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Playtime - A Challenge
by ClarySage

*Must* be 1x2 and has gotta have 4 of the following:

- A vampire rabbit
- Alligator pants
- Someone as a happy drunk. not duo(re: they love everybody type)
- Someone (not relena) getting killed by a spork.
- Wufei getting a date.
- Someone's scared of chickens
- Someone in a tutu.

*Must* have at least one of these phrases:

- How does it stay up without help
- Why haven't i eaten you yet?
- The only good thing about fish is that you can flush them

The day started out well enough. Wufei hadn't even gotten annoyed with anyone, yet. But all that was about to change. For some reason Maxwell was being very quiet today. Not a good silence either. He seemed to be sneaking around the current safehouse and giggling to himself over something. What no one knew was that today was an old holiday, well Duo knew which one it was. Halloween. And he decided that now would be the perfect time to have some fun, at the expense of everyone else of course. So later on at lunchtime when everyone seemed to make their way to the kitchen to eat, he told them.

"Do you know what today is?" He said with a rather manic grin on his face.

"Your birthday?"

"Time to clean the house again?"

"The day I finally kill you?"

"No, no, and no. Today is Halloween." All the boys turned to stare at Duo.

"What the hell is that you stupid baka?" Said the all round nice guy Wufei.

"It's an old holiday that used to be celebrated every year on this day. People would dress up in costumes and go around to houses knocking on doors and asking for candy."


"So, I was thinking maybe we could celebrate it!" With that exclamation Duo proceeded to yank out a rather large bag he had managed to hide under the table. With a thump he dropped it on the table, spilling a few plates in the process.

"Ok, what do you all want to be?"

The boys all looked at each other, then looked at Duo, then shrugged. They might as well play along. They all knew what happened when you tried to spoil Shinigami's fun.

"All right Duo, what do you have for costumes?" Quatre decided he would play along, after all he didn't really mind the idea of getting dressed up. There was just something appealing about getting to be anything he wanted to be for one night.

Duo rifled through the bag, and yanked out a few odds and ends, throwing them onto the table. A pink tutu, a pair of fake vampire fangs, some bunny ears, a large black cape, a rather surprised looking fish and, a small stuffed Heero doll, which he quickly shoved back into the bag.

"Eheheh," he blushed a bit and rubbed the back of his head. "Dunno how that got in there." In the meantime Quatre had taken quite in interest in the pink tutu, and was holding it against his petite waist and smiling softly. Trowa rolled his one visible eye, and sorted through the stuff lying all over the table. He picked up the fangs and cape, his eye taking on an almost imperceptible glitter.

Heero had his arms folded across his chest and was viewing all this with a small sneer, Wufei was trying not to attract any notice as he crept out of the kitchen. Duo was still searching his giant bag of costumes. Humming softly he yanked out a rubber chicken and plopped it on the table. A small shriek escaped from Trowa. Yes! From Trowa!

"What is that thing?!" He yelled stumbling away from the table in his haste to get away from the rubber monstrosity. Duo grinned and picked it up, swinging it around in the air by its little orange rubber feet. He hopped over to the cowering Trowa and waved the chicken in his face.

"This? It's only a chicken, Sheesh Trowa you eat them all the time. What's so bad about a rubber chicken?" Grinning hugely he balanced the thing on the table and stepped back, like a magician performing a trick, he bowed low his braid scraping the floor.

"How do you get it to stay up without help?" asked Heero curiously. Duo held a finger to his lips and smiled secretively. Three sets of eyes rolled, hoping Duo wasn't about to quote anime again. Luckily he didn't. Lynching is never a pleasant thing.

It was of course then that Duo noticed Wufei had snuck off without picking a costume. Immediately the braided boy decided to go after the rather uptight pilot. Picking up his bag he ran up the stairs, leaving the other three to pick through the remains. Trowa still carefully avoiding the rubber chicken standing on the table.

Without even knocking Duo burst through Wufei's door, which the poor pilot had tried to barricade, having a feeling he wouldn't escape so easily. Thrusting his bag ahead of him, Duo pushed past the dark haired boy and plopped down on the perfectly made bed. Whistling a little ditty, he proceeded to pull out a strange pair of dark green pants (alligator pants even), a half bottle of rum (the good stuff), and a small, very very small black t-shirt (with a picture of Lina Inverse on it giving the victory sign). Wufei stared in growing horror as the braided boy stood up and walked over to him carrying these items.

"No! Dammit Maxwell! I will not join in on this silly idea of yours!" He was backed up to the wall by now his hands held out to ward off the unseemly items heading towards him.

"Aww, come on Wu-man, You know you want to!" Grinning, the longhaired boy leapt over the chair Wufei was trying to block him with and proceeded to strip him down to his underwear. After much screaming, threats, and knocks on the head Duo eventually managed to restrain the hysterical pilot long enough to get the pants on him and pour some of the rum down the frenzied boys throat. Apparently satisfied Duo laughed and guzzled some of the rum himself, then skipped back down the stairs dragging the now somewhat dazed pilot after him.

Entering the kitchen again he gasped in amazement and glee. Standing around looking not very embarrassed were the other three boys. Quatre had decided he really loved the tutu and had managed to find a pink leotard somewhere to go with it. Don't ask! Trowa was wearing the cape and vampire teeth, and surprisingly the bunny ears too. Heero was merely holding the little fish in his palm and glaring at it.

"Great! You guys look wonderful!" Duo enthused, bouncing around them admiring their chosen costumes.

"Hey, what are you going to wear?" slurred Wufei, glaring at the toaster oven.

"Moi? Eheheh, umm I'll be right back!" Quickly he ran back up the stairs his braid flying out behind him.

Trowa turned to stare at the glaring Heero. "Are you going to wear that fish? "

"I think it's dead." Stated the blue-eyed boy, holding the little thing by its tail for the others to see. Wufei came over to the table and poked the fish.

"Yup, it's dead all right."

"I'll tell you," said Heero, "The only good thing about fish is that you can flush them."

A tear leaked from Quatre's eye, and he turned away from the poor dead fish. Trowa quietly patted the small blonde boys shoulder.

Just then they heard the announcing thumps of their torturer and "friend" coming back downstairs. Beaming from ear to ear Duo jumped into the kitchen and did a little dance showing off his costume. The boys all stared in shock.

"Duo!" Roared the incensed Heero, "what are you wearing my clothes for!?"

The braided boy grinned and danced out of harms way as the wing zero pilot started towards him, fists clenching at his sides. After all he only had so many pairs of spandex shorts and green tank tops. Then Quatre gasped in amazement.

"Duo! Where's your braid?" Everyone in the kitchen froze in shock, and stared at the grinning boy. Giving a very secretive smile, Duo once again brought a finger to his lips; luckily he stopped himself just in time to keep from quoting anime. Then he grinned and pulled the wig off his head, letting them see the tight bun he had managed to get all his hair into. No one noticed Heero sighing in relief. He really loved that braid; actually he secretly wanted to grow one himself.

Wufei by now had managed to empty most of the bottle of rum into himself and was having a heavy petting session with the rubber chicken. "I love you man!" He told the silent chicken, stroking its skinny rubber legs. Trowa shivered and crept closer to his pink tutu clad love.

Sliding the wig over his hair again Duo danced from foot to foot eyeing his companions. Then he turned and looked Heero up and down.

"You're not going to wear a costume?" He wailed, his voice threatening to crack. Heero sighed and got up from the table. Glaring at his twin, he turned and headed upstairs.

"I'll be back." Duo sighed with lust as he watched the tight ass make its way up the stairs. Who wouldn't?

Turning back to his costumed friends he noticed they all seemed to be getting into the spirit of the thing. Trowa was sliding a hand up one of Quatre's pink clad legs and nipping at the boy's ear with his fake vampire teeth. While said pink clad boy was trying to do a little one toe dance on some tiny ballet slippers he had found somewhere. Don't ask! Wufei, who by now was completely three sheets to the Gundam, was apparently making out with the rubber chicken under the table. Duo sighed happily, this was gonna be a great night!

Just then soft footsteps were heard coming back down the stairs, and Duo turned to get a good look at his walking fantasy. He gasped in utter shock as the cobalt-eyed boy entered the kitchen. Then he flung himself onto the surprised boy in a tackling glomp.

"Ohhh Heero!" He squealed in utter delight. For of course you've guessed it, Heero was dressed as Duo. No one made a comment about the braided wig he was wearing. Sometimes Heero liked to dance around in front of the mirror pretending he was Duo, but uh, no one knew this of course. Except Heero, possibly. What? It's my damned fic!

Grinning from ear to ear, Duo grabbed his sack again and slowly pulled out a small stuffed Duo doll. "For you," he said bowing low; only this time the braid did not scrape the floor as it was tightly packed under a mop of messy moss green hair. Heero grunted and took the doll, toying with it's little braid.

"Are we already to go now?" Asked Duo looking around at his friends. Just then a knock came at the door. Duo frowned and went to go answer it. Opening the door he was surprised to see three people standing there dressed in costumes. The fact that there were three people at the door dressed in costumes isn't what surprised Duo though. It was the fact that they were dressed like Trowa, Wufei, and Quatre. Duo blinked and was tempted to pull on his braid in confusion, but remembered it was tightly packed up under his wig. He squinted at the three people in confusion, then broke into a wide grin.

"Sally? Dorothy? Zechs?" Backing up from the door he waved for them to enter. Sally dressed as Wufei sauntered over to the table and bent down to stare at the half naked boy making out with a rubber chicken.

"Wufei? What are you doing, we had a date tonight." Wufei blinked drunkenly up at her, disengaging his lips from the chickens beak. Then he turned his attention back to the chicken and slurred. "Why haven't I eaten you yet?" Sally gave a small shudder and decided maybe she should date someone else for the evening. Shenlong's pilot was a bit Too weird for her.

In the meantime Dorothy and Zechs were talking animatedly to Quatre and Trowa, whom by the way they had chosen to dress up as. Dorothy kept playing with her Unibang trying to see from both eyes at once, finally she tilted her head back and managed to peer out from under the bang. "How do you stand this thing Trowa?"

Trowa smiled secretively and brought a finger to his lips, everyone turned to glare at him. Silently, but with a twinkle in his one visible eye, he put his finger down. Once again everyone was saved from a gratuitous anime quote.

Grinning around at the festivities Duo decided he had one more thing that he had to do to make the night perfect. Grabbing Heero's hand he dragged the sullen boy (who by the way was still playing with his little Duo doll) up the stairs. Pulling Heero along the hallway he opened their bedroom door and pushed the boy inside. An evil smile crossed Duo's face as he turned to face the door and did something to the knob. Then turning back around he bared his teeth at the perplexed Heero.

"I've always wondered what I'm like in bed." And with that he tackled Heero and glued his lips to the startled boys in a fierce kiss.

Down in the kitchen five sets of eyes rolled up to the ceiling listening to the various thumps and shouts emanating from above. Wufei was still busy with the rubber chicken. Don't ask!

Suddenly there was a loud bang on the door. Quatre went to answer it, his cute little tutu swirling around his slim legs. Opening the door he saw... .. Treize! Everyone blinked as stumbling into the room, the gorgeous man collapsed on the kitchen floor (close to the drunken chicken molesting Wufei). They stared with open mouths at the bloody spork sticking out of his chest. Dorothy tentatively stepped over to the fallen man, still keeping her head tilted up so she could see. When all of a sudden Treize grabbed her ankle and yanked her down to the floor. Jumping up he brandished the spork, which everyone could see now was actually covered in ketchup, and screamed at the top of his lungs "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!"


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