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Seeing Love Dogs
Part 10

So, I was going to be a rug. Be... a... rug...

The importance of that didn’t quite hit me until after Heero managed to teach me everything I never wanted to know about ‘time’ in less then ten minutes. As far as it lasting two hundred years, I think Pan had meant that sarcastically, then again, maybe not. The teaching if I had gone through it normally, would’ve most likely taken two hundred years merely to gather the information, let alone learn and comprehend it.

I’d heard of feeling like you’re being stepped all over, I had heard of a lot of things, but had never actually known what it was like to be anything other than myself. Even in ancient Istanbul I’d been myself at all times, despite the fact that I’d been running around dressed like a woman most of the time.

To be a rug, was to be something completely different from everything I’d ever known. I could feel my threads extending the length of my ‘body’. I could feel the two passengers on my back only as a comforting weight, which I found odd, mostly because it really was comforting to feel them. And deep in the back of my mind, I could feel the tiny, bright consciousness of the rug itself, it was with me, warm and friendly, like a puppy with high intelligence.

Taking directions was much easier then I had thought it would be, the various equations and near precognition instantly seemed to go through my mind and become sorted into something I could comprehend. The time hopping seemed like a blurred object coming closer. It’s the only way to describe what I was able to see, since the rug didn’t have eyes. Mostly I watched ahead with the threads, they turned out to be an intricate mapping and guiding system that was probably more complex then a set of sonic jet controls.

The trip still took three days to complete, but those three days passed within minutes, the rug and I shifting us ahead in time, avoiding collisions, or same dimensional merging. In no time at all, or all the time in the world, Amsterdam lay below in the morning light, a shimmering fog spreading across most of Holland like a silvery blanket.

I felt the sensations of the two bodies sitting on me, shifting and talking together, and then Heero’s mouth pressed against my threads lightly, as he whispered final instructions for landing, I felt it as a vibration along the weaving of my threads. If sound had been something I was capable of, I would’ve laughed as we plunged straight down, giving Pan a case of permanent acrophobia.

The street rushed up at us, cobblestones in high relief as I swooped at the last possible moment and settled gently to the ground with a soft thump. I twitched a few tassels, stretching and bumping the two passengers off my back unceremoniously.

Then, according to what Heero had told me to do after landing, I stretched further until I managed to balance on one end, and then twisted myself into a roll. California roll a la Duo. The next thing I became aware of was the rug wrapping tightly around me with my hands and feet sticking out. I wiggled my fingers and felt someone pick up the rug and lay it down, jerking the free end of it so that I rolled out to spill onto the ground.

"Nice flying, human." Muttered Pan, glowering at me where I lay.

"You’re just mad because there was nothing to hold onto without Heero glaring at you." I said, taking Heero’s proffered hand and brushing off my jeans. Amsterdam was a hell of a lot colder then Athens had been, and it was starting to rain a fine drizzling mist. I turned to Heero, eyeing his wisely worn jeans and jacket. "I didn’t think it would be this cold. I couldn’t feel it when I was the rug."

Heero smiled at me, offering a warm looking jacket that appeared in his hand, then he bent down, rolling up the rug, and tucking it under one arm.

"Thanks. So now what do we do?" I slipped the jacket over my arms, snuggling into it and zipping it all the way up, ice-cold water had already been seeping into my hair, and trickling down the back of my neck.

"Now, we go get a hotel, and then, we have some time to kill until tonight." Heero said hooking his arm around mine.

"Ugh, don’t ever mention time to me again. Though killing some might be nice." I said with a groan as we began walking towards the street.

Pan chuckled, little hoofs clicking on the cobblestones behind us.


Have you ever played a video game for such a long time, that when you stopped playing you still found yourself thinking in terms of the game? Well, I was doing that with being a rug. I kept trying to swoop at the most embarrassing moments, and while we were checking into the hotel, I kept thinking people were trying to touch my tassels. It was a very strange thing to be feeling.

We had decided Pan needed his own room, seeing as how we had more then enough money for it, and I wanted a room ‘alone’ with my Djinni. I’d been feeling disgruntled ever since having found out Pan had slept with Heero. It didn’t matter that it had taken place a few thousand years ago, it had happened, and that’s what bothered me the most. So, this was jealousy, without reason or rhyme. Of course it didn’t make any sense, jealousy never does. All I knew was that Pan got on my nerves.

The room turned out to be one of the biggest ones we’d gotten yet, a large, king sized bed filling a good portion of it, deep beige carpet, long sheer curtains over the windows. The first thing I did after I took off my shoes, was tackle Heero, flying up to him and pushing him over onto the bed, to land with a loud ‘oof’ with me on top.

"It’s been a while since we’ve been alone." I murmured, smiling down at his surprised expression.

"It has only been two days, Duo." He said, returning my smile never the less, running his hands up my ribs to curve around and under my arms. His fingers tensed and traced along my skin.

"I know, but that’s too long, I want sex. Now." I shifted, sliding against him, legs spread and laying on either side of his waist. I could feel him already hard beneath me.

"Sex?" He asked, leaning up to nibble at my neck.

"Yup." I grinned.

"Now?" His hands slid up under the shirt I had on, rubbing in small heated circles against my chest. Then growing impatient, he growled and slid the shirt over my head, tossing it away. His mouth fastened onto a nipple, teeth whispering over it.

"Mmm... right now." No matter how many times he touched me, no matter what we went through together, he would always send fire racing along my nerves. Maybe that’s what love is, never losing that feeling.

"One condition," I moaned, rolling my hips, and arching against his mouth where it was running wet trails over my body.

"There’s conditions now?" He lifted his head to give me an incredulous look, his hands slipping down to start unfastening my jeans.

"Yeah... mmm... that’s nice." His fingers slipped inside my pants, teasingly light as they stroked my erection.

"So," His lips nibbled their way up my neck, breath hot in my ear. "What’s the condition?"

"Oohh... just that we... do it again ... after this." I threaded my fingers through his hair, pulling his head around to kiss him. His mouth tasted so familiar, sweet, spicy, and eternally his. I lapped at his tongue like the ambrosia it was, pushing against him, trying to gain more and more access to whatever I could. His hand increased pressure on my cock, sliding harder and more forcefully as I popped the buttons off his shirt. One of my hands took advantage of all that smooth, bare skin, while the other hand took a route downwards to undo his pants and free the treat inside.

"Too many clothes." He muttered, pulling his mouth from mine and wiping a hand down my jeans. I watched as they fell apart at the seams, splitting open and slithering to the bed around us.

"Nice trick, do it to yours." I laughed, sliding down his legs to wrap my mouth around him the instant his pants disintegrated. Everything tasted good on him, even the little bit of cum that leaked from the tip of his arousal, with just that hint of something spicy. "Yumm." I murmured.

He started to laugh, pulling me up to his mouth again to steal kisses with his tongue, and take over every thought within my head. "Yumm?" he asked, pulling back and staring into my eyes.

They slowly drifted back into focus, my mind on meltdown. "Definitely delicious, I love your taste."


His eyelashes felt like feathers against my cheek as he kissed me again, soft and gentle this time, the slide of his tongue caressing mine sending a tremor straight to my gut with all the force of an earthquake. His hands slid down my sides, running lightly along my skin, tracing patterns over my back. Then they slipped down slightly, curving around me and lifting until I straddled his lap again.

"You don’t taste so bad yourself." He whispered in a panting voice, his fingers teasing around the entrance to my body, making me crave him inside of me.

I felt like whining, begging him to do it, take me, make me senseless. Instead, his hands kept fluttering over my body, barely grazing. His lips smiled, taking nipping little kisses from my mouth for a moment.

"I love seeing you like this." He grinned, chuckling slightly, and I swore I heard the sound of a tiny cork being popped open.

"Like what?" I looked up from my study of his neck with my tongue, meeting his eyes.

"So wanting." He said, one of his hands ghosting down my back, followed by a surprisingly oil slick finger slipping inside of me.

"Hey! Uhmmm... " Already I lost track of any thought, turning boneless and tense all at once, as a second slippery digit followed closely on the heels of the first one. My mouth opened to emit a few choice moans as he continued moving those hot fingers inside of me, sliding and slithering, one of his hands braced on my hip to help me ride them.

"Open your eyes Duo." I couldn’t resist such a purred suggestion, the way it rumbled out of him, dripping with desire. Other things seemed to be dripping with desire as well, namely the thing between my legs and the thing between his. I opened my eyes, but only to look down between our bodies, my hand automatically wrapping around his heated arousal, one thumb rubbing the wet tip of it in little circles. His hand closed around mine, lifting it to his shoulder, and I glanced up at him, wondering what he wanted.

"I want you to look at me, I want to see it in your eyes, what I do to you."

I bit back a groan, throbbing at the mere idea of it. Slowly I brought my eyes up to his, drowning instantly in the depth of them. The fingers still pumping inside of me were joined by another, the pace picking up as they began slamming into my body. I could see the effect of it in his eyes, could tell he wanted me, wanted to take me and fuck me into the bed, but he was holding back. "Why?"

He didn’t answer for a moment, instead shifting us slightly and lifting my hips up while slipping those pleasuring fingers out. "Because, I want to show you that you *are* mine."

I realized, meeting his gaze as he sank deep inside of me, connecting our bodies, that he was just as unsure about having my love as I was about his. And then, once again, all thought was erased as the pulse of his length inside contracted my muscles, and put my mind into the form of mush. My eyelids began growing heavier, the shallow thrusting of his hips, harsh breathing, and the feel of him smooth against me, all combining to make me lose my senses.

"Open your eyes Duo." He whispered, one of his hands coming up to brush the side of my face.

Just as I opened my eyes again, he pulled out, drawing down slowly, his breath hissing between his lips as he slammed back up, wringing a sobbing moan from my mouth. His eyes looked like there were flames behind them, shimmering with something dark and needy, paradise. It was one of the sexiest things I’d ever seen, that look, and the intensity picked up once more, his body driving up and into my own.

When I thought it couldn’t get any better, he hooked his arms beneath my knees, lifting them and holding them higher, spreading my legs and sending his cock so deep inside it felt like I was being torn in two in the best of ways. My hands circled his neck, needing something to hold onto through the storm of feelings and sensations.

At that point, eye contact was a lost cause, my mouth opening to emit whimpering cries that I didn’t even recognize as my own, his mouth meeting mine in an answering moan, tongue sliding inside to play while his body kept pounding.

I could never figure out why it was, when it felt that good, the only words capable of forming were his name and god’s. Maybe it was because when he was with me like that, he was my god. Once again, he reduced me to voicing at high volume that he was my god, my only god, and please just go deeper, stay inside me forever.

What finally sent me over the utter edge of lust and sanity was his hoarse groaning of my name, and the word that seemed to hound us, love. It hit me like a meltdown on full power, sending my seed spilling across our stomachs, my voice raised to such a high shout I thought the ceiling might fall in on us.

"Love." He whispered letting my legs down and pulling me close against him, kissing away the tears I didn’t even notice had been falling. Intense is a word I might use to describe what had just happened, happy is a word I would of used to describe my feelings at the moment. Love, love was the word I couldn’t seem to say to him, even though it was on the edge of my tongue, so easy to say, yet so hard to get out.

"Heero... mine." Was all I managed, collapsing completely into his arms, nuzzling the sweat that was wetting his neck and shoulder. I stuck out the tip of my tongue, lapping up some of it, surprised to find it too tasted yummy. "Djinnlicious." I said, laughing against his cheek.


"So what should we wear?" I was standing in the bathroom looking into the full-length mirror on the inside of the door. Only a few minor marks showed from the romping we’d done earlier. I glanced up from my scrutiny of my neck and met Heero’s eyes in the mirror.

"Black, tight, loose, whatever, as long as it looks good. Pan told me the club let’s anyone in as long as they’re attractive in some way."

"Hm, that’s interesting. So, if I was completely disgusting to look at, but I had really nice eyes or something, they’d let me in?" I lifted the hair off the back of my neck, wondering how to wear it for the evening.

"Yes, Cupid and Eros believe every person has at least one thing beautiful about them." He stepped closer, smiling at my reflection, hands slipping around my waist to pull me back against him.

"I think I like them already." I grinned, caressing his hip." But, I need to get dressed, and so do you, so figure out what I can wear so we can leave already."

"Hmm." He stepped back, eyeing me from head to toe.

"Fashion designing Heero?" I lifted an eyebrow, as he nodded. Looking down I realized he’d made a pair of black flowing pants appear on me. "Ok, how about a shirt?"

He grinned, and a tight black t-shirt snuggled against my chest, it was sleeveless, riding up to show off my stomach in flashes of tan flesh. "Nice, you know these pants remind of those damned harem outfits."

"Yes." He touched my neck and I felt a tight band wrap around it.

"The collar too?"

"Well, you are mine." He said with a little smirk.

"Hm, you’re so nostalgic sometimes. Now figure out what you’re gonna wear and... " I trailed off, the clothes that appeared on his body forcing my mouth to freeze mid-sentence. I suddenly understood how Pavlov got those dogs to drool. "Leather?"

"Does it look ok?" he asked, fluttering his eyelashes coquettishly. I laughed as he spun around and bent over slightly, showing off his tight leather clad ass.

"Oh yeah, and you’d better stop that before I forget why we had to get dressed in the first place." He straightened up, swiveling his hips slightly as he walked towards me. I rolled my eyes, "Tease."

"If you two are done flirting, can we get out of here?"

I glared at Pan, who was standing in the doorway, leaning nonchalantly against the frame. Then I blinked, taking in his outfit. Well, he was a demi-god, which could explain the aura of sex that seemed to slither off his skin in pulsing waves. The clothes he wore however, accompanied by that undercurrent... once again, my mouth went dry. "Wow."

He grinned, "You like? I wanted to be sure to wear something... eye-catching."

I had thought, that perhaps he could change those goat legs, I had wondered if he contained so much power, why he didn’t. Instead, he always wore loose pants to hide them, pretending to be crippled in some gory way. But he’d changed them. His legs were definitely human, and skintight was the word I was looking for, skintight and blatantly male in all the right ways. He looked like what you would imagine a woodland nymph to look like. Soft and fringed suede-like material hugging his body, his horns polished like little stars, it was like he was made of forest. Loam, soil, water, flowers, trees, that green and lush smell that comes after a rain in a glen.

"Yeah, I think that’ll work." Without even thinking about it, I found myself grasping Heero’s hand, looking up at his face, trying to read his eyes. I don’t know if it gratified me that he was already staring at me, or if it horrified me, the expression of pain in them. Love is such a hard word to say sometimes, even when it’s called for, needed. I tried to let him know with a look.

"Let’s get going, the night is calling and I want to see the show." Pan said, stamping out of the room on normal human feet.

"Heero, I... " I started to say, then stopped, shutting my mouth and tugging him out of the room. The night called, and I too wanted to see a show.

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