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Jester Unmasked
Part 2

Duo rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Sigh, now I remember why I always wore contacts". Looking into the mirror of his small single, Duo no longer saw the mask of the fool he once wore. He saw himself, face set in a neutral expression, the pseudo glimmer in his eyes gone. The violet orbs reflected nothing of the shattered mask, but only showed pain and loneliness. "If they only knew," Duo Began, " I wonder what they would think of the real me. I guess I won't find out anytime soon." Sighing Duo put the glasses back on and proceeded to his desk to start up his homework.


Meanwhile back at Quatre's estate, the remaining four pilots did everything they could to deal with their guilt. Wufei was always out in the garden meditating or practicing his judo. Trowa would spend hours upon hours repairing anything and everything he could see. Quatre sat in his room.

"I'm so sorry" he whispered between heaving breaths. "Why did we do it? Why was he there?? Will we see him again?? Will he forgive us?" questioned the blonde. Unfortunately for him those questions would remain unanswered even through the bleakest times.

Heero remained at his laptop still in search of the missing American. His eyes looking from the screen of the laptop to the black notebook he found under Duo's bed that morning.

"Why was I so cruel? I should have known better, Damn Yuy." Stopping his typing Heero grabbed the notebook and opened it to a marked page.

""Well I made Wufei mad again. Perhaps I went to far in my attempts to get his mind off of the war. Well, mission accomplished as Mr. Perfect solider would say. I wonder what they think of me. I know "the braided baka that will end up getting us all killed" sheesh you think they could be a little less hurtful. I think I would go insane if not for Quatre. He is the only one that talks to me and puts up with my attempts to lighten the mood, even if that costs me so much of myself. I wonder what they would think of the real me, the person behind the Jester's Mask. The Bookworm or computer geek, I wonder what they would say if they found out I'm just as good if not better than Heero at computers...Yeah gimme a break. Crap someone's at the door. gotta go for now.""

Still berating himself for his actions Heero got up from his chair, bones and joints popping from the prolonged sitting he imposed upon them. He made his way downstairs to grab something to eat. He didn't hear the beep his laptop gave him.


Back at Duo's dorm, Duo smirked as he tracked Heero's searches. "Ah, 01 I see you are looking for me. But the Question is why?" thinking for a moment. "Oh yeah, For the good of the mission Duo. Is that all you think about???" Duo was on the verge of tears as he typed in a few commands in his laptop. Detouring Heero's efforts as he has been for the last month.

"Perhaps one day I'll face you all again, but not now" at that moment the door opened and a very loud and bubbly girl popped into Duo's room.

"Come On Christian-san" she said

/Of all the names, why did I pick that one/ "Just a minute Tori- chan" he replied. quickly closing all the windows and before Tori chan could see Duo got up and went to the door.

"Lets go" Duo replied as he made his way out the door with his newly found friend to the coffee house to discuss poetry.

Duo didn't notice that he left his computer hooked to the net.

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