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By d_huron

Duo was moping in the kitchen when Quatre walked in.

"What's wrong Duo?"

"Heero's on the laptop"

Quatre knew what that meant, //Maybe he could use some advice//

"Duo...how about you try this..." he whispered the next part in the boy's ear.

"why don't you go into my room. There is a video camera in there hooked up to my laptop. Why not give him a show that'll have him begging for it..."

Duo grinned evilly, "Thanks Quatre!!!"

He ran out of the kitchen and headed up the stairs to the blonde's room.


Heero typed away on his laptop, almost done with his mission report. He looked down at the flashing icon in the far corner. //Must be a mission?//

He clicked on the icon, expecting either a mission or Dr. J, what he saw nearly floored the stoic pilot.

His Duo was laying on a bed, completely nude, and his long fingers were teasing his hard cock. He could see the complete rapture on the braided beauty's face.

Heero could feel the lust course through his veins, his shorts becoming extremely too tight and painful.


Heero briefly closed his eyes, trying to control his hormones. When he opened them again, the scene on the screen was even more erotic but he finally noticed where Duo was. With a growl he jumped out of his chair and headed for his mischievous koi.


Duo smirked to himself when the door to the room was slammed opened, and a very predatory Heero walked in.

//Gotcha now Heero.//

One of Duo's hands ran through the unbound mass of chestnut colored hair, while the other erotically caressed his inner thighs. His seduction had it's desired effects on the Japanese boy. Duo watched, bemused, as Heero quickly tore off his clothes.

Heero lunged for his sneaky, sexy lover, with a sly smile Duo sprang from the bed.

"Duo...?" he asked sternly yet confused.

"Uh uh Hee-chan."

"Duo...." he lustfully growled...

"Beg for it Heero...." Duo huskily said while one hand grabbed his erection and slowly started to pleasure himself.

Heero tried to grab Duo and pull him onto the bed, but the elusive pilot kept dancing out of his grasp.

"I don't think so Heero. You've ignored me all day, now you'll have to beg me to fuck you..." He grinned at Heero's shocked look.


"No you don't lover, I have no problem with pleasuring myself...." Duo emphasized his point by stroking himself faster, eyes closing in sheer bliss.

"duo...onegai" Heero finally relented, the raging passion too much for him to take. The sight of Duo in front of him hard, dripping, and pleasuring himself. He wanted Duo, no he needed Duo and now.

"Speak louder koi, do you want me to fuck you?"

"Yes Duo!!!" he finally shouted back.

The braided tease sauntered back over to the bed, swaying his hips very erotically. He climbed up the bed and pushed his lover so that he was lying on his back. Duo slithered up his lover's hard body, brushing against every sensitive inch of skin.

The begging whimpers drove Duo further into lust's embrace, without warning his mouth enveloped Heero's arousal.

"OH GODS!!!! DUO!!!!!!!"

Duo's mouth continued pleasuring his koi while he slowly stretched his whimpering koi.

"Nnnnnnnnn......MORE!!!!!! "


Quatre smirked from Heero's screams of pleasure, he didn't think the stoic boy could be so loud.

//Ninmu Kanryou//


Heero was thrusting mindlessly into Duo's mouth...

Duo knew his lover was about to reach his climax, his mouth left Heero.

"Duo!!" he cried out in frustration.

The braided boy crawled up Heero's body, sliding between his thighs. He kissed his love with burning lust. He gazed into the fiery dark blue orbs, and pushed himself past the tight ring.

"Nnnnnn" he whimpered.

"Ohh...Heero!" Duo slid into his love's body until he was fully seated. Soft kisses were rained upon Heero's face and lips.

"Duo...take me!"

Duo pulled out and slammed back in, fast and hard thrusts. Both moaned, whimpered, scream, and yelled as Heero was pounded into the mattress.

"Harder!!" he screamed, his body covered in sweat and chest pounding with labored breathing. Heero arched off the bed, making Duo slid deeper into him.

Duo's hand encircled Heero's burning arousal, pumping him furiously as his thrust became faster and harder.

"HEERO!" he screamed out when his orgasm hit. His hand continued to pump the hard shaft in his hand as his seed filled Heero. Duo continued to cry out, his lover's muscles squeezing him almost painfully. He felt Heero's climax and heard the primal scream of ecstasy.

"KOI!!" Heero screamed out as he came, his seed erupting from his cock.

Duo collapsed from sheer exhaustion, his body pressed against his beloved.

"Ai shiteru, Duo"

"Love you too Hee-chan...."

Heero slowly fell asleep, in Duo's warms arms, with one thought...

//Pay-backs are a bitch koi...//

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