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The Following Fic part Contains: 1x2/2x1, AU, yaoi, seduction, sequel-lyness, lemon, a rug, flying, a sea, and other things...

Seeing Love Dogs
Part 3

It was roughly three hundred miles from Istanbul to Athens. The rug went fast, but three hundred miles was still a long way off. Iíd gotten bored with the scenery after about an hour of traveling. It had all turned into sun drenched water and the occasional island. I checked the map that was the rug, and found us to be over the Aegean Sea. Every now and then, we would pass over a fishing boat and even once a cruise ship. No one seemed to notice the large rug flying through the sky, and to my great relief no missiles or helicopters came after us, which meant that whatever shields the carpet had, worked.

I was musing, thoroughly; mentally gnawing on something that had been bothering me for a couple of days. It was Heero, well, it wasnít him. Or to be more precise, it was him; it was just what he hadnít been doing lately.

We hadnít been together since I had come back from the past. Which to me had only been about three days ago. Unfortunately, for him it was five hundred years ago. So, for the past three days heíd been flirting with me, stealing the occasional kiss, holding my hand, once he even patted my rear as we walked. But, it wasnít sex, and thatís what I wanted, mostly because I still craved him like it was going out of style. After three months of having him inside me nearly every night, the sudden lack was driving me crazy.

I couldnít seem to grasp why he would so suddenly not want to be with me. I mean, we were finally even, or at least both Djinni. Maybe he was being shy. This, all though it sounded strange, made a peculiar sort of sense. It had after all been five hundred years for him, maybe he was nervous. I chuckled to myself. Heero being nervous? Yeah right. Idly I wondered how many more hours of travel we had before reaching Athens, and then some sneaky part of my mind wondered if it was long enough for a little seduction.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him watching the horizon, probably wondering if his friend was still in Athens. I wondered what sort of friend this was going to be. Maybe this mysterious friend was the reason behind his being abruptly so shy with me. I didnít care though, whether Heero liked it or not, he was going to make love to me, and it was going to be very soon. Five hundred years may have been a long time, but my three days seemed even longer.


I was still wondering how to go about my seduction, when Heero stood up and took off his robe.

"Hey, I thought we had to keep these on."

He glanced at me and smirked. "Not while in flight and out of sight of land."

"You never told me that." I said accusingly, starting to take off my robe, which had been getting hotter and more uncomfortable to wear by the hour.

"You never asked." He turned his back and stretched, then started to take off his shirt.

I watched as the muscles rippled in a silken movement across his shoulders and back. The golden skin was flawless and nearly glowing in the sunlight of the late afternoon. He turned slightly, his profile to me, and slowly began to unzip his pants. I shook my head as I realized he was stripping.

"Heero?" he turned to face me, zipper half undone. "What are you stripping for?" I wondered if heíd decided to finally do something.

"I thought I would bathe in the sun." He smiled and tugged his zipper the rest of the way down, casually stepping out of his pants and conjuring a small glass bottle into his hand.

My mouth was feeling a bit dry so I didnít respond. Instead, my eyes went slightly wide as he stretched out in front of me and began oiling his thighs, hands moving onto his stomach, his chest. My eyes followed as his fingers and body became slick and glistening. It dawned on me that he knew I wanted him; so badly, I could taste it in the back of my suddenly parched throat like a crystal of water.

I started to feel the sun beating down on my head, the slight breeze of the held back wind. I could smell the Aegean below us with a hint of land, and whatever he was slathering all over his body smelled exotic and spicy, and perhaps like it would taste good too.

Trying not to look like my eyes were glued to his every move, I finished taking off my robe, laying it beside me. My fingers went on automatic, unbuttoning the loose shirt Iíd put on, unzipping the shorts. Finally as bare as he was, I leaned over and held out my hand. "Can I have some of that oil, please?"

He blinked at me, his eyes seeming to come into focus from a far off place. Taking in my complete lack of clothing his gaze followed my body from one end to the other, slowly. A smile that was soft and feral crept across his lips.

Watching that lazy smile I licked my own lips, they felt dry. I felt all of a sudden too hot, incredibly heated by the sun on the outside and over heated by that steady gaze on the inside. I blinked in surprise when I felt the splash of oil on my palm; Iíd forgotten I had even asked for some of it.

Swallowing, trying to regain my voice, I dipped my fingers into the puddle of oil cupped in my hand. I looked up and met his eyes. Without thinking about it I whispered, "Does it taste good?" and deliberately brought my oil slick fingers to my mouth, watching him.

His eyes opened wide for a moment and then narrowed, brilliant cobalt slits in the light of the sun. That wicked little smile still graced his face as he leaned closer to me. "Try it."

I nodded at the slight challenge, sucking a fingertip between my lips, my eyes becoming lazy and half lidded under so much sexual tension. His mouth twitched slightly, tongue darting out to lick his bottom lip as if tasting me tasting the oil.

It was delicious, sweet and spicy, warm and almost but not quite tasting subtlety like his amber skin did. Our eyes met again, and I could see the heat that was in his stare as clearly as I could feel the sun on my back. Everything began to get that distant yet strangely close feeling that only happened during times like these. At one moment, I could hear the sound of the water below us, and at another, all I could feel was that heavy gaze meeting my own. Time seemed to be starting and stopping with no rhyme or reason, colors became bright and glowing, then faded until all I saw was him sitting across from me, smiling that slow, sexy smile.

I smiled back one of my own. "What took you so long?"

He knew exactly what I meant, shifting closer, until mere inches separated us. "I thought I would let you ask this time."

I brought the hand still cupping the oil over his thigh, letting the warm liquid drip between my fingers to land on that smooth expanse of skin, "Iím asking then." I said softly, running my slippery fingers up his hip, sliding them over his stomach and then around his back, tugging him closer. "I thought you were just being shy."

He returned my smile as his lips barely grazed mine. I felt the sun, harsh on my skin, and his mouth, soft and sweet. The breeze shifted and seemed to pick up slightly, and his mouth became a less than gentle thing. I closed my eyes, concentrating on the sensation of skin-to-skin. I had always found it so hard to keep my eyes open whenever he did something to me, it was as if I couldnít bear to watch it as well as feel it.

My hands slid up around his neck, pulling him down and against my body. He was molten from the heat of the sun, slick with scented oil, a feast for the senses. My lips parted, his tongue a delicate touch inside, playing. It sent shivers down my spine, just that small caress.

I knelt up, rubbing against him, completely abandoned and uncaring of anything but the feel of him sliding along my skin. Only when he stopped kissing me did I become aware once more of my surroundings.

I opened my eyes, watching the wind ruffle his hair as his mouth followed where his fingers were already heading. My gaze turned to the blue dome of the sky, a moan falling from my mouth as his lips wrapped around my length. His tongue lapped at it, fingers a feather light touch that danced lower, massaging and heightening the growing need within me.

His name became a low purr from my throat as he slid an oil slick finger inside of my body, slowly stroking in and out. His mouth kept working at my arousal, tongue hot and wet. I leaned back on my hands, collapsing from the strain. I wasnít surprised to have his mouth and hands follow me down, spreading my legs further apart, adding another twisting finger.

"Uhhnn... Heero... please... " The breath caught in my throat, rasping out.

His mouth stopped, lifting up and off my arousal with a soft popping sound. "Please?" He asked in a low voice, his fingers still moving inside of me.

"Itís been... mmm... so long Heero... three days... " His lips began trailing up my stomach, gentle and soft compared the rough thrusting motion of his fingers.

"That is how long it has been for you, hmm?" He chuckled, nipping at the tender skin along my ribs. His fingers slowed, barely moving, I could feel him smile against me. When I didnít answer, he continued sliding up my body, until his face was next to my own.

With a great effort I managed to keep my eyes open, all my will being sapped out of me by those driving digits within and his heavy stare without. "Do you know how long itís been for me? How long Iíve gone without because nothing could make me want like you did?" His voice was intent, his free hand grasping my chin, pulling my face closer until his lips brushed mine as he spoke.

"Five hundred years Iíve waited for someone like you to come along again. And instead I get the same you, the one Iíve always wanted the most." He whispered against my mouth, his hand finally stopping its movements and slipping out of my body.

"Please... Heero... "

He shifted my legs, sliding between them and raising them up to wrap around his waist. "Thereís only one thing wrong."

His fingers began entering again, stretching, widening my more than willing body. I felt that hard shaft begin to nudge in as the oil slick fingers slid out. He began slowly pushing inside. I opened my eyes when he stopped after only the tip of that hot length was in, and growled up at him, raking my short nails down his back. Iíd been reduced to rough sounds, words incapable of forming, only demands.

"It is odd to be this size," he chuckled once more, sending my internal muscles into small spasms. I tried to rock against him, drive him deeper. He smiled down at me, easily halting any effort at gaining more of him. "It feels unfamiliar to be the same height as you." He said in a husky whisper, and I found myself unable to do anything but look up into his vibrantly cobalt eyes, helpless.

He bent down, capturing my mouth, roughly thrusting his tongue in, invading even as his hips remained absolutely still. I couldnít help but groan, vainly wiggling beneath him. His moan inside my mouth had me whimpering, and then finally he began pushing in deeper, that incredible feeling of fullness enveloping me. Just as I felt myself becoming accustomed to the size of him, he stilled again. I started shaking, managing to get a few words out at last.

"Heero! Please... please... please... more... "

"Mmm... anything for you... " Without moving, he began to grow inside me, and I realized he was changing back to his normal body size.

"Oohhh god... nooo... mmm... " I felt filled beyond limit, his erection sliding in deeper even as he reverted to that daunting form. "Aaahhh... you... you canít do... mmmm..."

He rolled his hips achingly slow, easing in and out with shallow little movements. My hands went limp, uselessly falling next to my head to weakly grasp at the carpet. A half strangled cry fell from my open mouth when he pulled out abruptly, hands soothing down my sides, before I was rolled over onto my stomach. I groaned into the rug as I realized what he planned to do next.

Raising my hips, he slid a hand down my back to rest between my shoulders, pinning me down. His other hand ran along my spine, and his fingers entered me yet again, thrusting so deeply I saw stars behind my closed eyelids. Tremors crackled through me, and I pushed against those long fingers, wantonly spreading my legs as far as I could, silently begging.

Tears stung my eyes, as he obliged, the full length of him entering my body again, delving limitlessly, ruthlessly. I loved it. His hands gripped my cheeks, spreading them wide against him, and driving in with such force, I thought I would never survive the attack. A wordless scream filled the air, and I realized that it was my own.

Just as I thought I was going to fall over the edge of my sanity to plummet hard into orgasm, he stopped again, quickly sliding out. I sobbed into the velvety rug, completely unaware of the sun or sea, the wind I knew was rushing across my heated and sweat soaked skin. His hands lifted me, arms wrapping around my waist and ribs, pulling my body like a rag doll until I was resting with my back against his chest, legs sprawled to either side of his.

"Iíve always loved the feel of you," He groaned against my ear, his rock-hard shaft slipping deep inside once more. One of his hands wrapped around my aching erection, grazing the tip with slick fingers, before stroking it lazily. My head fell back against his shoulder, I felt impaled upon him, completely open and owned. His breath was hot and erratic against my neck. "Mmm... Duo... my beautiful human... "

He pumped leisurely, taking his time, and driving me slowly insane. My arms wound behind and around his neck as I found myself incapable of anything else, except for the powerless motion of my body taking his length as it glided so unhurriedly in and out. His teeth nipped along my neck, and he growled softly as he nuzzled. Then he began pounding again, taking me hard and fast, his hand a non-stop pressure on my throbbing cock.

The breath wheezed out of me, becoming caught in my throat as my entire body stiffened, and with a soft gasp, I came, coating his hand and my stomach. I heard his answering gasp, and felt the hot sensation as he released into my body. His hands skimmed my wet stomach, pulling me hard and close. Gently kissing the back of my neck, licking at the salty sweat. I found myself vacantly staring into the vivid blue sky above, the rushing sound of the sea barely penetrating the fog in my head.

His whisper was a gentle exhalation next to my ear. "Nothing has ever felt as good as you do. Nothing has ever made me feel like you. Do you think you could ever love such a bastard as I?"

I smiled up at the clear sky above. My answer coming out as an inaudible murmur, and I turned my head against him, closing my eyes and drifting off to an oblivious sleep with his length still deep inside my body.

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