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Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Eighteen

Tonga tightened his hold on Heero's neck, causing the Japanese youth to cringe. Tonga chuckled, feeling Heero's body shake in pain as he watched Kei hold onto Duo's hips, ready to enter him in one swift move.

"Your lover boy is gonna belong to Kei now." Tonga whispered. Heero glared.

"He will never belong to him." Tonga chuckled, tightening his hold again.

"We will see." Heero groaned in pain as Tonga squeezed harder and harder and...

..wait a minute. Was it him or was the hold getting...weaker?

Wufei crashed to the ground in pain from the blow Rick delivered. Rick looked down at the broken dragon, grinning like a maniac from the damage done.

"Too bad you didn't want to play nice, now I'm gonna have to kill you." Wufei stood on his legs, but then fell to his knees, his legs feeling like lead weights. He looked up to see Rick charge at him with great speed, his fist cocked back in the air to land a painful blow. Wufei gasped, putting his arms up over his face to block the attack. Rick screamed and delivered the blow, expecting the Chinese boy to fly back like he had done all the other times.

Wufei didn't even move. It was like he didn't even feel it.

Trowa groaned, feeling Vince continue to stomp his back with his foot. Trowa shut his eyes in pain and in fear, knowing what Juno was planning for Quatre. When he opened his eyes again he saw that Juno was dragging Quatre's pants down, a sick look of pleasure on his face. Trowa saw Quatre shake his head, his body trembling as if not accepting what was about to happen. Trowa grunted in pain, feeling Vince's foot step on his back again.

"Too much for you Barton?" Vince asked. Trowa said nothing. Vince glared down at Trowa and decided that it was time to teach the pest some manners. Vince drew his foot back, about to kick Trowa in his stomach and send him flying when he suddenly stopped his foot in mid-kick.

"What...what's happening?" Vince grunted. Trowa glanced up and gasped at what he saw.

"So beautiful." Juno whispered, his hand massaging Quatre's cheek. Quatre drew his face away, Juno glaring.

"You look at me damnit! Have you forgotten what I have taught you!" Juno slapped Quatre across his cheek, the blond shutting his eyes from the blow.

But for some strange reason it didn't hurt.

Quatre looked up at Juno, the boy still glaring down at him. Juno chuckled darkly and let his hand travel lower and lower. Quatre growled when he felt Juno's hand wrap around his limp member to try and get him hard, Juno smiling the entire time. Quatre balled up his fist, knowing that it would do nothing but enrage the stronger boy but he wasn't about to give up without a fight, and punched him square in his jaw. Juno gasped at the impact of the punch and grabbed his cheek in pain.


That wasn't suppose to hurt.

Juno looked down at Quatre and glared, but Quatre just looked at him in surprise. Juno soon discovered why as his hand touched his lip.

His bleeding lip.

Why was he bleeding?

Kei drew Duo closer to him, ready to impale the warm body in front of his worst enemy when he heard a loud scream. Kei immediately dropped Duo and looked toward the source of the scream.

What he saw made his heart stop.

All four of the boys were looking a sickly green color. Their arms and legs were throbbing, actually throbbing, like they were about to burst. They all stood and grabbed their heads in pain, each boy drooling out a strange green liquid.

Heero and the others watched in amazement. What was happening to them?

"ARGH! I can't...take this. The...the PAIN!" Tonga grabbed his stomach, having dropped Heero a long time ago, and bent over and began to throw up a strange greenish brown liquid. Kei, Duo, and Heero watched the boy's arms and legs bulge out again, his clothes threatening to tear off but they never did. Finally, Tonga stopped puking, his body seeming to be under control. Tonga looked at his hands in horror.

"I feel...I feel...I don't feel strong anymore!" Tonga soon discovered that the antidote did work, and not only did it take away the effects of the drug, but some of his strength too.

Rick, Vince, and Juno all went through the same thing. Wufei, Trowa, and Quatre watched, totally entranced by the scene.

"Help...help ME!" Rick groaned, holding himself in pain. Juno and Vince wiped their mouths, the nasty taste from them throwing up still there. They looked at each other, as if just waking up from some strange dream, and then looked at their enemies.

"Whatcha staring at huh?" Rick asked Wufei, putting his fist up as if to try and fight again. Wufei growled, finding the strength to stand again, getting in his fighting stance. Rick let out a loud cry and charged at Wufei, but this time things were different.

Wufei was able to dodge all of his attacks with ease. And it seemed like that each time he threw a punch his strength was sucked away from him.

Vince pounced on Trowa, strangling him and thrashing his head into the floor. Trowa grunted in pain, feeling the air being cut off from his body. Vince glared at him harder, continuing to choke him.

"What did you guys do to me huh? HUH! ANSWER ME!" Vince gasped when Trowa raised his knee up to hit him between the legs, causing Vince to clutch himself in pain and stumble back. Trowa turned over and let out a few harsh coughs, his air returning rapidly. He soon sucked in one last breath and got up, turning to glare at Vince.

Vince suddenly felt like a deer caught in the headlights.

While Juno held his stomach in pain from the effects of the antidote Quatre quickly pulled his pants back up. He was about to get up and attack when he saw Juno glare at him.

"That was a nice little stunt you pulled Quatre." Juno said with a chuckle, looking down at Quatre who was scooting back and away from him. Juno smirked, it appeared that the blond still held some fear of him.

That was good, Juno would use that to his advantage.

"Now be a good little boy and just lie still for me." Juno said. Quatre's eyes met with the evident bulge in Juno's pants, his body immediately freezing up. Juno smiled, a sick little smile that made Quatre see red.

It was about time he got rid of the source of his fears.

When Juno got close enough, Quatre suddenly moved very fast and flipped himself up, his legs wrapping around Juno's neck. Juno grunted in surprise, the blonde's legs squeezing together and choking him.

"You little..." Juno croaked out. Quatre smirked.

"A trick I learned from Trowa, the only one who will ever be able to touch me." Quatre pulled himself up with his legs, his hand balled up in a fist. Juno gasped when he saw Quatre's face for a brief second before he felt his fist land in his nose, breaking it instantly. Then Quatre landed back on the ground on his hands and flung Juno over with his legs, the other boy flying into the ground.

Juno landed hard on the ground, Quatre standing and smirking at him.

"It's over."

Tonga coughed out some blood when he felt Heero's fist land in his stomach, sending him on his knees and to the ground. He looked up at Heero who wore a look that only promised more pain.

"No...I will beat you!" Tonga jumped up and sent a punch at Heero, only to have him catch it and flip the boy over on his back. Tonga looked up in time to see Heero lift his leg up and send it down on top of his stomach.

"SHIT!" Heero let his foot dig deep in Tonga's gut, the boy whimpering and withering on the ground in pain.

Kei growled low as he watched the tables turn. It happened so fast. One minute the Angels were down for the count and the next they were up like nothing happened.

Damn their second wind.

Duo pulled up his shorts and watched as Heero and the others continued their assault. He looked over to see that Kei was watching the fight in horror, and also noticed that he no longer held the leash that the collar was attached to.

Duo slowly stood and began to back away, hoping that he could get away from Kei.

This idea was short lived.

"Where ya goin Duo? I still need you here." Kei said, his hold on the leash tight as he pulled Duo over in one mighty yank. Duo gasped as he flew back over to Kei, the other boy glaring at him.

"You ain't goin nowhere until I say so!" Kei let the leash go only to grab a handful of Duo's hair, pulling his face down hard so they could be at eye level. Duo grabbed the hand that was in his hair and tried to pull it off of him, but Kei was still stronger. Kei chuckled as he threw Duo to the ground, taking hold of the leash again.

"As long as I have you I have Yuy. This isn't over yet." Kei spat. Duo frowned and turned his head to look at the fight.

He wisely kept his comments to himself. Nothing needed to be said.

It was obvious who the winner would be.

Rick threw himself into the fight, determined to defeat Wufei.

"You are getting sloppy." Wufei taunted, dodging another punch.

"Fuck you!" Rick swept his foot up for a roundhouse kick, but Wufei caught his foot, his eyes blazing.

"You're not my type." Wufei growled out. He then pushed Rick away, the other boy falling ungracefully on his ass. Rick looked up at Wufei and glared at the smirk he wore.

"Stop smirking. Damnit! Don't you mock me you little..." Rick didn't get time to finish his sentence for Wufei had decked him in his mouth.

"You talk too much." Rick felt tears sting his eyes as he spit out some blood. He gasped, reaching inside his mouth and pulling out his two front teeth. More blood flew out and Rick stood, his eyes looking very worried.

"Look man, I think you've won this fight. Let's just...cut it out alright?" Rick pleaded. Wufei only laughed.

"You really are a coward. You are nothing without that drug." Rick growled and decided to give it one more go.

It would be the last mistake he made.

Wufei suddenly turned and kicked Rick across his face. Rick would've went sailing to the ground if it wasn't for Wufei using his other leg to kick him on the other side of his face.

All that Rick could do was grunt and groan, his eyes closed tight as he felt Wufei kick him for what felt like forever. He could only hope that the dragon's rage would calm down.

What happened next made him rethink that thought.

Wufei brought his knee up and used it to bring Rick's head down to the ground. Rick screamed when he felt Wufei's knee dig into the side of his face, feeling something break but not being able to identify it. Rick whimpered when he felt Wufei step on the side of his face as he backed away from him.

Wufei looked down at Rick with hatred, seeing him whimper and groan in pain was a just punishment for the bastard.

Trowa slowly approached Vince, and Vince swore that he saw the Latin boy glowing with some strange aura.

Anger does that sometimes.

"I will enjoy pounding you into the ground." Trowa spat out. Vince suddenly charged at Trowa, ready to at least try and give him a good fight.

Try being the key word here.

Trowa easily spun out of the way. Vince growled and tried again, but with the same result. Trowa was just toying with him, Vince tiring himself out.

"Alright that's it!" Vince charged again, expecting Trowa to spin out of the way but this time he didn't. Instead he did a backflip, his feet hitting Vince in his jaw. Vince stumbled back, holding his jaw in pain. He didn't get a chance to try and attack again, for Trowa dropped to the ground and used his legs to sweep Vince's legs from under him. Vince let out a startled cry as he began to fall to the ground. Trowa helped him get there faster as he did a cartwheel, his hands not touching the ground as he did this and his legs in the air until they hit Vince in his chest, sending him down.

Vince held his chest in pain. Then he groaned as the pain in his jaw increased. He looked up to see that Trowa was heading over to Quatre to try and help him.

"No you don't!" Vince stood on shaky feet and screamed at Trowa.

"This fight isn't over!" Trowa stopped and turned when he heard someone charge at him. Trowa shook his head, showing his opinion of the foolish boy. He turned around and grabbed Vince's arms and hooked both of his legs around it. Vince gasped as he was flipped over by Trowa's legs, the other boy landing on the ground beside him. Vince looked at Trowa and shook his head slowly, knowing what the boy was about to do.

Trowa just smirked.

A loud screamed echoed around the area and a loud crack followed after it. Trowa unhooked his legs from Vince's now broken arm, the other boy just lying on the ground in humiliation and lots of pain.

Quatre and Juno turned at the loud scream and saw Vince try to sit up. They both noticed that his arm looked like it was in some weird kind of angle, obviously broken. Quatre saw Trowa head over towards them, but slowly shook his head.

"Wha..." Quatre smiled at Trowa.

"Let me do this on my own." He said, glaring at Juno. Juno smirked at Quatre.

"Do you really think you can little Quatre? You can try. And after you get over this foolishness you can come home to your Juno." Quatre felt his face get red, but not from embarrassment. Juno smiled at him then glared at Trowa.

"And then I have to get rid of you."

"You can try asshole." Trowa said. Juno chuckled and turned his attention to Quatre and smiled at the blond.

"I see you have made the right decision." Quatre was running towards him, a look of happiness on his face. Juno held his arms out, expecting the boy to run into them.

"Come to me." Juno said.

"Oh I'll come alright." Quatre picked up speed and at the last second Juno noticed that the smile turned into a frown, Quatre looking like he was about to do some serious damage. Juno had no time to process this, because Quatre had jumped in the air and let his legs go ahead of him, wrapping them around Juno's waist and bringing him down with his body weight. Juno struggled in the grip, feeling Quatre's legs move up to his spine.

"Quatre...don't you do it..."

"Do what Juno-chan?" Quatre's voice sounded cold as ice. Juno actually felt a chill run down his spine.

"Now look, you know Juno loves you and..." When Quatre heard that he growled and pressed his legs together hard, Juno feeling his spine begin to break.

"St...stop! Stop it please Quatre!"

"Hmph! All those times I asked you to stop and you didn't. How dare you ask for the same sympathy!"

"Quatre....Quatre I couldn't help it back then. I've changed. Honest. Remember....remember all the good times we had...remember...." Juno pleaded, feeling the grip tighten and his spine protest more and more.

"I remember all the BAD times! Every time you hurt me. Everytime you used and abused me. I remember you sharing me with your damn gang, unwillingly, like I was some sort of toy. I remember all of that!" Tears streamed down Quatre's face as he began to remember the past.

"Quatre. I'm sorry....I never meant to hurt you." Quatre chuckled.

"You really sound sincere."

"I am baby. Please...give me one more chance. We can be happy like we were before. I was swallowed up by the gang. I...I'm sorry..."

"You know what else I remember? I remember meeting Trowa, and I remember him showing me love. And I remember him sacrificing everything he knew for me. I remember running into his arms that day, and he never let me go. You know Juno I should thank you. If it wasn't for you being such an asshole...I would've never turned to Trowa." There was a loud snapping noise after that declaration, Juno letting out a bone chilling scream. Quatre pulled himself up and looked down at Juno, wiping away his tears and walking away towards Trowa.

Trowa smiled at him and held him in his arms, much like that day so long ago when Quatre left Juno to go with him. Trowa kissed the top of his hair and rubbed soothing circles along his back.

"You did good little one."

"Thank you Trowa. Thank you for letting me do it alone."

"You are never alone as long as I am here." The two pulled away, Trowa planting a kiss on Quatre's lips. The two held hands as they approached Wufei...

...who was currently watching Heero beat the crap out of Tonga.

"Argh!!!" Tonga flew onto the ground yet again, his eyes looking up at the sky. He sat up and locked his eyes on Heero's and felt a shudder run through his body.

Not again.

Tonga stood and put his hands out in a sign of surrender.

"Wait...now wait a minute Heero. I...I'm not the one who you want to fight." Tonga said fearfully. Heero continued to walk towards him.

"It's...it's Kei you're after. He's...he's the one who started all of this."

"Coward." Kei whispered. He glared down at Duo who was currently snickering about the entire situation.

"You better stop fucking laughing!" Kei said, but Duo couldn't help but laugh. Everything was crumbling down before the bastard's eyes, and that was incredibly funny to him.

"Yeah. He...he made me do all those things to Duo. I didn't want to. Really, I was...was gonna try and help Duo..." Heero growled and charged at Tonga. Tonga gasped and began to back away, telling his feet to run but they didn't listen. Suddenly, Heero bent down and used his hand to knock Tonga's feet from under him. Before Tonga could hit the ground, Heero wrapped his hand around his leg.

Tonga gasped when Heero jumped on his chest, sitting on it with his leg still in his hand. Tonga moaned in pain, his leg twisting in an impossible angle. Heero growled again and twisted it, putting it in an even sicker angle then it was before. Tonga howled in pain, the feeling shooting all over his body.

"Ah SHIT! Son of a....BITCH!" Heero straddled Tonga's hips and punched him in his face three times, busting his nose, his jaw, and his lip. Tonga place a hand over his face, trying to ease the pain, but Heero only gave him a dark chuckle and took that hand. He slid over to the side of Tonga, pulling his arm with him until another loud crack rang through his ears.

Tonga felt tears fall from his eyes as he began to sob.

His leg and arm were broken, along with a good portion of his face. He had a lot to cry about.

Duo's eyes widened at the carnage taking place. It was hard to believe that his koibito and his friends could cause so much damage. Duo however felt a smile on his face when Heero turned to look at him, a loving look on his face.

The other three boys joined Heero, all four of them glaring at Kei. Kei quickly stood up, his eyes scanning over his fallen comrades.

They all looked so helpless now.

So many broken bones and so much blood. Kei frowned, it looked like he was on his own.

Heero pulled the other needle he had out of his back pocket and smirked at Kei.

"Now this won't hurt a bit."

"Heero's right. It seems to take a while to work, but I think the four of us can last until it does." Wufei added. Kei glared at all four of them, then smirked. He suddenly bent over and grabbed the leash, pulling Duo over hard.

Duo gasped, his back pressing against Kei's chest. Kei unlocked the collar, but immediately wrapped his arms around Duo's neck, strangling him.

"Kei...let him go..."

"Now why would I do that Heero?" Kei said, choking Duo more. Duo struggled in the grip, his hands coming up to try and pull Kei's arm off of him. Kei chuckled, using his other arm to wrap around Duo's waist, pulling him in closer.

"Kei. If you hurt him..." Trowa warned. Kei just chuckled.

"Well traitor trash, what if I don't let him go?" Kei asked. Duo groaned in pain, his eyes shut tightly. Kei smirked at the beauty in his arms and let his tongue lick the side of Duo's face, the boy letting out a pitiful moan. Heero was about to charge at him, but Quatre stopped him.

"Wait Heero. Don't do anything."

"He's right Heero. We have to play this out." Wufei said. Kei laughed at the predicament they were in.

"Yes boys, play it out. Now, Heero, drop the needle." Heero glared, holding onto the needle tightly. Kei growled, tightening his grip again.

"AH! Le...let GO!" Duo screamed, feeling his air grow thinner. Kei smirked at Heero.

"Your call."

Heero glared harder, as if it would do something to change the situation. Suddenly Heero's eyes picked up...something...in back of Kei.

Was someone there?

Whatever it was seemed to nod at Heero. Heero nodded back...

...and dropped the needle.

"Good boy." Kei said, loosening his grip on Duo's neck, now using both of his arms to wrap around Duo's waist.

Duo sucked in a huge breath, his lungs happy at that air they received. Duo allowed himself a minute to catch his breath before he looked up at Heero.

"Why?" Duo asked softly.

Heero looked at Duo and that look made Duo feel sort of relieved. It appeared that Heero had a plan, and his eyes told Duo not to worry and trust him. While Kei gloated, Heero nodded his head to the side, showing Duo that someone was behind Kei that appeared that they would help.

"Need a distraction." Wufei mouthed out.

"O.K." Duo mouthed back.

Kei stopped his gloating when he felt something round and firm rub against him. Kei looked down at Duo and saw that the boy clasped his hands on Kei's arms as he continued to rub against him. Kei couldn't stop the moan that tore from his throat.

"Mmm Duo, what has gotten into you?" Kei asked. Duo smirked.

"Well it's obvious that you have gotten the best of Heero. I guess he is too weak to defeat you." Duo had to stop himself from cringing at the look Heero was giving him.

It may have been an act, but saying those words hurt.

"And...well...I need a strong man in my life...and you seem to be the one, not him." Duo said. Kei purred, gripping Duo's hips while he began to rub against the round globes.

Duo moaned, but the other boys could tell it was fake.

"Duo. How could you? After all Heero has done for you?" Quatre said, his eyes shining with tears. Duo felt a sting in his heart at that look, but he knew what he had to do.

"I'm sorry. Kei is just the better man." Duo gasped when he felt one of Kei's hands slither into his shorts, Kei nipping at his neck. Duo groaned, but it was in disgust and not pleasure.

"Mmm Duo. You are very wise." Kei said, rubbing his cock with his hand. Duo turned his head to look at Kei and saw that Kei's lips were coming close to his. Duo shut his eyes at the same time as Kei, their lips drawing closer.

"NO!" Heero screamed. Duo opened his eyes to look into Heero's.

"Forgive me." He mouthed out before Kei pressed his lips into his. Duo groaned into the kiss, feeling Kei use his tongue to open his lips. Duo opened them, feeling the horrid tongue enter his mouth.

Duo kissed him back, his tongue meeting Kei's, the two getting swept in the kiss.

Heero and the others watched in disgust.

Poor Duo.

Heero saw the person behind them raise what appeared to be a needle at Kei's neck. Heero looked down and saw that the needle he had was still on the ground.

So where did this other needle come from?

And what did it contain?

Kei opened his eyes and smirked, his hands releasing Duo and grabbing the person behind him. Duo gasped as he fell to the ground, watching Kei and the person struggle. He still couldn't tell who it was yet.

"You...how DARE you!" Kei screamed, slapping the person to the ground. The person fell with a loud thud, the needle flying out of his hand. Duo gasped when he finally got a look at the person, long gray hair covering his body from his fall.


"After all I have done...and you betray me?" Kei approached Reiko, the gray haired boy standing up and glaring at Kei.

"What you are doing it crazy Kei! I couldn't let you do it."

"Reiko, your job was so easy. Make the drug, get money, and that's it. But you had to screw it up. Too bad you have to die now." Kei stalked towards Reiko, Reiko backing away. Kei was about to strike when he suddenly grunted in pain.

All gasped at what they saw.

After he saw the needle skid away, and seeing who had brought it, Duo immediately jumped to his feet to get it. Without any second thoughts, he charged at Kei while he was distracted and inserted the needle through his neck.

"You...you little..." Kei threw Duo off of him, Duo landing on the ground hard. Heero approached Duo, gathering the boy in his arms. Duo hugged Heero back, but the two jumped away at the loud scream that tore out of Kei's throat.

"What...what's happening?" Trowa asked. All watched as Kei dropped on his knees, holding his head in pain as his entire body shook. The boys gasped when his arms and legs began to bulge, just like the other Wildcats when...

"The antidote? How?" Reiko smirked over at Heero, joining the group.

"J gave me a call and told me what happened. He told me that the antidote worked, but he had just found out that it took an extremely long time to take effect. I went over there to help him with the antidote, and together we figured out why it took so long."


"It turns out there was something missing in the samples he got. One of the ingredients he had was missing a special component called 'Hastega.' With it, it can make anything speed up. So we mixed the last of the ingredients and created the new antidote. And since the entire town knows about the fight due to the broadcast, I rushed down here." Duo smiled at Reiko.

"Thank you." Reiko smiled back.

"Don't mention it." All the boys turned and saw that Kei had wiped away the greenish brown ooze that escaped his lips, then bent over and threw it all up. They all watched Kei cough up the strange substance, the boy holding his stomach in pain. Kei eventually stopped and stood up, a horrified expression on his face as he stared at his hands.

"No..." He whispered, feeling his arms and legs. They seemed so much smaller and weaker.

"No...no this can't be...this can't be..." Heero was the first to get over the shock as he began to approached Kei. He felt a hand cover his own and looked back to see Duo holding him, his eyes filled with worry.

"I wanna....come with you. I wanna make sure that he's not a threat anymore." Heero nodded, the two slowly approaching Kei.

"How can this be. I had everything worked out. EVERYTHING!" Heero and Duo stopped in their tracks when Kei began to scream.

"WhywhywhywhyWHY!!! This can't be happening to MEEEEEEE!!!" Kei glared over at Heero and Duo, his face looking hystarical.

"It's your fault...YOUR FAULT! I had it all. I had the city, the power, the...the cute boy. But you took it all away." Kei spat out at Heero. Heero glared back at Kei.

"You tried to take things that weren't yours. This city is not yours...you do not rule over these people. And the cute boy....is mine." Heero pulled Duo into him, Duo holding onto Heero tightly. Kei growled low in his throat.

"I'm going to kill you. And then, I will take all that belongs to me." Heero let go of Duo and got in a fighting stance. The look on his face told Duo to back away, and the long haired boy took the advice to heart.

"We'll see. Let's go." Kei glared and put up his fist, ready to fight.

"HOLD IT!" Screamed a loud voice. All turned and gasped when they saw a woman with violet colored hair pointing a gun at Kei.

"FREEZE! Kei...you are under arrest!" Heero and the others groaned.

Not the cops.

Reiko gasped when he got a look at the second woman, her brown hair and eyes looking too familiar to him.


Une and Noin approached Heero and Kei, ready to take Kei in along with the other Wildcats.

Whatever was left of them.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Heero asked.

"What does it look like, we are taking him in." Noin said, going behind Kei to handcuff him.

"Taking him in? What the hell for?" Wufei asked angrily. Une glared at the Chinese boy.

"It is the right thing to do."

"We can't allow you to do that." Quatre said, Trowa and Wufei stepping forward to block Une's way. Une growled at the boys.

"This isn't a game, get out of the way!" She barked.

"You are the one who is playing games. Arresting him will do no good, can't you see that?" Trowa asked.

"Enough of this. Noin, arrest him. And if any of these boys try to stop you we'll bring them in to."

"Ma'am please think about what you are doing. This isn't going to solve anything." Duo said. Une growled at pointed her gun at the boys. Heero glared at her for the harsh move.

"Do NOT get in police business! Now you stay put while we take them in. We appreciate what you have done but your fight is over."

Noin pulled out her handcuffs and grabbed Kei's wrist.

"You have the right to remain silent." She started. Kei chuckled.

"It will be nice to see my buddies in the big house again. I'm just gonna break out again."

"I said silent!" Noin screamed, tightening her hold on Kei's wrist. Kei showed only little discomfort. Noin was about to slap the handcuffs on when Kei suddenly growled, breaking out of her grasp and knocking her over. Noin gasped when Kei took her gun and without warning fired.

Everything happened in slow motion. Une turned around and saw Kei knock Noin over. She drew her gun to fire but Kei had beat her to it. Everyone seemed to stand in frozen shock, and it seemed like she could see the bullet zoom towards her in a straight path. She suddenly heard a cry and she turned around to see a streak of gray jump at her. Only one word tumbled from her mouth...


When Reiko saw Kei knock Noin over he acted without thinking. He knew his mother was too focused on her job and didn't notice him standing behind the three boys, and he knew that she wouldn't react in time with the shot. He charged through the three boys and ran, jumping to knock her out of the way.


Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei regained their balance and looked around. Everything had happened so fast that they couldn't keep up.

"Oh no..." The boys turned at Duo's sad voice. The long haired boy approached the two figures that were on the ground, Heero right behind him.

"Reiko? Ms. Une? Are you O.K.?" Duo asked. There was a low moan heard and the figure on the bottom of the pile moved.

"Oh no...my...my baby..." Duo pulled Reiko off of Une and gasped at the wound the boy had in his side. Duo laid Reiko on the ground, Une getting on her knees and cradling Reiko in her arms.

"Reiko...Reiko wake up..." The other boys huddled around the group to make sure that everything was O.K. Reiko shook a little, low breaths coming from his throat.

"Open your eyes...please..." Reiko's eyes slowly fluttered open, gray orbs looking hazy with pain.

"Mo...mma?" Reiko croaked out. Une smiled, wiping some hair out of his eyes.

"That's right. I'm here."

"Are you O.K.?" He asked. Une felt a tear slide down her cheek.

"I'm fine. You should worry about yourself." It was amazing that the two were separated for years, but this one moment brought them back together as if there was nothing between them.

"Listen ma...I...I mean...you know...I..." Reiko groaned in pain again, Une hugging him tighter.

"Shh. We will discuss that later. Right now you relax. We will get an ambulance here and everything will be O.K." Reiko nodded, Une kissing his forehead. The other boys sighed in relief, happy that Reiko would be O.K.

"HEY! Get BACK HERE!" All turned to see Noin running after Kei, the other boy leaving her behind in the dust. She grabbed her ankle in pain, it had twisted when Kei had knocked her over.

"Damn it!" She cried. Une and the others approached her, making sure that she was O.K. Heero nodded and turned, leaving the others behind.

"Where are you going?" Noin asked. Heero didn't look back as he went to get his motorcycle.

"To finish this. I will bring you back Kei's dead body." Noin growled at Heero.

"No you won't! We are placing him under arrest!" Une looked over at her son, the boy she had lost years ago but finally got back, only to have him holding on to his life. Her eyes turned cold, and everyone could've sworn that her voice changed to a much colder one.

"You told me a while ago that you would bring back his pieces. I want you to do that, and make sure there is enough pieces left to put in jail." Une said. Heero stopped at that statement and turned to look into Une's eyes. He nodded, realizing that she finally understood that the best way to kill a bug was to squish it's head, not just it's leg.

Duo suddenly broke out of the group and ran towards Heero, grabbing his arm as he mounted his motorcycle.

"What?" Duo actually flinched at the coldness in his voice.

Someone was going to die today.

"Just...be careful." Duo said. Heero surprised Duo by wrapping his arm around his waist. Duo felt himself being pulled into the warm body, and gasped when Heero placed a soft kiss on his lips. Duo melted into the kiss, feeling Heero plunder his lips like a man does water when he's been in the desert for a while. Duo wrapped his arms around Heero's neck, the kiss intensifying. Heero didn't want it to end, he wanted to kiss Duo forever and ever, taking away the putrid taste of Kei that Duo had experienced. Duo ran his fingers through the short brown hair, Heero pulling Duo even closer to him. But, the kiss had to end, and Heero pulled away.

"I will be. I will return to you." With that, Heero put on his helmet and smiled at Duo. Duo clasped his hands together and nodded as Heero reved up his bike.

The Japanese gang leader rode off, his true love watching him, as he went ahead to face the final enemy.

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