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Rising Star
Part 3

{ The dark clouds covered the pale moon, thick fog filled the air, choking out vision. Everything was quiet, the ice cold wind whipped at his face and body. Chills running up his spine, the figure walked forward. A grunt started him, turning around, Duo was confronted with four pissed off set's of eyes.

"Why did you leave us?" Quatre asked, yet his tone dripped hatred

"You lied, you always said you never lied, what is this then. Pretending to be someone else while we all suffer in agony?" Trowa's voice bordered with suppressed rage.

"You dishonor us all, making us mourn for a coward." Wufei didn't address him directly, the disgust in his eyes evident.

"Why" The sadness within Heero's voiced stabbed him viciously through the heart. He could handle a pissed off Heero, but not how he was. Eyes filling with tears and betrayal. The other three disappeared, leaving only his beloved. Opening his mouth to speak, only to interrupted by Heero's next words:

'Darkness covers the earth;
A child walks in the Shadows
His once vivid life fades away,
The Child is a man with no one

A child walks in the shadows,
The man looks back,
The child is a man with no one
Compassion leaves his heart
He has lost everything!

His childhood gave him pleasure, once
He tries to look forward,
He has lost everything!
He enters the eternal void

He tries to look forward,
His once vivid life fades away,
He enters the eternal void,
Darkness covers the earth.' (1)

"You took away my light with your lie." With that said, he also disappeared. }

Bolting up from his bed, Duo was covered in sweat. His heart threatening to beat out of his chest, lungs grasping for air. "I hate being separated from them. The only people I care about, if only that whole mess never happened (2)."


"NO!!!!!!!!!" the four screamed. Their pleas went unheard as the scythe impaled the fuel tank and Deathscythe self-destructed simultaneously, causing a chain reaction of destruction. The sky rained fire from the blast, as four lonely gundams stood amidst the destruction.

The four gundams left the area, unseen by them was a single figure standing on the cliff that overlooked the area. A braid of hair dangling in the wind. They did not see the tear that ran down the pale cheek. Turning around the figured disappeared.


"I will honor my promise, we will see each other again." He called out into the empty room. Still unable to sleep, his thoughts drifted. //They should have found what I left them by now. They should know how much they mean to me now.// Staring out the window into the stars, looking for answers. His eyes slowly began to droop, as sleep finally granted his body rest.


The grief within the walls of the safehouse was still present, although not as overwhelming as before. The other four pilots were still mourning the loss of Duo. Each day a battle. Memories of good times as well as those concerning Duo's departure after their mistake. Tension slowly vanishing from the other four, the bond between the four slowly grew stronger.

Quatre walked into Duo's room, which nobody had set foot in a long while. Heero had moved to a different one the next morning, unable to stay there longer. Finally deciding he need the pack the things up, Quatre started putting the various manga and clothes in boxes. Going to the desk, he shuffled through the papers, and stopped upon reading his name, as well as the others. Sitting in the cold chair, he read. More tears followed the seemingly carved path on his cheeks. Leaving the room he gather his other friends. Meeting in the kitchen he gave Heero the paper, Trowa and Wufei read over his shoulder.

""I see her,
In the shadows
illuminated by that eternal candle
I am drawn to her

Looking back, I see
the world in chaos.
Overrun by corruption,
People isolated.

I look at my life
Untouched, alone
Only my battered mind to turn to.

I see her,
In the shadows
illuminated by that eternal candle
I am drawn to her.

The mind becomes,
a breeding ground for self-destruction.
As the heart weakness,
and the soul fades.

I move closer to her
No reasons to turn back
Pain overcomes the essence,
and shatters the soul.

I see her,
In the shadows
illuminated by that eternal candle
I am drawn to her.

I walk forward,
on the dark road; alone.
Light behind me,
only the calming darkness in front.

embarrassment seizes my being
All the memories of forlornness
demand the capitulation of my sanity

I see her,
in the shadows
illuminated by that eternal candle
I am drawn to her

My body and soul move closer
to the sister of Hades;
A welcoming site

I leave everything behind
ready to cross over,
to leave the agony,
the agony of Isolation

I see her
In the shadows
illuminated by that eternal candle
I am drawn to her

Halfway, Between realities
My name is called
By a gathering

New faces,
unfamiliar yet captivating
Wanting my return
and offerings of understandment and true friendship

I see her
fading back into the shadows
Moving away from me
I am still drawn

In the middle,
I move toward Death
The gathering expresses
their concern

Four voices rise above,
Turning back I see
the four yearning for my return
My heart and soul weep happiness, at last

I see her
fading back into the shadows
Moving away from me
I no longer desire

I abandon my search
for Death, and go back
Pain beginning to leave
as I look into their eyes and see joy

The gathering restore my soul and mind
but the four restore
my vacant heart; making it whole
and making my pain vanish into the shadows." (3)

Quatre, Trowa, Wufei, Heero, perhaps you all know how much you all mean to me. If you didn't know the extent, maybe now you do. All four of you saved me from the icy warmth that the darkness offered. I'll be forever grateful. Duo."

The letter was dated two days before his death. Silence once again stole over the house. Emotions ran rampant between all four of the pilots. Getting up, Heero went to his room still clutching the paper. Upon entering his room, he placed the letter in a box that contained other reminders of Duo. Fighting more tears, he got into bed and tried to sleep.


The next day was a blessing in wolves clothes, the day of the mission. Needing something to blow up, then maybe the negative feelings would subside. The afternoon was spent checking over the gundams and going over the plans. Heero was to get inside the lab, destroy all the data, plant a virus, and get out. Then they were to destroy the base with the lab.

The mission was going fine, everything as expected. Heero had gotten in and out and they were fighting the small squad of Mobile Suits They didn't expect the reinforcement troops to come in and greatly outnumbering them. Heavyarms launched missile after mission at clusters of the suits, destroying them only to be out flanked by another group. Quatre was fairing good against a small group of suits, holding his own as his scimitars sliced suit after suit. Wufei and Nataku ruled the sky, slicing through three suits, only to burn two into goo with the dragon flame, so engrossed he didn't noticed Heavyarms under duress. Wing Zero was destroying more mobile suits with his beam saber, noticing Heavyarms' problem, he called out for Wufei or Quatre to help him, but they couldn't get to him.

Suddenly a beam of destructive force ripped through the area, making the air cracked and pop. The mobile suits in front of Heavyarms were disintegrated as the dark blue beam violated each machine. Turning toward the source of the blast, the four pilots looked up into the dawning sun to see a figure partially eclipsing the light. A figure held a beam saber in one hand, and triple beamed scythe in the other, it's black wings outstretched, like Phoenix, Death stood reborn.

(1) This is entitled "Lost Soul"

(2) Events in Jester Unmasked

(3) From "In Between"

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