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Warning: Will have angst!! Will be yaoi in later chapters.

[] shows thoughts
******* scene change
////// flashback...

Jester Unmasked
Part 1

Duo was sitting in class reading over his creative writing assignment. /Hmm....looks good to me/ he thought to himself.

"Hurst-kun??", the soft timbered voice pierced through Duo's thoughts.

"Yes Tori-san?" replying in a neutral but friendly tone.

"It is your turn to present your assignment" she replied

Getting up from his spot in the back of the room, Duo made his way to the front of the class. Putting on a pair of reading glasses, Duo began to read his poetry assignment.

"The name of my poem is Sensual Winds." Clearing his throat, Duo began.

"Sensual Winds, blowing through the Sky
Gently rolling across my skin, caressing my face
The soft voice of the breezing wind echoing in my ears
The Sky holds so many wondrous secrets surpassing
the Depths of the Mysterious Ocean.

To Be a Sacred Wind Rider, Soaring in the Sky
Rolling across every fiber of your being
Up in the Heavens at peace, Looking Down
At the Majestic Landscape.

Arms Out Wide, Riding the tides of the Sky
Pretending to be the Eagle, Owning The Skies
Touching the Welcoming Clouds
Feeling The Splendor on my fingertips

Watching The Night Sky Take It's Place
The Moon Shining Down, and I Soaring
Higher, so Much Higher Almost Touching
The Lustrous Moon.

Taken over by the Night Winds, Running
Over Figure. Covering Me, Manipulating Me
To Their Will as We Dance Up in the Midnight Sky
The Moon Shining Down upon Me

What A Glorious Feeling
The Wind Holds so much Mystery and Passion
I look up high in the Sky, seeing the single leaves
Wishing to be Soaring In the Ocean of the Sky."

Looking up from his paper, Duo noticed the stares and shocked looks from this fellow classmates.

"Very Good Hurst-kun" stated the teacher in a shocked tone.

Duo walked back to his desk in the back, taking off his reading glasses. The bell finally rang. Getting up from his desk, Duo made his way back to his room for the remainder of the day.


Heero sat at his laptop, fingers blazing across the keys at an almost frantic pace. For over a month he had been trying to locate Duo, but he was running around in circles.

"K'so, where is he??" He thought out loud.

Fingers still typing away, Heero's mind drifts off into the recent past.


A crashing sound from the foyer caught the attention of the four pilots sitting in the conference room in Quatre's estate. Getting up from the over-stuffed chair, Wufei made his way to the door and opened it. Looking around he noticed a coffee cup shattered on the ground, looking around he saw a chestnut colored braid run to the stairs.

"K'so!" Wufei cursed.

"What's wrong Wufei???" asked Quatre in a worried voice.

"I think that Duo overheard our conversation" Wufei replied, his face ridden with guilt. Quatre's face paled, Trowa looked down at the floor, shame coloring his cheeks. Heero's face showed nothing as usual, but his mind was going a mile a minute.

[K'so, he must of heard everything, what are we going to do??]

"Hn, I'll go check on him" Heero replied in his usual dead tone.

Going up the stairs to his and Duo's shared room, Heero began to feel nervous and guilty. [Shit, he is going to be so mad. K'so, what a mess]. Upon entering the room, expecting to find Duo, Heero walked into an almost empty room. Looking around he noticed that Duo's pack was gone as where some of his things. [Kisama!! Did he leave?]. Taking a final look around the room, Heero entered the adjoining bathroom, noticing Duo's missing brush and hair care products. [He is gone. We must of really hurt him] Heero felt a pang in his chest.

Intending on leaving the room, his eyes spotted a piece of typing paper on Duo's messy bed. Picking it up, Heero began to read it, the pang going worse in his chest. Unfamiliar wetness in his eyes, he made his way downstairs to the others.

"Is he up there?" asked a frantic and worried Quatre.

"Hn" was Heero's reply as he handed to paper to Quatre. Trowa and Wufei went to the blonde's side to read the paper.

"Words, filled with hate and hurt words become swords that cut to the core

Emotions are neglected
as the blade is released
and pierces the heart
inflicting a fatal wound.

Cast out into the dark
once again, as demanded by fate
when will the mind learn
what the soul knows...solitude

No physical pain
can compare to the pain
of the soul being denounced while the heart
is torn asunder

Displaced in time
the soul and heart die
Never able to function again."

Dropping the paper Quatre fell to his knees, Trowa and Wufei looked downcast as immense guilt and shame flooded there beings.


"Where are you Duo?" Heero asked the ominously quiet room.

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