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Rising Star
Part 2

The mission was not scheduled for another week, which gave everyone time to prepare. On a standard reconnaissance trip, Heero finished early and decided to have lunch in town for a change, unknown to him a certain person decided to have lunch in town also.

Duo was at a small outdoor restaurant, sitting by himself enjoying a club sandwich. //Heero// At the thought of his beloved, his chest tightened. He could only imagine what Heero had gone through because of his "Death". //If only there was another way. But we have to force Oz's hand, that prototype suit is too much of a threat, it looks like the plan is working though. They are getting a bit too cocky// He was so involved with his inner thoughts, that he didn't notice the person behind him until said person cleared their throat.

Startled, Duo turned around to meet dark blue eyes. //Oh Shit//.

Heero decided to go to a small and peaceful outdoor restaurant. Upon entering the dining area, his eyes spotted a most welcomed sight. //So I see him again// His feet taking him to the table, he waited a couple of minutes, getting no response, he cleared his throat. He had to hide a small smile. "Hello, do you mind if I join you?"

Lost in the eyes, Duo simply nodded his consent. After the initial shock wore off he cursed himself. //Damnit, this is going to be difficult.// Sighing inwardly, he welcomed his guest. "Hello, my name is.."

"I know your name, and I must compliment you on your talent" Heero interrupted. The waiter came by to take his order, just a special and a cup of coffee. When the two were alone once again he continued watching the Star, waiting for a reaction.

//What?? He listens and gave me a compliment// Duo's mind was in overdrive. After an eternity, he finally was able to get a hold of his stray thoughts. Giving his thanks, he settled in for a very interesting conversation. //Well at least he doesn't suspect//. The two talked for about an hour and a half, before deciding it was time to get up and leave. He was once again shocked into silence, when Heero insisted on paying the bill.

Leaving the restaurant, they made their way down the street still talking. They were so involved in the conversation that neither noticed trouble, until it struck. Five men descended upon the two, pushing Heero to the side, they grabbed Duo. //Shit, these stupid bastards are going to get it......Calm down, got to be careful here so the cover isn't blown// Shaking his head after hitting it on the side of a wall, Heero was pissed and grabbed the two would be muggers, beating them to a pulp. Duo watched as the odds were evened, a small smirk came to his face. He barely heard one of the thugs say something, deeming it not important he attacked the closest one. Send out a swift kick to the midsection, the thug stumbling back. Anger barely held in check, Duo began getting rid of the three. While fighting, he didn't notice the paper that fell out of his pocket.

After dealing with the two thugs, Heero turned to face the other three. His jaw promptly hit the ground, he was unprepared to see Adam not only taking on all three of them, but kicking their asses with ease. He watched as the lithe form moved with wind like speed. Within minutes they were all incapacitated. Closing the distance, Heero asked him if he was ok. Adam simply nodded. He suddenly looked at his watch.

"Oh Shit, I gotta go. I have an interview to get to."

"Really? Is it a live one?"

"No, it will air later tonight, but also my new video will debut. (1) I really have to go. But I'll see you around." With that said, he ran to the arranged meeting point. Adam didn't hear Heero calling after him.

Seeing him run into the sunlight, Heero looked down and spotted a piece of paper, quickly picking it up he tried to get the other's attention. Failing, he looked at the paper and saw some words.

The Burning Passion we share is real
Let it surround us, let us be together
Look within my eyes, and see your true self.' (2)

Deciding he'll return it later, Heero went home pondering those three lines on the journey.


(1) Well, I'll do a sidefic for this interview and video..

(2) Hmm...can ya'll guess where this is from??? *waves pocky*

This part is a bit shorter, but with the sidefic to this part it should even out, this is some more setup..part three will finally have some action!!! *not that kind* Also look for the angst level to go up.

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