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Warnings: AU, OOC,Yaoi,language, a bit of sap,LEMON warning. If you aren't old enough, shoo!!
Parings: 1+2/2X1, 3+4

From the Ashes
Part 3

Omega stood against the tsunami of mobile suits, beam scythe flaring to life, he sped into the eye of the storm. //Shit, this was a trap. The doctors should have check out the data better. Dammit// Even though Omega was an advanced suit, it could only do so much against a platoon of mobile suits while the base, which was not suppose to have any defense capabilities, was busy pummeling his suit with missiles. Activating the more advanced weapon systems, Omega destroyed clusters of Aries with destructive beams while avoiding the base’s defensive measures. Slowly the enemy’s numbers were dropping to nil, when Heero’s voice came over the intercom.

“Duo, are you ok?” Seeing the all the suits were destroyed, Omega turned to face the incoming suit. “Yeah, I'm fine. It was a clever trap, but not clever enough.” Both pilots were absorbed with talking and looking at each other that neither noticed two Leo’s approaching Omega’s unguarded back.

Heero finally noticed the approaching danger and suddenly called out to his koi, just then two rays of light pierced the black veiled sky, reigning holy judgment upon the two suits. Spinning around, Duo saw the two suits slowly, cruelly deteriorate by the two blast until nothing but ashes remained. Checking his instruments for an indication of what or who helped him, Omega found nothing. //What the hell? It’s as if the sky rained down it’s fury to protect me// The thought struck him hard. //Are they watching out for me// Heero concerned voice brought him out of his inner thoughts. “Hmm..yeah I'm fine, just a bit flabbergasted.” //Damn a good night wasted on this, hmm it doesn't have to be ruined// With that truly impish smirk, “Heero, race you back to the safehouse”, then he took to the air and gunned down the thrusters. //Oh you won't get far koi// Heero was right on his heels.

Wing landed in the hanger first, quickly powering down and opening the hatch, Heero raced over to Omega just as it landed. Climbing up to the hatch door, he opened it with the emergency switch. //Well this is an emergency// was his thinking. The hatched seemed to be teasing with Heero, slowly and seductively opening only offering the slightest glimpse of the pearl inside. His heart rate racing, Heero ducked under, unable to wait for it to fully open and claimed the mouth of his koi in a long steaming kiss.

Duo was just as excited, willing that damn hatch to hurry the hell up so he could glomp onto Heero and continue where they left off. He was not expecting a certain body to jump into his lap and claim his mouth, but it was a most welcomed surprise. Heero sucking Duo’s tongue into his mouth while squirming on his lap. Duo’s moans started off soft, but grew as his shirt was nearly ripped off while another hand was busy with his pants. All coherent thought went out the proverbial window, matching Heero’s intensity, he pulled away only to pull off the tank top. Duo looked at Heero’s lust filled eyes, gaze shifting lower seeing the erect nipples, heavy breathing and the light sheen of sweat.

Heero locked eyes with Duo, also examining every inch of that wonderful body. He finally got the pants open, grabbing at the waistline he started pulling the offending garments off with the help of Duo’s raised hips. Finally his eyes were able to feast upon Duo utterly naked and painfully aroused in the seat of his gundam. //Damn this is so bad// Was the impish thought. Nearly ripping off his own constrictive spandex shorts, he once again claimed Duo’s lips, hands roaming all over the broad chest. Teasing each nipple, then lowering his attention to the aching need. In one quick motion, he swallowed Duo, loving the loud moan. Heero’s only thought was the steaming arousal in his mouth, licking up and down it’s length, flicking his tongue against the slit, almost as if it was made specifically for his mouth. Feeling Duo’s body going tense and pour into his mouth, he greedily slurped it all down, rising from his knees he switched places with Duo.

Duo’s knees almost gave out on him as he was pulled out of the small chair, he saw Heero sitting there legs apart slowly and erotically fondling himself. Reaching under one of the control panels, Duo pulled out a tube of lube. Quickly opening it, he squeezed a big glob onto his hands and coated Heero’s near exploding erection. Unable to wait, Duo straddled Heero, bringing the glorious length to his puckered entrance. Slowly he lowered himself, being impaled by Heero was always the best feeling. Once the hard length had fully penetrated Duo, he started to ride Heero. Soon Heero was thrusting up to meet Duo’s rigorous pace, their moans and screams of ecstasy filled the hanger. The pleasure raced through the veins, moans growing in intensity. With a loud cry of triumph, Heero released himself into Duo’s hot channel, feeling Duo’s seed splash against his abs. Both boys were panting, unmoving trying to regain some energy. Finally looking up, Duo kissed Heero passionately, and suggested they get cleaned up and head back to their room.


Professor G listened to the sibling’s report. They had succeeded in protecting Duo and still were able to remain undetected. “So they didn't see your Gundams?”

“No Sir, we were covered by the clouds. From the looks of it, they were confused as to the point of original of the beams” Lumin stated.

“They?” Setsuna was a little taken aback by this

“Yes, pilot 01 showed up in Wing.”

//Is he getting suspicious of J??// she thought

The meeting was brief, afterwards Lumin and Orion decided to go into town.


After a long bubble bath, with Heero, Duo was feeling extremely happy. He had talked Heero into going out to town for a nice late evening. “Ready to go Hee-chan?” Heero nodded with a smile.

Lumin and Orion were walking down the side walk, when they bumped into another couple. Getting up from the ground and about to apologize, Orion froze in his tracks. Lumin was likewise dumbfounded, they had bumped into Duo and Heero. Quickly overcoming the initial shock, they apologized profusely hoping to get away quickly. //He’s gotten so big// Lumin thought while getting a closer look at Duo. Heero helped Duo up from the ground, intending to glare at the other two for making his koi fall. He stopped when he saw that strange look on Duo’s face.

//Why do I get the feeling I know them??// “It’s ok, nothing to worry about. Hi my name is Duo, nice to meet ya.” he extended his hand to the others.

“Hello, I'm Lumin and this is my brother Orion.” She took the offered hand. Duo eyed her for a long moment then gasped. “Hey you were the one that asked me to dance at Relena's party”.

“Yes I was, and I must admit you dance very well”

“Thanks, hey if you two aren't busy would you like to join Heero and I for a late night dinner?”

Knowing they shouldn't go, that they should stay away from these two, but they agreed whole heartedly. //It'll be nice to spend time with him and his lover. We can make sure he is taking care of Duo for us.//

“Sugoi! Let’s go then” He grabbed Heero’s hand and started walking down the sidewalk. At first Heero was not too sure about the siblings coming along, but seeing the joy in his eyes he decided it was a good thing. //Anything to keep him happy//

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