was currently at the mall looking for something special to give to his koi, looking through all the displays and such, nothing really caught his eye. //What does one get the perfect love?// He turned from the latest display case, looking up he saw Setsuna.

“Hey Seta, Over here!” he hollered across the way.

Setsuna heard Duo calling, with a big smile she walked his way. “Hey Duo, how have you been?” She pulled him into a big bear hug. “What are you doing at the mall?”

“I'm great, I am just here looking for something for Hee-chan. You?”

//It’s amazing how he lights up by the sound of his name.// “I just came to get away from the lab. Hey how about we grab a bite to eat and if you want I'll help you find something for him.”

“That sounds great. I have a lot of questions, also I want to tell you about these two new friends I made.” Offering his arm , in a most gentlemanly gesture, the two friends took off.


They were walking towards Setsuna's car, when three men came out of no where. They shoved the ‘weak’ woman away, and surrounded Duo. “Pretty Boy, come with us now.” Duo had already gotten into a defensive stance, sneering at the idiots he shook his head no. “Fuck off”

Setsuna was brushing the gravel and dirt from her favorite skirt, she heard what they wanted. //Over my dead and still bleeding corpse.// Tapping the idiot, that shoved her, on the shoulder. Once he turned his head, all he saw was her fist. and the sky above him as hell tumbled to the ground. “Never, and I mean never mess with me or my friends.” Nodding to Duo, they attacked the other two buffoons with a flurry of punches and kicks. Their two fighting styles were so different, yet blended together perfectly. Finally the three ‘attackers’ laid on the ground bleeding and moaning from various broken bones.

“Let’s go Duo” Quickly they left the scene, with one parting kick in the ribs from Setsuna. //No one hurts him and gets away with it.//


J threw the cup of coffee across the room. Another attempt had failed. //Damn him. What is it with that damn brat and escaping from death.// He stormed to his computer, a new plan already coming to mind. //Fine, if I can't kill him off. I'll just drop some information onto Oz’s laps and let them do the work// Sinister laughter filled the room, slowly growing in volume. “Escape this one 02”

Une's eyes nearly busted from their sockets, she was reading wonderful information concerning that damn new gundam. Her fingers speeding over the keys, copied and printed the information, knowing it will come in handy at a future point. //This time I'll be careful on these plans, I won't rush the job. When the time comes Gundam, you're mine.//


{ He felt warm within a loving embrace. Opening his infant eyes, he looked up into a dark pair of eyes filled with warmth. Looking from the arms he was in, he saw a child about five years of age looking at him with the same dark eyes and long dark hair.} Heero woke from his unexpected afternoon nap, the dream in the back of his mind nagging his thoughts. //Where did that come from?// Looking around the room, he noticed Duo was gone. “Where'd he go?” Getting up from bed, he went down stairs.

The front door opened, Duo and Setsuna walked into the house just as Heero was reaching the bottom of the stairs. “Hiya Hee-chan” Duo ran up to his koi and kissed his cheek. Heero hugged Duo and asked him where he was. “Just out shopping.”

“For what?”

“It’s a surprise Hee-chan. Let’s go into the den and talk.”

Finally getting a good look at his koi, Heero finally noticed the dried blood on his pants and the traces of dirt. “What Happened?” He was beginning to get very angry.

“Some thugs decided to mess with us. We handled it, but there are some things we need to discuss.” Setsuna replied with just a twinge of venom in her voice. //The bastards// Heero looked at her while she spoke, feeling a little uneasy while gazing into her beautiful eyes. For some strange reason, they gave him a very unfamiliar feeling. The trio went into the den and discussed what transpired that afternoon. //What is this feeling?// Heero kept asking himself.


(later that evening)

“So Duo, what did you get?” Heero was just a little curious.

“Just a present koi.” Duo responded playfully.

“A present for whom, Duo?” Heero knew by Duo’s look that it was for him, but he wanted to play along.

“For you.” Duo handed Heero the small box. He watched him open the box and smiled at his response. Inside the opened box, was a silver ring with amethyst and deep blue jewels interwoven within the metal. The design was simple, but the special engraving made it all that more special ‘Ai shiteru, zutto’. Heero looked up into Duo’s eyes unable to come up with any words. “Think of it as a promise between us. A promise that we'll survive this war and will be together after forever.”

Heero couldn't believe it, looking down at the ring he took it out of the box and slipped it on his finger. Then he threw himself on Duo, hugging the life out of him. “Forever, koi.”

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