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Warnings: Angst, POV, Language, OOC/AU?
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This is a sequel to 'Searing Blue'

by d_huron

More days have passed and all I do is lie on this bed, his bed, and let the world pass. I believe it has been a week since he brought me to his apartment, but I’m not certain. My fingers trace over my lips, I can still feel them tingle…

Nothing happened after that kiss; after he pulled back and looked into my eyes I knew I was lost. Hope was glowing in those searing blue orbs, my only hope…

But my hope is Shrouded in darkness…

I thought that he was enough, to end this….

I can feel his eyes on me, he is standing at the door…. trying to figure out how to help me...are we strong enough to get through this…am I able to?

It would be best for you to go… leave and save yourself from me…

But you wouldn’t listen, would you? Always the loyal one, I know you would fight to the last breath…. but can’t you see that….

….You can’t bring me back from this……

Your voice, what are you saying…. I can barely hear you.

The bed dips, and I feel you move closer to me…yet you feel so far away….

I’m pulled into your arms, your chest against my back. So warm… I didn’t realize how cold I was…

Why is it so cold…. is it just me…….?

Please…. save me from the cold….

Another whisper leaves your lips….your voice is like electricity against my skin…. chasing everything away….

Is this the answer…. ?

You turn me, so that we are facing each other. I can feel your hand on my cheek…

I can feel your heat……


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