Warnings And Disclaimers: I do not own Gundam Wing, and no, I never will either, sighhh

The Following Fic Contains: 1x2/2x1, humor

Proper English or Just Another Mad Lib
by ClarySage

In the back seat of the old chevy two figures verbed. An adjective cry filled the night air, followed by the verbing of a car door.

"I told you! I will not verb in that noun one more time!"

A pair of adjective eyes glared into the car at the sullen figure leaning back on the adjective seat of the adjective noun. Duo's hand rested on one noun as he contemplatively eyed the adjective boy.

"But Duo, I told you... " the adjective voice said adverbly.

"Yeah sure, so you like that noun. Can't you at least verb something else instead? I'm so verbed of that adjective noun!" Stamping one adjective foot with adverb anger, Duo turned and gazed adverbly into the adjective forest.

An adjective sound behind the braided boy verbed him that Heero had gotten out of the noun. Crossing his nouns, Duo continued to verb at the adjective woods around him.

"I promise next time I'll borrow one of Quatre's nouns. Ok?" Heero verbed out a tentative noun, his fingers adverbly tugging on Duo's sleeve.

"Hmph." The adjectived-eyed boy turned his back, and gave his best cold shoulder to the other boy.

"I'll bring nouns next time." Heero wheedled adverbly.

"Lots of them?" Duo turned around partially, and raised a noun in disbelief.

"Pronoun promise." The other boy said firmly, verbing Duo gently by the noun. "Now, let's get back to verbing." With a verb of his head, the dark nouned boy pulled Duo adverbly back to the noun.

When the noun came up they still verbed there. The damned adjective noun wouldn't start!


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