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[] shows thoughts
******* scene change
////// flashback...
%%%%% dream

Jester Unmasked
Part 7

Duo searched the house, not having any luck, he went to the gardens. Walking down the well traveled path, he made his way to the rose bushes. Sitting on the ground, he pondered. //I didn't know he could write like that. (1) These last weeks have been great, Oz is being too quiet though. (2).// So involved in his thoughts, he didn't hear Heero sneak up on him. Duo jumped out of his skin as arms wrapped themselves around him. Looking behind him, knowing who it was, he smiled and gently scolded the other pilot. "Heero, you scared the crap out of me." Still smiling he added "I've been looking for you"

Heero watched from the safety of a tree. He saw Duo sit by the rose bushes. //He looks so peaceful. Did he read it? Grrr...this is killing me// Moving from the safety, he made his way to Duo. Noticing the other boy didn't sense him there, he wrapped his arms around the warm body, smirking slightly as the other jumped. Feeling a little bad from the scolding, but not much. His ears perked up at the last statement.


"Yes baka really, that was so wonderful. I never expected anything like that." Slowly, he moved his mouth its counterpart. Feeling the other part his lips, Duo passionately invaded the warm mouth. Moving his arms to encircle Heero's neck, he deepened the kiss. Heero's mind just went into double time. //Yes//. As the two were slowly enveloped in the passion, both souls seemed to find a bit of peace.

"This feels right." Duo said after catching his breath. Getting up off the ground, he extended his hand to Heero. Helping him up, the two returned to the house and talked about what happened and mutually agreed to take things one step at a time.


Une walked into the office, carrying some folders, she was determined to find out why Oz has done nothing for the past few weeks. "Trieze-sama, why have we done nothing about the gundam pilots since we lost the last base?" she was truly confused, she wanted to attack the gundams and destroy the threat they posed.

"Ah Lady, because by remaining `neutral' we are giving the pilots and their superiors a false sense of peace. As we speak, a plan to capture them is in progress. Be Patient, all things will come if we have patient." With that Trieze went back to typing on his computer. //I see, Trieze-sama, you are brilliant//


After checking for any messages from Dr. J, Heero got up from his spot at the kitchen table to look for `his' baka. //I wonder what he is up to//. First going to their room only to come up empty handed, he decided to try the Rec. Room. While getting closer to the doors, he could hear music blasting away. //Of course, he has to listen to his music at full blast//. Silently opening the doors he was treated with Duo dancing in the middle of the room, his slim hips gyrating to the sensual vocals of some female singer. Eyes closed, his hands reached up into the air moving slowly as the hip movements slowed to sensual swaying. Heero was enthralled by the performance. Duo wondrous voice accompanied the vocalist. // I didn't know he could sing//(3). He focused on the words that seemed to entrance Duo.

{Vengo vengo vengo de caņa Vengo vengo vengo del son Tengo tengo tengo en el alma Ritmo ritmo ritmo y sabor Vengo de raza y de palmera De campo y de labriego De caņa y de madera Mi orgullo es ser latina De mar y cordillera Ardiente como el fuego Soy sangre de mi tierra } (4)

Completely lost in those swaying hips, Heero failed to noticed when he was caught, that is until Duo cleared his throat really loud. "Enjoying the show?" he asked with a small smile.

"HmmMmmm" Heero replied.

"Why don't you come on over here and join me then" Taking his hand, Duo pulled him into the room, restarted the music and danced with Heero all afternoon long.


The next morning, Duo was awaken by a message from Professor G. Getting out of bed he went over to his desk and opened the message. His eyes grew twice their normal size, a huge lump formed in his throat, eyes began to water. Sending in his consent, Duo got his things together and walked to the hanger. Looking up at his gundam for a moment, Duo climbed up to the cockpit. Firing the engines, he went off to accomplish his mission.


Nightfall had come and the other four pilots were worried sick. No one had seen Duo since the night before, after checking the hanger and finding Deathscythe gone, they concluded he was on a mission. The eerie silence was broken by an urgent message.

`02 in great danger. Make haste, accomplish the mission. Destroy the Base'

Coordinates were given, as a collective unit, the four bolted like the hounds of hell to go help their companion. The four pilots raced to the coordinates given in the message, each pushing their gundam passed it's limits. When they arrived, horror struck them to the core, Deathscythe stood, surround by Leos. Joining in the battle, the other four destroyed mobile suit after mobile suit, but it seemed as soon as they destroyed one, two took it's place. The five gundams fought tooth and nail for over half an hour, beginning to tire.

"This is not good guys, I'll set a distraction so we can escape." Duo's voice filled the comm. Agreeing with him, the others prepared to retreat. From some secret opening on Deathscythe's arm, massive bullet like projectiles were fired. Black smoke covering the area like death smothering it's victim. Wing, Sandrock, Nataku, and Heavyarms retreated. Looking to find Deathscythe, they couldn't find him when they cleared the death cloud.

"Duo!!"Heero yelled through the comm, he tried to get a visual connection with the other gundam but was locked out by some complicated fractal encryption. As the smoke started to clear, Shinigami's shape was seen hovering above a fuel tank. Scythe once again transmuting into blood scarlet, alarms went off, indicating the imminent destruction of the base and Deathscythe with it.

"NO!!!!!!!!!" the four screamed.

Their pleas went unheard as the scythe impaled the fuel tank and Deathscythe self-destructed simultaneously, causing a chain reaction of destruction. The sky rained fire from the blast, as four lonely gundams stood amidst the destruction. A window popped up on their screens, a last message from Duo.

"Minna, I am sorry for what happened, and for tricking you. This mission had to be completed, the base had to be destroyed at any cost. Please I beg you, don't let my sacrifice go in vain, end this war soon. Do not let Oz take over, protect each other. I promise we'll see each other one day."

Three of the four messages ended, only one remained to deliver a private statement. "Heero, you've made these last few weeks wonderful. Please continue living and finish what I've started. Oz must be stopped, continue to fight for those who can't...Remember that I always have and always will love you."

The final window closed on Heero's screen.


(1) I've read a few fics where Heero could write his feelings better than tell them out loud.


(3) Hmm..seems our Duo is full of surprises eh?

(4) another song by Thalia, and this does serve a purpose!!! Just not going to tell you what yet.

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