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Rising Star
Part 1

He stared at the television, watching the drama unfold before his eyes. The Gundams attacked another military. Of course Oz and the vile media were blowing everything out of proportion. He saw the only clips of the battle, they fought with such conviction. //Well, at least they are more unified than before// he mused. Turning off the television, he returned to studying the blue prints and schematics in front of his eyes. Production was almost complete, the new systems tested and installed. //Soon, very soon I'll be able to return to the battle field and even the odds// Fire burned within those pale green, once amethyst, eyes.


Une sat at her terminal with a scowl that would frighten anyone, she was reading the overview of the latest battle with the thrice damned Gundam pilots. //Damn//. They had lost quite a number of mobile suits as well as one of the research labs looking into new defense systems for the suits. //We need to get rid of them before they ruin His Excellency's plans// A small smile crept up on her face as the devious, yet crafty, plan of action came to mind.


Within the walls of the dressing room, Adam sat mentally preparing himself for tonight's show. //It isn't like you haven't performed in front of this many people before// his mind said. //Yeah, but this time...// his thought went unfinished as the door opened and his manager came in. After telling Adam the agenda, they both left the room and headed for the stage.

A pair of intense blue eyes spotted the fit form of the singer. His back was to them, awaiting for his cue to begin his melodious routine. //Why did I agree to come here? Oh yeah, Quatre threatened something really bad if I didn't// Heero mentally smirked at that, like he could do anything. //I guess I'd just better try and relax//


(A few hours before)

"Heero you are coming and that is final. You've been moping around all day and frankly, it is driving me up the wall. If I have to I'll drag you there kicking and screaming" Quatre was slowly losing his temper. After he had gone through all the trouble to get tickets to the concert, he said he didn't want too. Hmpf..//We all know you like this new artist, why did you go and buy the cd eh?//

"Fine" the clipped monotone.


(back to present)

Music poured from the stage, a nice latin rhythm started up much to the surprise of everyone. Adam turned around with grace, while going into the choreography, began the lyrics

`Let's get loud, let's get loud
Turn the music up, let's do it
C'mon people let's get loud
Let's get loud
Turn the music up to hear that sound,
Let's get loud, let's get loud
Ain't nobody gotta tell ya
What ya gotta do'

The crowd began singing along, some jumping screaming at the young star, others stomping their feet on the floor trying to be loud. Jumping on the stage, Adam and the backup singers /dancers gyrated with the beat.

`If you wanna live your life
Live it all the way and don't waste it
Every feelin' every beat
Can be so very sweet and you gotta taste it
You gotta do it, you gotta do it your way
You gotta prove it
you gotta mean what you say.

Getting into the whole performance, Adam forgot his worries and put his all into the song and dance. While singing the chorus, he looked out into the audience, feeling their energy pouring into his being. Scanning around, his heart sped up at the sight of the four gundam pilots. Quickly recovering from his lapse in the song, he continued. Finishing the current song, the band played straight into the next song. After the fourth, the band took and break, some other new artist took the stage and began. Heero was watching him intently, he noticed the lapse.//I wonder what made him stumble like that (1)// Grabbing a bottle of water, Adam quickly took a drink. //Shit, I figured Relena might be here, but not them. Although, it is a surprise to see Him here.// Trying to compose himself, he drank some more and prepared to take stage once again.

Once the show was over, the fans finally left. Adam went straight to his dressing room. Upon entering he shut and locked the door. Turning around, he started at the person in his chair.

"What are you doing here? You are taking a big risk" he said sternly "Not to worry 02, no one will know I'm here, you are not the only one good at hiding" Professor G said with a small smirk. "Anyway Duo, I came to give you your first mission. The other four will be receiving orders to attack a research lab making a new suit. The Zeta suits, from what I've seen from reports, would be difficult to fight, even in the Gundams. We are unsure if they have built a proto type. The lab and all data must be destroyed, that is their objective, Yours however will be to engaged and destroy the proto type if it exist. Another uncertainly, we do not know how heavy guarded the lab is, so you might have to back them up. Do not reveal your identify to them yet. Is this all clear 02?"

Adam, or rather Duo, listened to the Professor. Nodding his consent. "Understood. Now will you leave, I don't want to take the chance of someone seeing you here."

"I'm going already, be careful. All the information that you need has been downloaded onto your laptop." With that the Professor left. Once the door shut, he sat down in front of the mirror. For a fleeting instant, amethyst eyes and chestnut brown hair reflected in the mirror, only to be replaced with Green eyes and Red Hair.

(1)- If you've already guessed why, don't tell! The song used for this section is "Let's Get Loud" by Jennifer Lopez.

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