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Rising Star
Part 4

The squad of mobile suits paused in their attack to look upon the white and black gundam, slowly descending from the sky. A group of five broke off of formation and headed for the newest threat. One suit strangely started to shift, it’s appearance rippled like waves in water, black fading to light blue, wings protruding from it’s back. The four other suits surrounded the prototype, fitting into a tight attack formation. So enthralled with the new suit and it’s welcoming party, no one noticed the shadow slowly creeping upon the battlefield.

Death stood ready, the small squad approaching. The blue suit broke formation, assuming itself to be the superior. Lunging after the suit, Death simply dodged each thrust and slash with ease, luring the prototype away from the other suits. The four gundams were busy trying to get out alive, weapon systems slowly depleting, fuel burning at an alarming rate, each pilot pushed themselves to the limit and beyond. Suddenly, Heero’s proximity alarms went off. Cursing, he turned on the external video. What he saw, made his jaw drop. The same white and black gundam stood at the perimeter, opening a connection to the other pilots, he confirmed that they were just as shocked. Flipping on the rear cameras, he saw the duplicate suit evading the prototype.

“What the hell is going on?” they chimed in unison.

At that very instant, the gundam at the perimeter raised it’s metallic hands above it’s head, a pale violet glow radiated from the machine. Energy swirled around the gundam, coalescing within the palms, the orb was a hue of violet and black. Throwing the orb at the center of the squad, screams of protest ripped through the air as the suits were annihilated by the tera-sonic blast. Feeling the blast, the five suits pursuing the phantom gundam looked back to see the destruction, turning back the pilots saw the suit slowly fade away, a mirage in the desert.

//Tsk Tsk, should’ve made sure the suit you were fighting was the real one// Duo mused within the cockpit of Deathscythe Omega. The advanced weapon systems were working wonderfully, as was the holographic projections. Brandishing the beam saber, Omega soared into the sky sending the four Aries to Hell while they were distracted. Four gundams stood on the ground, surrounded by debris.

All watched in rapture as the two advanced suits dueled in the sky. Movements agile and graceful. Speed uncanny, reaction times unsurpassed, they danced a waltz of chaos and destruction in the air. Almost evenly matched, blow for blow. //Shit, this guy is good. Let’s see what else this suit can do// Black wings spread full spread, Omega blurred, a pulsing light reflected from the gundam. Recovering from the blast, the blue suit found itself surrounded by mirrored images of Omega.

Meanwhile, the forgotten gundams were busy trying to establish a connection with the other suit, but they would only get the same sentence scrolling at the bottom of their screen. “ In the eve of unholy anger, I will stand directing the arrows at myself in order to preserve the others.” (1) Blinking from their stupor, instruments recording battle data of the other two suits, they watched enthralled by the advanced technology shown from D.S.O. (2)

Replacing the beam saber with the scythe, Duo lunged forward, swinging it with poetic precision, violent flames met cold metal, severing the right arm and damaging critical parts of the prototype. Swinging the scythe over it’s head, Deathscythe moved for the kill. In a last effort, the damaged prototype reversed engines, aiming it’s cannon at Heavyarms it fired.

//NOOOOOOO!// Duo’s mind screamed, he raced to Heavyarms trying to beat the blast. Swooping down and grabbing the form, he jerked the controls up, extending the untested shields to surround the other form. The blast jolted both gundams, sending them crashing into the ground. Duo was thrown hard against his harness, bruises would most likely be there in the morning. He could only guess what kind of damage Trowa had suffered. Torn between obeying orders and checking on his friends, the gundam got up and slowly started to walk away from the battlefield.

“Come back here!! Damn You! Who the Hell are you?” The enraged dragon screamed at the retreating back. Anger clouding his judgment, Nataku followed the ‘friendly’ suit, grabbing its arm from behind. //Damn You Wufei, let it go. I can’t// Spinning in the grasp, Deathsycthe O. released a small burst of purple energy from the gun port on it’s wrist. Sending the battled form of Nataku to the ground, spinning back around it took to the sky and flew off. Fading away into the horizon, the fires of destruction casting an ethereal appearance to the fading form. Shaking off a sense of deja vu, Heero wondered who that was, seeing a similarity between Wing and Deathscythe. Just the thought of Shinigami brought the clutching pain back into his chest, so great in fact Quatre’s face was pained, hand to his chest feeling the depth of sadness from Heero.


(week later)

Heero was busy on his laptop trying to find anything on the new gundam. His searches lead to nothing. None of the scientists new of anything, just who was the pilot of this mysterious suit, what was his agenda? The entire battled replayed in his mind, from the obscure message to seeing it dive down to save Heavyarms. Although, Trowa suffered a few cracked ribs and a head wound from the battle.

Quatre, being the mother hen, never left his side. //It is so obvious(4)// he thought but then regretted it immensely. Thoughts returned to Duo, from there they stemmed to the new Star he was fixated on. //Why am I drawn to him? It doesn’t make sense// (3).

Duo sat in the dressing room in the ‘outfit from hell’ as he so called it. //Why did I agree to where this??// Looking into the mirror, he looked like a female with long red hair. His outfit looked like a two piece swim suit, the strands of artificial flowers acting as a skirt. Corsages of red roses on both wrists, flower clips in his hair. Light makeup brought out the female features of his face. //I look.....// he paused taking a real good look at himself..///I look pretty damn hot!!!////. Briefly he wondered if Heero would like it, instantly his good mood went to hell. //He certainly is ‘friendly’ toward “Adam”.// Willing himself not to get upset, he went out the door and proceeded to the stage.


Relena watched Adam, while he was doing the Thalia Set. She was amazed at how good he looked and how wonderful his voice was at the high pitch. Once the show was over she went back stage to talk with him.

“Adam-san, may I have a word with you?” she asked

Duo froze, he knew that voice all too well. Turning around to face his bane. “Hai, Relena-sama. I’m honored you came to see me, I’m even more honored that you would talk with me.’ He hoped sarcasm didn’t leak from his voice, fortunately for him it didn’t.

“First of all, I’d like to say I love your music. I have a favor to ask.”

“Thank you. Go ahead.”

“I’m throwing a party for a friend’s birthday in a week. I was wondering if you would come by and perform. He is a avid fan of yours, also I wanted to know if you would do that set you did tonight.” She spoke with elegance, eyes never leaving his.

“Sure, he’ll do it. Just give us the location and time.” Setsuna replied.

//Grrr....Overbearing Woman// Duo was not too happy, he didn’t want to be around Relena, she was always in the way in the past.

“This is great, Heero will love it”

“NANI????? I mean is that who this is for” His mind was running rampant.

“Yes it is. Although we don’t see eye to eye, he has been depressed, although he’ll deny it. He lost someone very close to him, so I figured this might cheer him up.”

//Maybe she isn’t so bad after all.//


The three pilots were sitting around Trowa’s bed, he was still recovering from his injuries. Topic of discussion was of course last weeks events.

“Hn, enemy or friend” Heero pondered.

“Injustice!! He just blasted Nataku.” Wufei was still hot under the collar.

“I get the feeling that he is on our side. Agenda I don’t know, but I think when the time is right he’ll join with us.” Quatre stated quietly, while sneaking glances at the bed ridden pilot.(5)

“Did any of you get a strange feeling from that gundam.” Trowa asked

They all nodded in unison, each thinking how much it reminded them of Duo and Deathsycthe. Silence reigned over the room once again, deciding to change the topic, Wufei spoke.

“So Heero, I hear Relena is planning some kind of party for you.”

“Hn, yeah she is. She insisted I come. Might as well, she’ll pester me to no end, but you all are coming as well” He said the last part of the sentence with a smirk. The other three just groaned.

(1)-From "Sacrificing Soldier" by me.

(2)- DeathScythe Omega..figured I'd use DSO to shorten it

(3) Hmmm...the irony of it all....

(4) & (5) Woop..I see another sidefic alert...

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