Warnings And Disclaimers: I don't own Gundam Wing, but i know they're watching me just the same.

This Fic Contains: Heheh, stuff, cameras, and one ficwriter. Also please note that the time is military time...

Fanfiction Surveillance 2
Another GW-boy Undercover Mission
by ClarySage

A brief quote By [ laughs softly ] Rockwell

// I always feel like somebody's watching me.
And I have no privacy.
I always feel like somebody's watching me.
Tell me is it just a dream? //

Day 2 Time 2:23

Duo opened an eye and peered at Heero, still girl watching. He tried to roll over and hide his head under an arm, but the silence emanating from the bank of screens and from his companion was extremely disquieting.

"Hey Heero, is she Still up?" Hearing an affirmative grunt from across the room the braided boy rolled onto his stomach and did his best to burrow himself beneath the couch cushions.

Heero sat comfortably in front of the screens. She was a higher level then He was! He couldn't believe it, was she doing it without cheat codes? He glanced surreptitiously over at Duo, finding him halfway under the couch; he again returned his attention completely to the game their 'mission' was playing. If only he could sneak a game in while on duty. Glancing over his shoulder one more time he eased out of his chair to go get his gaming disk. Mission be damned, not like she was going to blow anything up with no one watching her.

Day 2 Time 3:03

Trowa peered around the doorframe and took in the scene. It wasn't a scene to be easily ignored. Heero Yuy was not only playing a game, he was also completely ignoring the bank of screens showing their target. Mouth set in a grim line the banged boy was all set to get on the current mission leaders case, when he noticed whom Heero was playing against.

"Your playing Diablo II against our 'mission'?!" Barely suppressing a somewhat jealous rage he managed to calm down enough to notice Heero was getting his ass beat too.

"Yeah, she keeps beating me too, I think she must be cheating somehow." Tapping the monitor showing the girl at her computer, he continued trying to hack away at the tiny Necromancer on his screen. " It's almost your turn for duty Trowa, think you can beat her? I'll lie and say my brother wants to play now."

Throwing a glance over at the passed out Duo, Trowa shrugged and sat down to watch the rest of the game.

"Watch out for that! Ohh, why do you keep letting her cast that spell?"

"Shut up! She can't raise this many at once! I know she's cheating dammit!"


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