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Jester Unmasked
Part 4

The darkness of the room, slowly began to vanish as light from the morning sun poured from the windows. Duo woke, getting up from the bed he made his way to the bathroom. While brushing his teeth, he looked at his reflection. //Time to stop moping around. Maybe the scars are beginning to fade and heal//. Feeling better, he made his way to the closet and changed. A shrill beep from the laptop filled the room. //A mission? Good, I need something to do besides nothing.// After securing the lines and scrambling the signal so no one could trace the call, Duo opened, clicked, and received. Professor G's face popped up on the screen.

"Duo my boy, how are you." The question asked in a neutral tone, but the concern apparent in his eyes. (1)

"I'm fine Professor, decided to stop `sulking' and move on. Thanks for the concern, but I doubt that was the reason you contacted me."

Sighing, " No, that was not the only reason. A mission has come up for you but.." he paused trying to find a way to tell Duo, " it involves you working with the others. Their objective is to blow up the Oz base four miles south of town. You are to act as backup in case they are overwhelmed. Can you handle this?" the last sentence asked with slight concern coloring his voice.

Duo's mind had stopped upon hearing `working with the others'. /Them, work with them again. Am I ready to face them yet??/ "Hai, mission accepted. When do I leave?" Inner panic began to crowd his mind, inside he was shaking and scared. None of it made it to his face or eyes.

Trying to determine if indeed Duo was ready, G gave him all the details he would need for the mission. "They will not know of your involvement of this mission unless you are needed to help complete the objective. Take Care 02, G out."


Heero sat in front of the laptop, a small smile of relief graced his face. //Found him!! Duo we have some talking to do, I only hope you will forgive us, forgive me// the last thought was a plea from his heart. His inner musings were interrupted by an incoming message from J. Opening and reading it, he sent his reply. Getting up to get the others he left the room with one thought. //After this mission Duo, I'll be coming for you.// The rest of the day and early evening were spent preparing for the mission that night.


The four gundams were in the middle of dire battle. Outnumbered and with the pilots running tired, the enemy was slowly but surely winning.

"Shit Shit Shit" hollered a very flustered Wufei. "Where are they all coming from" Slicing two mobile suits while Heavyarms launch a barrage of missiles at a group of Leos.

"I'm almost out of ammo" Trowa stated. His body covered in sweat, fatigue plaguing his body. Looking at the view screen he saw Sandrock being surrounded by Taurus'. Trying to make his way to Quatre's aid, he failed to notice the two Aries heading his way.

Heero was of no help as he was dealing with a swarm of Aries on his on. Quatre checked his rapidly decreasing power supplies. Seeing himself surrounded and the others engaged, he whispered words of goodbye. "What the Hell??" A Black burr passed his screen, in it's wake three of the suits blew to pieces. / It has to be Duo!!/ Seeing the opening in the circle, Sandrock moved out and attacked the nearest target.

The ominous shadow; partially illuminated by the cold, pale light of the moon shot through the area at an uncanny rate. Slicing through mobile suits left and right with such precision and accuracy. The odds were rapidly decreasing, giving the other four actual hope. Heero, Wufei, Trowa and Quatre watched in amazement as it soared through the air like a hawk. With the help of the newly installed thrusters. He advanced upon the squad of Aries.

"Duo...watch out you're going to crash into them!" yelled a frantic Quatre. As the words hung in the air between the five, Deathscythe stopped it's advanced and shot up into the atmosphere, hurling itself behind the Aries. The screams of the Oz pilots were muffled out by the sound of explosions. Turning his attention to the base, which was still functioning, Duo piloted his gundam to the control center, and with one arc the place went up in flames.

The other four watched as Deathscythe took control of the battle. Speed, endurance, and reaction time were matched only by the pilot of Wing. "Duo, come in....Duo respond" Heero was getting very pissed that his hails were being ignored.

"Greetings 01, 03, 04, 05. Do not worry about the remainder of this mission I'll handle it" Duo replied in an icy tone. With that said, Deathscythe began to glow a faint black. The green flame of the scythe slowly turned to deep dark crimson red. Pivoting on it's foot, Shinigame delivered its final judgment upon the base with such ferocity that it appeared as a blazing tsunami tidal wave of blood had engulfed the Oz base. A chain reaction started as the thermal scythe destroyed the buildings.

Explosion upon explosion ripped the base apart , the four Gundams watched as Deathscythe was illuminated by the roaring inferno as he slowly faded into the starless night.

"No! Duo Come back. Speak to us" shouted the blonde pilot. Moving his gundam to follow the other. Heero stopped him.

"No Quatre, I know where he has been hiding now."


(1) Well who says all of the mad five are cold hearted eh? Come on Duo just grows on you ok?....

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