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Seeing Love Dogs
Part 7

My fingers danced beneath the water, slithering over his thigh and up his hip. I smiled when he jumped slightly. "Engorged and essence are two words that seem to have a very nice connotation right now." I murmured in a husky voice, bringing my arms up out of the water to wrap around his neck, yanking his mouth to my own. He managed to get out a small whimper that absolutely sent heat ramming into my groin. I tugged his hair, tilting his head back further and began plundering his mouth.

He pulled back, wiggling out of my grasp with a faint gasp and running towards the bank in a spray of water. It took a few moments of utter confusion before I ran after him. For some reason all of my senses seemed to have left me. The only thought in my head was of him, naked, in a dark forest, and with me. What it boiled down to was lust, pure and simple.

The Forest of Desires apparently effected and infected you with the strongest of your desires at the moment, it just so happened mine was lust. What I wondered, was Heeroís greatest desire at the moment? And so, I gave chase, catching glimpses of him as he darted through the trees ahead. I didnít know why I was running, and I didnít care. It was as if all primal senses had taken over, and I sensed prey.

At last, we came to an impasse, the trees up ahead too thick, the foliage too great for him to get through it. He had his back to me, glancing frantically about, looking for an escape. I found myself slinking towards him on my bare feet, no noise accompanying me.

I slipped an arm around his waist, pulling him back against my chest. "Why are you running Heero? Whatís the matter with you?"

Instead of an answer, he whimpered and tried to pull away. I chuckled, sliding my hands up his ribs and nuzzling the back of his neck. "Youíre acting so strange." I murmured against his skin. Ignoring how strange I myself was behaving.

My fingers slipped upwards, and then froze. I blinked for minute, then tentatively ran my hand over the skin just under his collarbone. My other hand sliding upwards from the other direction, Heero shivered against me. "Heero?"


I started to laugh. "What is umm," I cupped my hand around a surprisingly firm, warm breast and squeezed slightly, "this?"

He mumbled something and I leaned closer, nuzzling his ear. "Iím sorry, what was that?"

"Itís mhmhnnv... "

I laughed, slipping one hand down his stomach and sliding it lower still to find... nothing. Well, not nothing, I found as my hand slipped a bit further. "Could you repeat that?"

"Itís part of Aphroditeís curse!" He yelled, spinning around to glare at me. I stared for a while; not even noticing my jaw was hanging open until it shut with an audible click.

"Itís illusion, right?" I asked after a few moments. Because what I was seeing was unbelievable. It was definitely still Heero, only... female. I moved closer, running my fingers down his face, noticing the soft roundness of his cheeks, the slightly longer and thicker eyelashes, even his lips looked just that much fuller. Glancing down, I looked for a while at the perfect, round, soft... I lost track of what I was thinking and just stared.

"I take it, it wasnít just a lust drug then." I said finally, meeting his eyes in the darkness.

"It was a curse too. So that whenever I enter this forest and feel lust... " He winced and looked away, "I turn into a girl."

I frowned in mock sympathy. "Must be hard on you." Then I started to laugh again. "What a bitch! Talk about revenge." I found myself getting angry easily, slipping into rage with a terrifying simplicity.

"Duo! Be careful, whatever you feel the strongest is multiplied within this forest."

I took a deep breath, unclenching my hands from the fists theyíd formed and relaxing. "Is that why I keep having these weird feelings?"

He nodded, and then shrugged, and my eyes followed his chest, my thoughts beginning to cruise once more towards his body. The problem I found myself having was that despite the girlish figure he was still one hundred percent Heero. Well, except for a few missing vital bits that he normally had. But the glare was the same, his voice nearly unchanged, though possibly an octave higher in pitch.

"This is quite a curse." I said, stepping closer to him and tweaking a nipple.

"Duo! It isnít funny." He crossed his arms over his chest and tapped a foot, that familiar glare meeting my mild look.

"I donít think itís at all funny. It *is* interesting though." I took another step towards him and he backed into a tree. My arms went on automatic and placed themselves on either side of him, pinning him temporarily in place. "Very interesting." I whispered, my lips cruising over his in a slow, deliberate move.

"Duo... donít... I canít... "

"Why not?"

He tilted his head slightly, and I took the opportunity to taste his neck, trailing my mouth across one golden shoulder.

"Because... "

I nipped gently, barely grazing his warm skin with my teeth.


"Mm... "

I felt his shoulders relax; a low moan falling from his lips as he wiggled against the wet trail of kisses my mouth was leaving across the smooth flesh of his neck and shoulder. "I thought the whole reason youíre a girl is because," I smiled, sucking lightly on the salty flesh of his neck, "Youíre all horny."

"I donít want to be a girl for it." He moaned, writhing against me as I dipped my head lower, painting a small path over his collarbone.

"Well, you donít have the right equipment to be yourself about it." I chuckled, meeting his mouth again, drawing out a low moan from him. I say him, but rightly he was more a she at this point, completely female in all the right places, and yet incredibly Heero at the same time. Whatever Heero was for the moment, it was soft, warm, supple, different.

I pulled back, looking into his eyes beneath the thick shadows amongst the moon dappled trees. "At least your kisses taste the same."

He blinked slowly, his body stretching and arching subtly against my own, bringing forth a little rush of air from my lungs. "Mmm... Duo... "

A fresh lash of heat ran down my body and straight to my erection, there was such a need in his voice it felt like an inferno crackling along my skin. I backed away, pulling my arms down to my sides with considerable restraint. "If you want me to stop, youíd better start running again." I whispered, meeting his eyes once more.

There was a flash of teeth as he smiled, reaching out for my hand and tugging me back against him. "If I wanted you to stop," He pulled my hand down between his legs, letting me feel the wetness slipping down his thighs, "I would have already been running."

I wasnít able to form words, thoughts a vague echo and shape within my head at the feel of him so ready and wanting. So instead of saying anything, I kissed him again, hard, thrusting my tongue beyond the tender barrier of his lips, and claiming his mouth for my own.

His hand released mine, his fingers delving into my hair, caressing my face. I took the opportunity to slide a finger inside the slick heat between his invitingly parted legs. Quickly sliding in another when the first made him buck his hips against me, and murmur within my mouth.

"Mmm, bet you donít even care about foreplay huh Heero?" I managed to gasp, raising one of his legs over my hip.

He smiled, reaching down and wrapping his fingers around my length, tugging me closer by it. His other arm wound around my neck, that sexy little smile meeting its twin on my lips. The sheath of his body was incredibly hot and wet, slick warmth covering me and pulling my inside. His tongue did a brief stutter on the roof of my mouth before his lips parted to emit a sighing gasp of pleasure.

Gradually I filled him, drawing more of those erotic whimpers from his throat, tightening my hand on his hip, then swiveling and driving in deeper still, rubbing against the small, stiffened nub at the apex of his sex. This action seemed to work very well, as it earned me his other leg, which slipped over my hip so that both pulled me against him, allowing me to pin his writhing body to the tree.

Soft breasts, hard nipples, and that velveteen and silken warmth pulsing around me as I slid within and without him. Time lost all meaning, the moon sprinkling the surrounding foliage and trees with a stars dusting of light. The heat from our bodies seeming to coalesce around us, providing a steam of sex and need.

My legs began trembling from the strain so that I sank down slowly to my knees, arms firmly holding him to me. Teeth clashed, tongues sliding together, and then he was pushing me backwards effortlessly, taking control.

Leaves and twigs dug into my back as I lay, pumping furiously into him, my hands clutching at his hips, cupping him closer only to pull out and slam in deeper. Release was close and yet so far, the magic of the forest seeming to make it all last so much impossibly longer then it would have normally.

As our actions became more violent, I turned the tables and our bodies, flipping us over so that once more I was on top, his legs automatically rising and gripping my waist, fingers gripping the ground, clawing at the loose soil.

His face was lit up by a stray moonbeam, and that was my undoing. The expression of ecstasy that turned his features into artwork turned my desire into pure pleasure. I lifted my head to the branches above and howled as I came, filling him and finally releasing that burning need within.

As my eyes fell once more to the ground below, I caught a glimpse of three figures standing near us, almost invisible they matched the dark clearing so well. Wonderful, an audience of gods, just what one needs when making love to your boyfriend turned temporary girlfriend.

I shrugged, smirking at them for a moment, before leaning down to claim Heeroís lips again. Gods be damned, I still wanted more.

"Heero," I whispered, nuzzling his mouth with my own, "we have an audience."

I felt him smile before whispering back, "I know, theyíve been following us since we left them."

"Well, do you mind if they get a show?" I asked, while nibbling at his ear.

"I think they deserve one." He groaned softly, rolling his hips as I lifted up slightly onto my hands.

"And what would you like next?" I grinned down at him as I eased in and out with shallow little juts of my hips. Another gift from the forest perhaps, an on-going libido, and an apparently never-ending virility.

"I would like something more comfortable to lie on." He smiled up at me. "Iíve got a twig sticking so far into my back it feels like itís about to puncture a lung."

Without losing his smile, silk rained down in gentle waves about us, sprinkling the ground in a fine misting of cloth. I laughed and rolled us over to lie atop the soft mountain of slick cloth, ending up with his body cradled in my arms and warm against my chest. My laughter cut off into a groan as he shifted his legs on top of me, sitting up and beginning a slow, steady ride.

More stray beams of soft and sheltered moon glowed over his skin. "You look amazing." I purred, satisfied and complete with his body.

"You just say that because Iím female." He moaned, lowering his chest just close enough to let me feel the hard tips of his nipples sway against me as he rocked.

"I would say it if you were male, I would say it if I were blind."

"Blind hmm?" He laughed and twitched a piece of silk over my eyes. I still felt the subtle shift of his thighs as he began leaning backwards, bracing his hands on my knees.

My own hands ran up his hips and over the curve of his stomach, slipping up the soft and sloping peaches to lightly pinch a nipple between shaking fingers. Wringing a satisfying cry from his mouth, I slid one of my hands back down, gently flicking a fingertip across the slickened little pleasure nub between his legs. My length was treated to a tightening of muscles, an undulating wave of movement from inside of him.

"Oohh, thatís nice... " I moaned, lifting up and driving him further onto me, impaling him, rubbing my thumb against his clit in rough circles, loving the gasps that shuddered from his mouth.

His hips jerked wildly, hands flying to my shoulders, nails biting into my skin. And then his mouth met mine again, tongue slicing in and slithering against my own, his breath becoming one with mine through a translation of muted moans and cries.

My free hand floated across his face to tangle in his hair, as we moved on and on, sometime in the endless slap of our bodies and rhythm of the night, we moved more completely then even I knew. Because when he finally lifted the cloth from my eyes, I found we were back in our hotel room, on the floor. And Heero was delightfully male again.

"No gods or demi-gods in sight?" I asked, smiling at him, as he remained joined to me.

"No, theyíre gone. The dawn has come." He melted onto my chest, sighing happily and nuzzling my throat.

"So... whatís real?" I asked in confusion, feeling my head spin from exhaustion.


"Wonderful, next thing you know, youíll be pregnant."

"No, not unless we stayed in that forest forever, and remained lusty."

"A tough bill to fit, but I bet we could."

"Duo," He lifted his head, glaring at me for a moment, "donít even think about it."

"Mm, only if you let me get some sleep."

His head relaxed back against my shoulder, soft breath washing over my skin. "Deal."

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