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As in Rising Star, I will be taking some liberties with technology. There will be some new characters introduced into this series. As stated before, this is the third fic in a series of fics. If you haven't read 'Jester Unmasked' or 'Rising Star' do so please to forego any confusion.
Warnings: AU, OOC,Yaoi, mild language, violence, bastard J, A little bit of lime, just a pinch.
Parings: 1+2/2X1, 3+4

From the Ashes
Part 1

The five pilots walked into the safehouse, it had been too long since they were together at their ‘home’. Pulling Duo up into his arms, Heero went upstairs to their room, ignoring the catcalls and whistles from below. Awkwardly opening the door, he entered and went over to the bed. Placing his love in the center, he called beside him, pulling him back into the embrace. “Welcome home koi”.

“Home, I like the sound of that” Yawning, Duo laid his head on the welcoming chest and slowly fell into a deep and peaceful sleep. Heero just watched the sleeping beauty beside him, content with things for once.


Dr. J listened to his subordinate’s report intently, “So the pilots will be attending Relena’s little party tonight. Get everything ready, I want no failures” The aid nodded curtly and walked out of the room to prepare. //Soon that brat will no longer be a burden//. Unknown to J, in another room two figures sat in silence listening to his plans. Fists clenched, the two got up as one to make their own plans.

Trieze was laying on the grand silken bed, looking at the person still asleep beside him. //Hmm Zechs, did I wear you out?// the thought with a smirk. Trieze was rather smug these days, the special suits were almost done, the gundams still hadn’t learned of their existence. //They won’t know until it’s too late// The body beside him began to stir, he was greeted with a sleepy, yet seductive smile.


“But Heero, I want to stay home tonight. I don’t wanna go out.” Duo was whining, they had been invited to one of Relena’s parties. Duo, although he liked her, wanted to stay home and spend time with his koi. //I have sooo much catching up to do//.

“Duo, we are going.” Heero stated in his monotone.

Throwing his hands up in the air in frustration, he agreed. “Fine Heero we’ll go” //Just you wait till I get my hand on you....// a sinister grin appeared on his face. //yes just you wait till I get them on you// With the evil glint, he took off to the bathroom to start the long task of getting ready. Meanwhile, Heero was on the laptop checking for messages. //He agreed a bit too quickly// Shaking his head, he decided he was being paranoid.

The party was a huge hit, the ballroom was filled with delegates from all the colonies. Relena moved through the crowd greeting various faces. Trowa and Quatre were dancing with each other, Wufei had vanished somewhere. Duo was trying to pry Heero off of the seat and dance with him. “Come on Heero, I wanna dance”


Putting on his best puppy face, Duo tried again. “Pleeease Heero”

“Duo, you know I don’t like dancing...” The rest of the sentence was cut off by Duo turning around and storming off. //Che...just one dance. That’s all I wanted.// A young woman walked up to Duo, as if reading his mind she asked for a dance. //Why not?// He accepted and the two went to the dance floor. The two moved as one, gracefully moving along the floor like seasoned dancers. All eyes ventured their way, watching the ‘perfect’ couple. //Deja Vu// Duo thought for a moment. The song ended all too suddenly, his dance partner bowed respectfully and vanished into the crowd. Duo tried to stop her and ask a name, but she had already disappeared.

Heero sat alone watching Duo, his Duo, dance with that female. //Damn. He only wanted to dance, why didn’t I just go out there.// Trowa and Quatre paused and watched Duo and the mysterious woman. No one saw the black clad figure slowly assemble a sniper rifle. The figure waited until the target took a seat.

Walking back to the table, Duo was deep in thought, he was confused by the odd feeling. Looking up he was treated with Heero’s eyes. //Hmm. Kill two birds with one stone.// Letting a wicked smile play across his lips, Duo sat down next to Heero. “Hi Hee-chan, did you feel all alone.” Heero gasped as a hand moved up his thigh and started to squeeze his length. Duo smirked at the little gasp, //Did you think I forgot about this afternoon.// Slowly and very teasingly he started rubbing the growing erection, looking around to make sure no one was paying attention, he slipped his other and under the table and unzipped the pants. “Du..DUo..what are...” The rest of his statement ended in a light moan as one hand slid past the pants and began to caress the heated flesh.

The gunman watched as his target took a seat at the table, lifting the weapon onto his shoulder, he took aim. Right through the head, smiling smugly, his finger slowly started to depress the trigger. A cough from behind him startled him, turning his head to see what or who it was, the assassin saw a tall figure of a young man, who was aiming a gun at his head. “I will not allow you to hurt him” the stranger said while firing the gun. Another figure appeared from the shadows, catching the fallen body and gun before they hit the ground. The two looked down to the intended victim. Shaking their heads at the scene, they dragged the body out into the night.

Heero’s mind was in complete lock down, he couldn’t think or react. He could only feel the imminent orgasm those talented hands were bringing him to. Trying his best not to draw attention to himself, he felt himself nearing the ledge, about to fall into a glorious climax, only to have the hands disappear. Whipping his head to glare at his koi, “What the hell?? Finish it Duo” He was frustrated beyond belief, on the verge to climax only to be denied.

Duo mentally grinned, he knew Heero was close. Almost laughing from his low, but forceful request, he only smiled sweetly at his koi. “I will koi, maybe later. Not now though, this is your punishment for making me come here and not dancing with me.” With that said, he offered Heero one last smug smile, got up and vanished in the crowd. Heero sat there, still painfully hard in shock. //Why that little tease...//

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