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Seeing Love Dogs
Part 8

We slept until around noon, a night of staying up and being highly active, having taken its toll on our bodies and minds. When eventually my thoughts did start gathering together into something more coherent then mental puzzle pieces, I still didn't know what to think of the previous night. On the one hand, I could say it'd been bad, but on the other hand, I could say it had been very, very good.

I wound up picking the other hand, mostly because making love to Heero makes any day the best. Sappy, romantic, and yet completely true just the same. I hadn't minded that he'd been female for nearly all of it, for some reason that only added a thrill to the whole night. I had to admit, sex was never boring with Heero.

Smiling, I rolled over and nestled my face against his neck, snuggling close and breathing in the familiar smell of exotic spices and that niggling scent of something sweet. It always made me think he would taste good too; funny thing was he always did. Wrapping my hands firmly around one of his arms, I fell asleep again, content for the moment.


The sun was drifting low on what little horizon I could see through the hotel window, when I awoke for the second time that day. The bed turned out to be empty, but I wasnít worried, as I could hear the sound of the shower going in the bathroom.

Yawning, stretching and blinking blearily, I made my way out of bed and onto my feet. The night before had been quite a night; I didn't know how many more of those nights I would be able to take. For now though, it was merely just another experience under my belt.

Thinking of belts reminded me a shower was probably one of the better things I could do at the moment. Considering that when we had finally left the forest we'd still been having sex...

Yes, definitely shower time. The thought of hot water and soap, not to mention naked and soapy Heero turned my feet towards the bathroom and my mind back into the sexual gutter it knew so well. A small cloud of steam greeted me upon opening the bathroom door, along with the pleasant odor of soap and shampoo.

Instead of yelling a greeting through the shower curtain, I went on stealth mode, slipping around the bathroom on noiseless feet. One boyfriend surprise coming up. I smiled to myself, easing back the curtain as quietly as I could. Then, in a clear, jangling, bright tone of voice I said as loudly as I could without yelling, "What are we doing today?"

If youíve never seen a 6 foot-something Djinni twirl around in place while also jumping a few feet off the ground, and standing in a small shower, try it sometime, itís fun. Of course, it helps if said Djinni is in the middle of washing his hair, buck naked, and trying to glare at you from beneath a head full of soap bubbles.

"What?" He asked after a few seconds of dumbfounded silence had passed.

Instead of repeating myself, I smiled up at him. "3 questions," I said.

"3 questions?" He repeated, and I had the sudden urge to ask if there was an echo in the bathroom.

"One," I paused and glanced around the shower, "Is there enough room in here for me?"

His jaw dropped a fraction and then he returned my smile, coyly looking around the shower as if judging whether we could both fit in it. "Yes, I do believe there is." He said softly, tugging me inside and pulling my head under the water.

I shut my eyes, my hair instantly getting soaked and plastering to my face. "Two! I yelled, swallowing some soapy water, "What are we doing tonight?"

He laughed and twisted me around, kissing me soundly before, rinsing the rest of the shampoo out of his hair. "Weíre going to find out where Cupid has gone."

"What do you mean, where heís gone? We know where he is, heís here."

He glanced down, then turned and looked for the soap, carefully avoiding my gaze.

"Heero? He *is * in Athens, right?"

He turned completely around, giving me a wonderful view of his rear, and silence for an answer. I tapped a foot, waiting.

"Heís not in Athens anymore, according to Pan heís been gone for several hundred years."

"What?" Now it was my turn to stare dumbfounded at him. "Where is he?"

"Pan wasnít sure, though he says heíll find out and tell us tonight. Weíre to meet him at the same restaurant as last night."

"Ok, third question."


I watched as he began soaping up his chest, slick fingers sliding down perfect golden skin.

"Uh... oh! Right, um, may I wash your back for you?" I snapped my fingers until I managed to create a pin to put my hair up with. I still hadnít broken the urge to make a gesture whenever I tried to do magic. It annoyed Heero to no end.

"Iím going to have to start tying your hands behind your back to keep you from doing that." He grumbled, and then pulled me forward beneath the water again, arms sliding around my waist and tugging me tight against his body.

I could feel him laughing, a rumble that welled from deep within his chest. "Youíre in a good mood today." I said with my lips pressing against his wet skin.

"Yes, I am."

"Care to tell me why?"


His hands began sliding down my back, slippery with a layer of soap. I glanced up to find him watching me, eyes half closed. "Why donít you turn around so I can reach your back better?"

"Because I have a feeling you donít just want to reach my back." I said with a leer.

"You could be right."

"I know Iím right."

"Ok, you are right, now turn around so I can molest you."

"In this shower? Are you crazy? Weíll wind up breaking the walls down."

He eyed the tiled walls contemplatively, then the ceiling. "Do you really think so?"

"Actually... who knows? They might withstand a pounding." I grinned up at him, turning around in his arms and reaching for the wall. I patted it with my knuckles, "it seems sturdy enough."

He rubbed against me, reaching around me to bang a fist on the wall. "How about the ceiling?"

"Heero, how are we possibly going to damage the ceiling?"

"The wall could collapse and bring the roof down with it."

"You do realize weíre standing naked in a shower arguing about whether sex would bring the room crumbling in ruins around us?" I took a breath and wiggled slightly.

"Good point, would you rather talk about the different positions that might be possible?"

"Iíd rather not talk at all."



Ten oíclock found us standing outside the restaurant waiting to meet Trowa. Apparently it wasnít his night to play, so why meet here I wondered. A few minutes after ten I made out the sounds of tapping hooves on cobblestone, our goat boy had arrived

"Good evening gents, get plenty of rest?" He stepped out from the shadows and smiled at us. Tonight he wore a strange skirt-like garment, and a tight black tank top; the horns on his head were uncovered. I watched them glitter like polished bone, tempted to ask if thatís what they were actually made of.

"No rest, lots of play." I muttered, glancing at Heero slyly.

"So, where is he?" Heero asked, cutting right to the chase.

"You wonít believe this." Trowa waved a hand at us, stamping a hoof in glee and chuckling.

"Try me."

"Heís in Amsterdam."

"That fits." I said, not knowing why it did and yet knowing that it did, somehow.

"Indeed." Pan said, grinning at me.

I turned to Heero, tugging on his arm. "So, when do we leave?"

He looked up, meeting gazes with Trowa.

"Tonight?" The demi god asked.

"Duo?" Heero in turn asked me.

"Alright." I nodded, gesturing down the street. "Letís go."


And just like that, we were on our way to Amsterdam. Within an hour, weíd checked out of our hotel and were lugging the rug down an alley, preparing for take off.

Trowa immediately stepped onto the carpet and sat down at one end of it. "You get a better view up front." He said with a shrug.

I looked at him for a moment, then glanced down at the rug. "How do you know which end is the front?"

"Oh, easy. Itís the end that likes itís tassels ruffled."

"Then, whatís at the other end?" I pointed at the little tassels adorning the opposite side of the rug.

"Letís just say, it *really* likes it when you pet that end."

"Enough said."

"I thought so."

"Hang onto something." Heero warned, and seconds later we bounded down the alley, the rug almost joyfully racing straight up into the sky. This time I didnít even scream. Mostly because Trowaís leg was in my mouth, guess he wasnít use to enthusiastic rugs.

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