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Blue Bottled Belly Dancers and other fine myths
Part 8

I woke up to one of the weirdest things. Someone was scratching my nose. I opened my eyes and saw Heero sitting next to me, a patient look on his face, and I started to laugh. Then choked on my laughter as I realized I was still naked and bound with silk.

Heero was naked too, which was certainly no laughing matter. Without even thinking about it, I glanced down at his lap... and kept looking. I think my mouth fell open somewhere along the line, because eventually I felt his hand on my jaw closing it. He lifted my chin and met my eyes, smirking. "Youíre not serious?" I asked him, my voice cracking halfway through the question.

He nodded, his smirk growing larger. "Do you think this," he gestured downwards, "is a laughing matter?"

My eyes followed his hand and I felt my cheeks grow hot. I cleared my throat a few times trying to find my voice. "No, umm, I donít think I would laugh at," I nodded my head at his lap, "that. I uh... I donít think I... mmph." He smothered my next feeble objections with his lips. After a few seconds he eased back a bit, and his mouth became a light teasing thing, trailing over my own, barely touching, then becoming firm and hard once more.

I forgot there was a reason I didnít want this to happen. Apparently, the skill heíd had with kissing in the future hadnít changed a bit. He was exceptional at it, past, present, or future.

He slid his hands underneath me and lifted. For a moment, I thought my arms would be ripped from their sockets by the silk holding me down. But instead, the smooth cloth gave way, and he pulled me into a sitting position, his lips never leaving mine. The silk wrapping around my legs loosened as well, and I pulled my knees in.

Kneeling up, I wound my arms around his neck, letting his tongue slide into my mouth and explore. He tasted like something sweet and spicy all at once, some odd combination, almost like oranges and nutmeg, or clover honey and cinnamon. I couldnít seem to get enough of him, crawling up onto his lap and delving my fingers through his hair, tugging him closer. Iíd never kissed someone before who was like a feast; Iíd never understood how you could want to feed at someoneís mouth like a great banquet. Yet, all I wanted to do was get more of the flavor of him, devour him whole.

His hands slipped down my back, cupping me and lifting my body so that I was plastered against him. It felt so good, he was smooth, and hot, and smelled and tasted extraordinary. His hands were kneading my flesh, stroking up and down my back and rear. Why did I ever try to resist, when it felt this good? Then I remembered as I became aware of that hard, searing length of him pressed against my belly. "Oh god."

I broke off from kissing him, and leant back, looking at his face, then dropping my eyes lower, resting on what was definitely coming between us. "Oh god," I said again, "I canít do this Heero, I canít." I shook my head, and glanced back up at him to see his expression.

His eyes were half shut, brooding. His mouth set in a sexy little smile, I got the feeling no matter what I said, it wouldnít make a difference. I was right.

"Hmmm," he murmured, and leant forward, trailing his mouth down my neck and over my shoulder. "I would not hurt you."

"Ahhh... " I managed, as his lips went softly down my chest, his hands pushing me back onto the bed. "You might not hurt me," I reached a hand between us, boldly tugging on his arousal. "But this thing will."

He leaned up onto his elbows and stared at me for a moment, I let go of him and blushed. "Tell me something," he said, "Have you ever been with *anyone*?"

I could feel my face get hotter; I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "No."

He shifted on the bed, and I opened my eyes to watch him. His eyebrows were drawn slightly together, mouth pursed in a small frown. "What have you done then?"

This was an odd conversation to be having, considering the position we were in. He was kneeling between my legs, his elbows holding him above me. I tilted my head, giving him a dubious look. "Thatís kind of a private thing, donít you think?"

"No, you are mine, I would know what experiences you have had." His head dipped lower and he licked a path down my neck.

"Uhhhn... not much... Iíve always been... mmm...too busy." His fingers pinched lightly at one nipple while his mouth nipped at the other. I felt my legs spread wider, a warm feeling traveling from his touch straight to my already, painfully hard erection. He looked up from his task and met my eyes.

"How much, is not too much?" Then he was sliding down, hands circling my waist as his lips smiled and slipped around me, taking me into that delicious warmth. I arched into him, moaning and forgetting about his question. Until he stopped and lifted his head, tilting it to one side.

"Well?" His fingers toyed with the tip of my aching shaft, teasing.

"Kissing... aaahh... thatís all..."

He smiled at me, his fingers sliding lightly up and down. " *Is* that all?" He wrapped his mouth around me again, tongue swirling.

"Iíve... I canít think when you do... that... " He started to hum; sending jolts through my body that had me beating my heels against the bed. "Oh god! Iíve done it myself!" He stopped and I collapsed back onto the bed, moaning softly into the silks.

"Done it yourself? What do you mean?"

"Iíve," I took a deep breath, "Iíve done it myself, to myself. You know?" My heart started to slow again, and I opened my eyes, glancing down at him where he lay between my legs. That wasnít a wise move, since the sight of him toying with me and smiling with that sexy little smirk, nearly had me moaning again.

"I have never done things to myself like that." He looked curiously up at my face, then down at my arousal. "Show me."

I choked, "Shh-show you? Itís kind of a private thing, Iíve never... aaaahh" His mouth came down again, unrelenting in its beautiful abuse. I felt myself near the edge of orgasm, ready to explode, and then he stopped again.

"If you do not show me," He purred in a quiet voice, "then I will bind you and leave you here." It wasnít a threat; it was like he was simply stating something that would happen, regardless of how I felt about it.

My hand obeyed, and slid down my stomach. I kept my eyes on his face as my fingers brushed past his and wrapped around my length. He smiled, and sat up, spreading my legs further. I watched as a small glass bottle appeared in his hand. His gaze never leaving me, he pulled the tiny cork out and poured something into his cupped palm.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on the growing roar of the blood beating inside my head and drowning out all thought. Heeroís hand engulfed my own, stopping me for a brief instant. Then I felt his mouth, sucking forcefully on the tip, drawing hoarse shouts from my lips. My hand stayed moving only because he kept it going, not letting me stop.

I clutched at his hair with my free hand, and he obligingly opened his mouth further, keeping constant pressure and tightness as he slid down. Releasing my trapped hand, he raised my legs slightly, and rubbed slick fingers across my entrance. His tongue and mouth were doing amazing things that had me gasping and grabbing two fistfuls of his hair, trying to anchor myself to the earth through touch alone.

The first slippery finger that entered was mildly uncomfortable, but quickly became just another sensation among my already overloaded senses. The second finger hurt momentarily, then it too became one of a multitude of sensations battering at me. When the third slick digit penetrated my body, I spilled into his mouth, crying out to the tiled ceiling. Still he didnít stop, relentlessly driving his fingers into me as he swallowed. He crawled up my body, and started nuzzling my chest like a great cat, virtually purring in satisfaction.

For some reason, the only word that would come to my lips was. "Please." Over and over again, moaned softly, or shouted at him like an order.

The fourth finger that slipped inside of me was my final undoing. It also brought with it two more words to my suddenly depleted vocabulary.

"Please...Heero... god... ahhh... please... " I gasped out over the harsh sounds of my own breathing. The loss of those filling digits was so great I bit my lip, breaking the skin in my effort not to cry out. But I need not have worried, if I had known what was coming next.

Heíd been careful so far, despite the sheer amount of his hand that heíd managed to work inside my body, it hadnít hurt for long. The extremely large cock that bumped against my entrance next, however, hurt like hell as it started to slide in.

It was a long, slow process, a ceaseless journey with no apparent end in sight. Heíd slipped between my legs, lifting them up so that the backs of my knees were touching his shoulders. His right arm circled my thighs, holding them against his chest, as with his other hand he held my hip, pulling our bodies slowly together. My fingers clutched at the bed uselessly, finding no purchase on the slippery silk.

He paused for a time, stroking my thighs and stomach, sliding his hand around my regained erection. I opened my eyes and was kept in thrall by his stare, pure lust, and purely shocking, cobalt blue. It filled my mind almost as much as he was beginning to fill my body.

It stopped hurting after that. His gaze taking over my universe, becoming all I was able to see. So much so, that when he began sliding deeper I barely noticed, and when he stopped again, all I wanted was to sob for something, anything more.

For a time, nothing moved in the room, the only sound my gasping, and his low whispers in a strange language. I started to hear my heart beating inside, then I felt his heartbeat, and it was inside me as well. Every nerve felt as if it were gathered wherever he touched me, like a fire springing up after a pass of lightning.

He whispered again in that odd liquid language, his eyes growing soft, as they stayed focused on mine.

"In english Heero." I thought to ask even as he pulled his hips back slightly, leaving me panting.

He slid in again, answering me. "Love," his hips swiveled and moved back, "the feel of you," and he pulled back a bit more, "incredible... " he moaned as he pushed in deeper then before, wringing an answering groan from my lips.

Shifting a little, he changed the angle and slid out of my body almost completely. "Pleasure," he thrust back in, hard and fast, "is all," his hips swiveled, and I clawed at the bed. "You will ever feel."

My mouth went slack, body going rigid and then trembling as he suddenly hit something inside of me, sliding against it, grinding me into the bed with the building force of each thrust. A long unwinding scream began coalescing within my throat, easing out of my mouth as nothing more than a shallow breath. "Heero... "

He groaned, gently slipping my legs off his shoulders and lifting me up to straddle his lap. Blackness licked at the edge of my vision with the new position, I felt like I was being slowly, and methodically split into two. The term Ďhaving your brains fucked outí drifted across my mind, as his hands gripped my hips and sped up the pace.

His lips found mine, tongue plunging inside, tasting my moans as much as I tasted his. Our cries escalated with each movement, the gradual build up became a wave ready to break. I wound my arms around him, scratching long furrows down his back. It got to the point where I didnít know how much more I could take, and thatís when the silk slithered around from behind me and started stroking my erection.

I think it might have seemed more strange, if it hadnít felt so good. That slick cloth gliding up and down on me like a living thing, leaving my hands free to bury themselves into Heeroís thick mane of hair and just feel each thrust and piston.

I found myself crooning into his ear, begging, pleading, moaning, panting. I wasnít even aware of what I was saying, only able to feel him all around me, inside of me. That shuddering breathless sensation flooded over me again, and I knew I wouldnít survive it. The silk wrapping around me tightened, giving one final upstroke and I came, coating our stomachs and moaning so loudly I thought Iíd break something with my voice alone. Every muscle in my body clenched, tightening for an eternal second, long enough to drag Heero along with me. His loud groan of pleasure was a delight to hear, except I wasnít in any condition to delight, as I collapsed against him.

His mouth found mine again; gentle this time, grazing my lips softly before parting them, his tongue soothing and sweet. To my amazement, I found myself growing hard once more.

He pulled back, chuckling against my lips. "Mmm, my beautiful human. I see you are ready for more," He pumped his hips once, twice, and then rocked them a little. "But you should not over extend yourself."

I closed my eyes, hiding my face against his neck, biting my lip as he kept up that gentle, swinging motion. I thought I was hallucinating when I felt warm water slip over my legs and up my chest. I opened my eyes and found that weíd moved to a bathing room. The large tiled pool empty except for us. Sighing in contentment, I relaxed against his chest, curling my arms around his neck and smiling into his shoulder.

After a few moments, I realized he was still leisurely thrusting, starting that rolling sensation all over again, sending little waves splashing around the pool. "I thought you said I shouldnít over extend myself?" I gasped against him.

"You should not, but I will let you."

"God, youíre such a smug bastard."

"And you talk too much, perhaps I should be filling some other part of you?"

My eyes popped open and I leant back, drawing groans from both our mouths. "If you think Iíll... mmph... " I could feel him smirk even as he kissed me.

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