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[] shows thoughts
******* scene change
////// flashback...
%%%%% dream

Jester Unmasked
Part 6

Looking into those violet depths, Heero couldn't help himself, moving his lips down to recapture the lithe ones. Slowly deepening the kiss, he shifted his body to lay next to Duo's. Before anything else happened, Duo stopped Heero. "We can't do this." (1)

Confused by this statement, Heero only raised an eyebrow.

"Huh?" //Smooth, real smooth Yuy//. Getting into a sitting position, "What do you mean Duo, don't you want this. I want you..."

"Do you really know me Heero?", looking downward Duo continued, "For so long I've kept that jester mask, so long that it became apart of me. You say you want me, do you mean all of me?? We need to give this time, if I rushed into this, I will always be wondering if you really wanted all of me or just the "jester". I hope you understand." Refusing to meet his gaze, Duo kept his focus on the floor, until his chin was lifted to meet Heero's gaze."

At first Heero was rather annoyed, but as he listened to Duo's words, he began to understand the braided pilot. //Maybe now I can do this right//. Noticing that Duo was trying to avoid looking at him, he put his fingers under Duo's chin and lifted his head so their eyes met. "I understand Duo, and I will wait forever plus a day if that is what it takes." (2)

With a nod and a smile, Duo got up from the overly comfortable embrace, and made his way to the restroom. Splashing water on his face, he looked at his reflection.//Now to face the firing squad. I can handle this. Hmm....perhaps I should have a little fun with those three.// With an unholy gleam in his eye, Duo left the restroom. "Well Hee-chan, lets kick this pig." He said with much of his old enthusiasm. Seeing the confusion written on his face, Duo just smirked.//Heh, this is going to be too fun.// (3). Heero just sat there, shocked, //Hmm....I wonder//. Nodding to Duo, the two left the room in search of the others.


In a small gazebo, on the outskirts of the school campus, Wufei and Trowa listened with heavy hearts as Quatre retold what had transpired with Duo. After finishing the recount, Quatre tried to suppress more tears. Pulling him into a rough embrace, Trowa stated matter of factly that Duo had every right to still be angry. Looking up, Quatre spotted said pilot coming toward them. Hearing his gasp, Wufei and Trowa immediately followed his line of sight. //Oh shit// they thought in unison. Reaching the others, Duo motioned for them all to sit on the benches so they could talk. Sitting in silence, all five pilots looked rather uncomfortable, they looked at anything but each other. Finally tired of the nerve wrecking silence, Wufei spoke.

"Ma..Duo, I know how hurt you must..." but before he could finish,Duo cut in.

"Do you really 05? Can you really sit here and tell me you can understand how it felt, to be betrayed by the only friends I have left in this world. Everyone that has been close to me has died, so can you imagine how it felt to hear all that shit from your `family'. Cuz that is what I thought of you all." He really didn't want to get so testy, but Wufei's statement snapped something in his mind, sending Duo into a frenzy.

Heads hung lower after that proclamation, three hearts tightened at the words "thought of".

"No, I can't imagine Duo. Please don't call me 05." barely in a whisper Wufei shifted uncomfortably under the heated glare.

//Shit..calm down Duo, this will get you no where. Breathe..good//.

Trowa opened his mouth to speak, but was silence by Duo.

"Trowa let me speak. Wufei I'm sorry for that. It's just your statement, struck me wrong.", looking at all four of the pilots he continued, "I'm not going to say I'm still not hurt, but I realize that mistakes are made, and I know people have given me a second chance. I forgive you all, but this better not happen again."

Walking over to Quatre, he whispered in his ear, "Quatre, I'm sorry for earlier, that was totally uncalled for." Nodding his consent, he threw his arms around Duo's neck in a fierce hug.

"Does this mean you are coming back with the rest of us Duo?"

"I don't know Quatre," he paused and looked at the others, "so much has changed. I'm not sure if we can go back to how we were." Not willing to accept this Trowa spoke with determination.

"Please Duo, we need you. I know we took you for granted, please reconsider." Biting his lower lip he extended his hand to Duo.

"Hi, my name is Trowa. What's yours?"

Looking into those eyes, Duo saw the sincerity, with a smile he shook the hand offered to him.

"Nice to meet you Trowa, I'm Duo."

The bonds of friendship were finally repaired as five pilots started over in their friendship.


Over the next couple of weeks, the five pilots we often together just being ordinary teenagers for once. No missions had come since the reappearance of Deathscythe. The others finally saw the other side of Duo. They found out he liked to read and was partial to writing poetry. Often times he would just sit out in the garden and write. During this time his and Heero's friendship had grown, considering each other best friends. Although, Heero still felt a small since of emptiness because they weren't more, often times he'd watch the fey youth. Just observing him when Duo wasn't aware(4). At the end of the third week, Duo finally agreed to return to the safehouse with the others.

The first week of his return went by swiftly. Activities were planned, much to Duo's excitement. They were inseparable, the bonds of friendship growing stronger each day. Slowly things returned to a normalcy they never knew.

That Saturday, Quatre woke up early, deciding to have a cup of tea and sit in the library and catch up on some reading. He was quite surprised to find Duo sifting at the desk, with crumbled up paper covering the desk, the trash can and littering the floor. His interest peaked.

"What are you doing Duo?" Jumping about a foot in the air, he turned around and gave Quatre a goofy smile.

" I was just writing, nothing much."

"Oh? what were you writing" He was really interested now, ever since he heard Duo recite that one poem in class, Quatre always wanted to read his writings.

"Hm, well I don't know what it is Quatre, kinda wrote itself. Do you want to take a look at it?" Knowing the answer, Duo just asked anyway.

"Sure!" with that Quatre took the offered paper and began to read.


How can I forget
This molten fire burns within me
It is burning uncontrollably for you
You tell me to forget everything

How can the heart forget it's other half
The volcanic heat of passion
The warmth of the fire's embrace
The fire that you sparked

I want to hold you
Feel you against me
Know I'm yours for eternity
I quiver when I imagine your embrace

You say it is not real
How can you deny the heart
Feeling doesn't make you weak
Running and hiding from the emotion makes you weak

Take My Hand
Take the burning Fire of my love
Look deep within my Burning Soul
Listen to your Heart, don't run away
The Burning Passion we share is real
Let it surround us, let us be together
Look within my eyes, and see your true self.'

Eyes wide, Quatre looked at Duo, jaw on the floor. "Duo..that was....hell I can't even find words for it." Grinning ear to ear from the comment, Duo took the paper, scribbled something on the bottom and placed it in his poetry book.

"Thanks Q, I wasn't sure about it, but seeing your reaction, it's perfect" (5). Getting up from the desk, Duo went to spend the day outside.

All to soon, night descended. Deciding to go to bed early Quatre said his goodnights and slipped into his room. Changing into his sleep wear, he climbed into bed and promptly fell into a deep sleep.


Quatre found himself in the middle of a military base. "What is going on?" //I must be dreaming, but why do I have this bad feeling?// Hearing multiple explosions to the west, he headed that way, and stopped dead in his tracks. Before him stood a heavily damaged Deathscythe. It looked as though the black gundam were providing a distraction so the others, who were just as damaged if not worse, could escape. Feeling panic for some unknown reason.//Is this a warning?// Suddenly Deathscythe started glowing ominously red, the scythe's flame transmuting to blood red, the giant gundam slowly walked further into the base. "NO!!!! Duo don't!!!!!" Quatre's screams were silenced by the blinding white flash....


Bolting up, Quatre's breathe was labored. //Are these just nightmares...// Unable to sleep, he remained awake praying it was just a nightmare.


(1) Hee hee...did you think I'd make it that easy??

(2) *groans* I'm such a sap sometimes...

(3)What??...can't the guy have a little fun torturing them?

(4)Ok, I'm going to do I side story for this one. It will be a songfic. Basically about Heero watching duo and wanting him more. Be on the lookout for it. Should be out tomorrow evening.

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