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{...} dream

Rising Star

Hundreds of screaming fans surrounded the stage, each routing on the newest sensation, singing along with the vibrant male. The electric beat thundered through the area accompanied by sweet vocals.

`Funny how everything changes for me
Memories take me away
Each time I open the door to my room
Where I must stay in all day
I don't want to be here, I'm much too tired
So I close my eyes and, `snap', I'm with you
We are on vacation, you and me together'

A toned body moved with the rhythm of the song, in a complex series of choreography. His red hair messy, obscuring one light green eye. Spinning on stage, allowing the music to overcome his soul, he continued to sing with fervor.

`Lying in the sunshine
I travel to Romantis
I travel to Romantis
Where nothing but the blue skies
Will tell me that the time flies
I travel to Romantis
Everytime I think of you'


In one of the many safehouses, the other four pilots sat watching the concert. Seeing someone their age so happy brought pangs within each of their hearts. No one knew why, but all four of them where drawn to this new Rising Star. Two months had passed since that fateful night when Shinigami finally left them for good, the same night when `Adam' made his debut. //gods, I miss him// Heero's thoughts always were on his lost beloved. Ever since that night, he was more closed off than usual. Spending more time in `their' room, sleeping in his bed, anything to keep his presence with him. //Wait for me Duo//. All was quiet, except for the television, where `Adam' was performing for the first time.


Adam walked to his dressing room, tired from the performance he just gave. Running into various backstage workers, stopping him to congratulate him. Smiling and thanking them all, he finally made it back to his room. Locking the door, he moved to the chair in front of the mirror. Light green eyes, short wavy red hair, tanned skin, putting on his trademark smile, that didn't reach his eyes, he closed his eyes and gave out a deep sigh. Minutes passed and he just sat there recollecting his thoughts, his hand moving to grasp the single gold cross that hung from his neck in a involuntary gesture from times past.

"Adam, time to go home" his manager said through the door.

Opening his eyes, he got up from his seat and left the room.

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