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Warnings: AU, OOC,Yaoi,language, lime, Bastard J, original characters
Parings: 1+2/2X1, 3+4

From the Ashes
Part 2

J was furious, his best assassin laid dead in front of his hideout’s door. “Damn it!!” Kicking the useless corpse out of the way, he went into the base. Going through some files, his smirk came back. //This time he won't escape//. Typing up an e-mail, he sent it to the pilots and awaited the results. //Survival percentage almost none, escape this one 02.//


Four figures were in the room, voices low to keep anyone from hearing. They were discussing what to do about the arising problem with Dr. J.

“He is a damn bastard and should die” One of the females was declaring, the male beside her nodded his agreement.

“Yes he should die, but he is still important to this operation. We cannot take him out unless it is absolutely necessary” Professor G was trying to talk some sense into the young adults, but apparently was failing.

“Lumin, Orion please calm down. I know this is hard on you, as it is equally on me. But we must remain in the shadows for now. We know now that J plans on getting rid of Duo, it is our job to prevent it.” Setsuna directed at the brother and sister across from her. //I know how hard this is, we are in the same boat.// Finally the two siblings conceded with the wishes of their commander. Orion was opening his mouth to speak when they got an urgent message.

“SHIT!” the collective response. Running out the door, they went to prevent another attempt on the life of pilot 02.

Professor G and Setsuna watched as they left, praying they were in time.


Meanwhile, back at Relena’s party Heero sat in the same spot thinking of all the wonderful things he could do to Duo. //This is war koi// Leaving his spot, Heero went in search of his mischievous koi. He saw his lost love talking with Relena and Quatre, with a predatory gleam, he stalked upon his unknowing prey. Grabbing his arm, he pulled Duo with him out the door tossing a goodbye over his shoulder to the others. Duo eeped when he was tugged away from the small crowd he was talking with. Turning his head he saw Heero and a certain evil gleam in his eyes. //Oh Shit, pay back time. I'm gonna enjoy this// Looking back he saw the smirks from the rest of the gang.

The ride back to the safehouse was ominously quiet, Heero trying to strike some semblance of fear into Duo, while he was anxiously awaiting his ‘punishment’. The sexual tension radiated from both of them, wanting nothing more than to rip off each other’s clothes and make hot steamy love in the middle of the highway.


Trieze, Une, and Zechs stood in the command center of another secret Oz base. They were going over the final details of their latest trap, one that would get rid of the gundams. “This time your Excellency we will not fail.” Une's eyes were gleaming with sadistic glee, her new plan was flawless, or so she thought.


Heero all but dragged Duo to their bedroom, upon entering the room he tossed the braided one onto the bed and pounced. Swallowing Duo’s eep with his kiss, he proceeded to strip off all of the boys clothes. Duo was moaning all throughout the splendid treatment, gasping as his neck was attacked by that skilled mouth and tongue.

Heero’s smirk was almost splitting his face, he slowly moved downward. Nipping and lapping at the abs, teasing the belly button with his tongue. Ignoring the soft pants from Duo, he moved down intending on swallowing the weeping length.


“Fucking Shit!!!” screamed a very pissed off Duo, “What the hell is it??” A very embarrassed and small voice called back. “Gomen Duo, but you have a mission and are to leave immediately, this is classified as highest priority.” Quatre back away from the door, hearing the enraged curses from both the rooms occupants, he heard shuffling and then the door exploded from it’s hinges as Shinigami stormed down the hall towards the hanger. All the way down he swore the painful deaths of the assholes that ruined his fun.

After Duo had left, Heero went to the laptop and checked the message, curious as to why he was the only one assigned to it. Even though the other four gundams were not one hundred percent, they were still fight worthy. Reading the text his face fell, opening some other windows he sorted through some more information. //Shit, this is a trap//. Running out the door, he fully intended on backing up Duo.

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