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Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Seventeen

"Heero! What the HELL are you doing? That isn't finished yet!" Dr. J screamed, watching Heero take the antidote he was working on. Heero glared at the old doctor.

"You just said you added all the ingredients correct?" Dr. J sighed, nodding his head.

"But I haven't tested it yet. Listen..."

"What are the ingredients?" Heero asked, looking at the green looking ooze.

"Uh...the Hawthorn, Snowdrop, and Almond Blossom all mean hope. The Dandelion is Love's Oracle and the Dog-Violet is faithfulness. But why..."

"And you've added all of these things to the chemical they used, therefore, creating the antidote right?" Heero asked, rephrasing his first question.

"Yes, but..."

"It sounds finished to me." Heero took the stairs two at a time. J tried to chase after, but when he got to the top of the stairs he found that the door had been locked.

"HEERO! HEERO DON'T BE A FOOL! DON'T GET KILLED OVER THIS BOY!!!" J gasped when the door was swung open and he was met with cold blue eyes.

"This isn't just some boy. This is the one I love. Now you are either going to help me or I'm going to just take what I need...and if you get in my way..." J sighed and nodded sadly.

"Well if it's going to be like that then let me at least help you get prepared."

Duo sat on his knees, his head bowed and the collar still attached to his neck. Kei sat on one of the boxes that was near the dock and waited. The other gang members were scattered in various places, but all on the lookout for any sign of their enemy.

Duo was wearing something different this time. He still had on the skimpy leather shorts, but now he wore a white fitted T-shirt that was tucked into the pants and a short matching leather jacket. There was also a black scarf tied on his head, his hair braided up to his neck and the rest flowing freely. The bastards had told him that they wanted him to look good for Heero for the last time.

He felt cold hands run over his face and neck and he tried to pull away, only to have the leash pulled harder, his head crashing on Kei's lap.

"Why do you still fight me my little love? Don't you know that it is hopeless to do so?" Kei asked, his voice sounding sincere, making Duo want to gag as he felt Kei run fingers through his hair, treating him like some kind of pet.

"I will always fight you, my little bastard! You should know by now that I will never have any type of feelings for you but hatred." Duo hissed. Kei growled and pulled Duo up, only to force him to sit in his lap. Duo cringed when he felt Kei's erection dig in his ass.

An erection that seemed to never want to go away.

"Oh Duo, you might as well get use to me being around." Kei said, his hand gliding over the fitted shirt and onto the buckle of Duo's pants.

"Why should I, you are going to die soon anyway." Duo glared at him, about to pull his hand away when he felt Kei grab both of his wrist, squeezing them together and causing a whimper to rise out of his throat. Kei smiled at the whimper, going in to nip at Duo's neck. Duo gasped when he felt teeth bite down hard, threatening to draw blood as the hand on his pants slipped inside. Duo whimpered again, shutting his eyes so he couldn't see this happening again. Kei stopped his neck torture and smiled and the dark bruise he left, imprinting himself on the beauty.

"Mmm Duo," Kei said, whispering in Duo's ear, "I seem to remember me saying a while ago that I would run this city, and have your cute little ass in my lap while I did so. Looks like that little promise is being fulfilled." Kei finished by nipping at Duo's ear. Duo groaned, feeling Kei's hand try to wake up his member again.

"And I seem to remember me saying that when Heero kills you..." Kei didn't let him finish, instead, he back handed Duo to the ground. Duo gasped, holding his cheek in pain, his eyes shut tight.

"I think you better stop saying shit like that little Duo." Kei said, raising Duo's legs up and over his head. Duo's body froze, expecting Kei to penetrate him again.

It never happened, but Kei was pulling his shorts down.

"Don't worry my sweet little Duo. I won't take your luscious body anymore, not until Heero gets here." Duo gasped when he felt Kei's mouth wrap around his member, his hands massaging his inner thighs. Duo shuddered, letting out a desperate moan for help.

"After the boys rip those little Angels to shreds, I'm gonna beat the shit outta Heero, but I won't kill him until he sees me claiming what is mine." Kei said with a sick laugh. Duo shuddered, feeling Kei take him in again.

"Oh Heero....please....be careful...."

Kyosuke, Irea, Sally, Treize, Zechs, and even Dr. J sat in the living room, waiting for the boys to get ready. There was a table set, various weapons sitting on it for the fight. That was one thing about their fights, they didn't really use guns. They instead used weapons, feeling that cutting one into pieces was better that just shooting them in the head.

Although if it did come down to shooting it was still not a problem.

"Do you have the antidote?" Treize asked.

"Yes, they have to inject it in their neck." J answered, pointing to five needles that had a green looking substance in them. Suddenly, the four boys came downstairs.

Wufei came down first, wearing a black leather jacket that stopped at his hips, a matching black T-shirt, and a pair of tight leather pants with black boots. His hair was down and flowed all around his shoulders and he slipped on a pair of black leather gloves to encase his fingers.

Quatre was next, his outfit similar to Wufei's only he didn't wear a leather jacket, he just wore the T-shirt and pants. But his T-shirt was a sort of gray camoflauge with matching pants and black boots, a black headband over his forehead with a matching pair of fingerless gloves.

Trowa was right behind him, a tight pair of faded black jeans with an open leather vest which had a picture of a gray horse on the back, standing on it's two legs as if it were about to throw someone off of its back. He also wore fingerless gloves with a pair of black leather boots that his pants tucked in to and a silver chain sparkled around his neck.

And their leader, Heero Yuy, was the last to appear. He wore a pair of tight black leather pants just like Wufei, only he wore a tight black sleeveless shirt which was tucked into the leather pants and a long black leather trench coat that went all the way to his ankles. He wore matching leather gloves and had a pair of dark sunglasses over his eyes.

"Well boys, I hope you are ready." Kyosuke said. Heero and the others nodded and went over to the table to choose their weapons.

Heero grabbed what appeared to be two wrist bands and placed them on his wrist.

"What is that?" Zechs asked. Dr. J smiled.

"Show them Heero." Suddenly, with the right turn of his wrist, two blades popped out of the bands, surprising everyone but Dr. J, Kyosuke, and the other gang members.

"Nice." Treize said as Heero made the blades go back into the bands. Wufei walked over to the table, examining a series of katanas that sat there. The others watched the boy grab one, twirl it around, then put it down to do the same to the other one.

"What...is he doing?" Irea asked.

"Wufei is picky like that. He has to 'feel' his weapon out, making sure there is a connection between the two of them." Quatre said with a laugh.

"I am not picky." Wufei said, finally choosing a worthy blade and placing it on the inside of his jacket. The others giggled as Trowa went over to grab what appeared to be a long red pole. He twirled it around once, then a little to the right to make two sharp blades come out of the ends. Finding this weapon suitable, he turned the pole to the left to make the blades go back in. Trowa slipped the pole around his neck with the string it had around it and waited for the others. Quatre looked at the table and a smile crossed his face as he grabbed a sword.

"Wow...he doesn't look like the type who would use a sword." Zechs said. Kyosuke and Irea smirked.

"Hey Quatre, show them how good you are with that sword." Quatre nodded, suddenly flicking the sword out like a whip. Treize and Zechs both gasped when the sword broke apart into little pieces, each piece attached to a cord to act as a whip. Quatre snapped the new sword turned whip, the loud crack emitting through the living room.

"Impressive." Quatre smiled and drew the whip back, the pieces coming back together to form the sword again.

"Very nice boys." Kyosuke said, Quatre turning his sword into a whip one more time and looping it around his waist. Dr. J came over and gave them each a needle with the drug in it, giving Heero two because one was needed for Kei as well.

"Remember, aim for the neck. And pray that it works because I haven't tested it."

"We know." The boys walked outside and to their bikes, Heero getting on one, then Wufei, then Trowa and Quatre shared one. They all put on their helmets which had angel wings on them and reved up their bikes. Sally ran up to Wufei and gave him a hug, telling him to be careful. Wufei nodded, giving her a soft kiss on her lips as the four boys went off to face the ultimate enemy.

"Be safe you all."

Kei stretched a bit, waiting for Heero to show up because he knew he would. Duo was still sitting in his lap, a frown on his beautiful features. The other four were sitting next to Kei, watching and waiting.

They too prepared for the fight.

Juno wore a tight blue sleeveless shirt and a pair of blue jeans. The back of his shirt had a Wildcat on it to symbolize the gang he was in, a pair of dusty looking black gloves were on his hands. The weapon he chose was one similar to Trowa's only his pole was blue and his blades were slightly longer.

Tonga had on an open black vest that had a Wildcat on the back with a black halter top, showing off his flat stomach. His pants were a pair of black cargo pants, the pockets containing little poison daggers that he would use to eliminate his enemy if his sword was knocked out, the long blade he held in his hand.

Vince decided on wearing an outfit similar to Juno's, only his shirt was long sleeved and white with a pair of tight leather pants. He wore black shoes and a black belt to go with his pants, but his weapon was a weird one indeed. He wore a pair of white gloves, but when he balled his fist up long claws came out of the gloves.

Rick had on a worn out blue jean jacket with a pair of faded blue jeans. He wore no shirt and had a pair of brown shoes to go with the brown belt he wore and had a pair of brown gloves. His weapon was also a katana similar to Wufei's.

And Kei wore a tight black fitted shirt that use to have sleeves but he cut them off. He wore a pair of white leather pants like Vince, only his were snake skin, black printed lines covering the white pants. He wore a pair of black shoes and black gloves, his hand holding Duo's leash tightly. His weapon of choice was surprisingly...

...his fist.

He would have one of the boys rough Heero up with their weapon, knocking his away and toying with him a bit. Then, that boy would drag Heero over to watch him take Duo, claiming the fey youth as his. And after he was done, Duo would watch him kill his Heero, and Kei would take Duo away forever.

"Yo boss, you sure they comin?" Tonga asked, watching out for the boys.

"Of course they are." Juno snapped, watching out as well. Duo sighed, his head bowed and his face filled with worry.

"What's the matter little one? Are you afraid that we are gonna tear your little friends to shreds?" Vince asked. Duo glared at him, but didn't answer his question.

"I asked ya a question!" Vince grabbed Duo's chin roughly, Kei growling and pushing the boy away.

"Did I give you permission to touch him?" Vince shook his head, rubbing his arm in pain from the push. Duo's frown grew, he had forgotten that the boys had taken that drug again, their strength increased dramatically now.

"I'm sorry." Vince said.

"That's better. Duo, I hope he didn't hurt you." Kei said almost tenderly, his hand rubbing Duo's cheek. Duo shrank away from the touch, feeling sick to his stomach again. Kei chuckled.

"Oh Duo, soon this will all be over and you will be mine." Kei pulled Duo's head down, about to steal a kiss from the delicate lips when the sound of motorcycles filled his ears. He smiled, his eyes looking ahead and seeing three bikes head his way.

"Our guest have arrived."

Heero and the others stopped their bikes and got off, taking off their helmets and heading over to where Kei and the others were. Heero glared as they came into view, his eyes immediately spotting Duo and not liking what he was seeing.

"Heero." Duo let a small smile cross his face, happy to see that his love had made it. Kei and the others stood to meet the other boys halfway, Kei pulling Duo along by his leash.

"Well well well, so we meet face to face once again." Kei said, his opponents standing ahead of them.

"Kei." Heero spoke the name with pure hatred, his eyes becoming clouded with rage as he pulled off his sunglasses. Kei smirked at Heero's look, which promised a slow and painfully death.

Just the reaction he'd expected, but this time he would win and not Heero.

"Heero." Kei said, his voice filled with hatred. The boys stood their ground, no one making a move. Instead, they each eyed the boy they were going to face.

"Well has the city made a decision, is it in our hands now?" Juno asked, remembering that they did tell the city to surrender or else.

"It doesn't matter what they said." Trowa spat, glaring at Juno.

"We are finishing this. And when we win, you guys won't be able to rule anything." Wufei added. Rick chuckled.

"So that's it then? You guys are ready to die just like that?"

"I guess so. Well, let's get rid of them and send them to their deaths." Tonga said happily, wanting to chop the boys into little pieces.

"You aren't sending us anywhere. It's you who will be going somewhere." Quatre said angrily.

"Boys. Let's stop this little argument and get to it." Vince said. Kei nodded, pulling Duo by his side, smirking at the look Heero was giving him.

"I agree with Vince. The sooner we get this over with the sooner I can take my Duo and get on with my life." Kei pulled Duo into him, his arms wrapping around his waist. Duo struggled in his arms, gasping when Kei bent his head down to try and get a kiss from him.

"No..." Duo whimpered, not wanting Heero to see him kiss someone else. Heero growled, watching Kei's lips draw closer to Duo's. Deciding he had enough, Heero threw his long jacket off and made the blades come out of his wrist bands and charged at Kei.

Kei chuckled when he saw Heero charge at him, snapping his fingers once. Suddenly, Tonga jumped in front of him and blocked the attack with his sword, looking into pissed off blue eyes with a smile.

"You wouldn't be going after our boss would you?" Tonga said. Heero growled, his eyes turning to see Kei press his lips to Duo's, his lover groaning at the action and trying in vain to push Kei off of him.

"You...BASTARD!" Heero backed up and charged again, trying to get to Kei. But Tonga blocked his chance again.

"No...you fight me first Yuy." Tonga said with a sick smile. Heero growled, seeing Kei sit down and pull Duo in his lap again, his lips on his neck this time.

"If you want it that way fine." Heero then focused his attack on Tonga.

The other three boys had long since started the battle. Wufei going after Rick while Quatre and Trowa split up to take on Vince and Juno. Wufei pulled out his katana and clashed swords with Rick, while Trowa and Juno made the blades come out of the poles and began their own fight. Vince had pounced on Quatre, his claws coming out and going right for the blond's face. Quatre pulled his sword out and quickly turned it into the whip, knocking Vince away.

Duo watched the fight with wide eyes, his heart beating faster and faster. This must've been what all those people were talking about when they talked about the last fight the boys had so many years ago.

He could feel the power in the fight, and it was an incredible feeling.

"My gods..." Duo watched the boys clash their weapons together, so much power and so much hate towards the other person, the Angels and the Wildcats. A war between the two that seemed like it would never end.

But it would today.

Heero jumped away from Tonga's attack, the other swinging at him and trying to hit the fast Japanese youth. Tonga growled, telling him to stand still and let him hit him. Heero spun around and used his blade to try and cut Tonga in his back, but the other boy swung fast enough to catch his sword in Heero's blade, actually breaking it.

"No..." Duo whispered. He tried to go and help, but Kei pulled him back down.

"No...you watch little one. You watch and see my Wildcats tear your friends apart."

The others weren't fairing any better, trying to get in a good position so they could use the drug, but the Wildcats seemed so much faster. Wufei attacked head on, his katana meeting Rick's furiously, but none of his attacks would connect. Rick smiled, grabbing Wufei's wrist and twisting it, trying to make the other boy drop his weapon. Wufei cringed, holding in a scream of pain as Rick twisted harder.

"Give up...just give up!"

Trowa flipped over Juno, rushing at his back to stab him in the back, but Juno dropped to the ground, anticipating the move, and swept his legs so he could trip Trowa up. Trowa fell to the ground in pain, watching as Juno stood and lifted his pole in the air to stab Trowa instead, a sick smile on his lips.

"Die Barton...die and never see your little Quatre again..."

Quatre backflipped out of the way of the claws, his sword clashing with the deadly weapon. Vince smiled, slashing over and over, making Quatre back up more and more.

"You have nowhere to go." He said, Quatre getting backed up into a wall. The blond gasped, watching the claws come down fast.

"Yes...yes. That's it...take them down." Kei said happily. Duo shut his eyes, only to have Kei force them open.

"I told you to watch. Watch the end of the Angels." Kei said. Duo whimpered, shaking his head.

"No....no guys...it can't end like this."

"Oh yes it can, and it will." Duo glared at Kei and turned to look at the fight.


Heero gasped when he heard his love cheer him on. He blocked Tonga's sword with his other blade, feeling the sword crack it little by little. He glared at Tonga, the cocky boy edging closer and closer.

"This it it Yuy." Heero saw his blade crack even more, and at this rate it would be broken like the last one. Growling, Heero suddenly reached for his back pocket and pulled out one of the needles he had. Without warning, he stuck it right in Tonga's neck.

"AH! Son of a BITCH!" Tonga stopped his attack, Heero injecting the drug, the green liquid going into Tonga's body. The boy pushed Heero away, pulling the needle out and holding his neck in pain.

Wufei held unto his weapon tightly, the bones in his wrist protesting painfully. He could here then crack, the bones threatening to break if he didn't give up.

"Stop being stubborn. Just give up!"

"N...no!" Suddenly, Wufei twisted his body around, his wrist protesting even more. Rick gasped, Wufei bringing his leg up to kick him in the back of his head, the boy crashing to the ground in surprise and pain. Wufei held his wrist in pain, knowing that the bones were now broken. But he had no time to think about that. He quickly pulled the needle out from his coat pocket, straddled Rick's back, and injected the antidote.

Trowa rolled out of the way of Juno's attack, and kept rolling when the boy ran after him, stabbing the ground to hit Trowa. Juno growled, continuing his assault, his blade continuing to hit the ground. Suddenly, Trowa lifted himself up, flipping high in the air. Juno looked up and gasped, watching Trowa ball up his fist to punch him. Juno held his pole up to protect himself, but Trowa suddenly changed his angle and landed in a crotching position.

"What?" Trowa quickly dived under his legs, came up behind him, and injected the antidote into Juno's neck. Juno cringed, letting out a loud scream and dropping to his knees.

Vince used his claws to aim right at Quatre's face, the attack coming fast. Quatre held onto his sword and without warning, turned it into the whip again and used it to sweep Vince's feet.

Vince fell to the ground, the wind being knocked out of him as he looked up at Quatre. Quatre turned the whip into a sword and brought it down with a cry, Vince using his claws to block the attack. The two struggled for superiority, but then Quatre took Vince by surprised by straddling his hips, holding the sword in one hand while the other grabbed the needle.

"AH!" Vince screamed when Quatre injected it, then jumping off of him to look down at him.

"YES!" Duo cheered happily, watching the four Wildcats wither on the ground. Kei growled low in his throat as he watched Heero approach him.

"I suggest you let Duo go." He said dangerously. Kei felt a bead of sweat form on his forehead, watching his members struggle more and more.

"You...what have you DONE!" Kei screamed, his eyes looking on in fear. Duo smiled at his koi, happy that this would all finally be over and that they could go home. Heero smiled back.

"Time to go home Duo. Everything is finished." Duo was about to nod when his eyes caught a movemet behind Heero. He gasped, his eyes looking horrified.

"Heero...Heero look out!" He screamed. Heero stopped and turned around, only to be met with a fierce punch from Tonga.

The other three boys gasped, watching Tonga growl at Heero and lift him back up, only to punch him in his stomach, sending him back down again.

"We gotta help!" Wufei said. Trowa and Quatre nodded, about to rush over there when three more angry figures stepped in their way.

"Goin somewhere?"

"What...what happened?" Duo asked, watching the other four Wildcats suddenly get back up as if nothing happened. And it also appeared that they were stronger then before.

"Looks like their little plan backfired." Kei said with a laugh.

Heero stood up on shaky feet, holding his stomach in great pain.

"How...how is this possible?" He asked, watching Tonga approach him. Tonga smiled, cracking his fist to deal out more pain to Heero.

"I don't know what you were tryin to do...but you made a big mistake." Tonga charged at Heero, Heero putting his arms over his head to protect himself the best way he could.

"The antidote...did it not work?" Wufei asked, trying to dodge Rick's attacks.

"I...I don't know. But it seems like they have gotten even stronger..." Trowa said, dodging another kick from Juno.

"Damn you J." Quatre said, ducking his head from a punch from Vince. They knew that they couldn't hold out forever.

"I say we take them out." Vince said with a laugh, looking at the three Angels.

"Good idea, but don't hurt Quatre too much. I think I want one more swing at him." Juno said. Trowa glared, stepping in front of Quatre to protect him.

"How heroic. And how foolish." Rick said. The three boys grabbed their weapons, ready to make one more attempt. Without any type of warning or signal, they charged at their enemies.

Heero used his last blade, trying over and over again to hit Tonga. Tonga dodged all of his attacks like it was child's play, and in turn just wearing Heero out.

"Nice try kid." Heero growled and swung again, but it was stopped this time. Heero looked on with frightened eyes, Tonga was now holding the blade in his bare hands. Heero tried to pull away, but Tonga smiled, breaking the blade with his hands. He smiled at Heero and grabbed him by his throat, straggling him and making his face turn red from lack of air.

"NO! HEERO!" Duo once again tried to go help, but Kei pulled him down.

"Poor little Heero, it looks like his little antidote didn't work." Duo watched, tears filling his eyes when Tonga punched Heero in his stomach again, the Japanese leader coughing and gasping for air.

"No...stop this!" Duo pleaded. Kei chuckled, his hand running down Duo's back.

"Sorry love, can't do that. HEY TONGA!" Tonga stopped and looked over at his leader.

"Don't hurt him too much. He has to be conscious enough to see me take Duo." Duo cringed, feeling that hard member on his ass again. Tonga nodded, an ugly smile on his face. Duo bowed his head down, tears escaping his eyes.

Wufei swung his katana at Rick full force, but no matter how hard he tried the other boy was too fast for him. His swings were meeting empty air, Wufei trying his hardest to hit the boy, but nothing worked.

Getting tired of toying with him, Rick spun around and put Wufei in a stranglehold. Wufei gasped, trying to break free.

"It's no use dragon." Wufei growled, lifting his leg up to kick Rick in his face, but Rick let him go and grabbed his leg. Wufei gasped, feeling Rick pick him up by his legs and toss him away like a rag doll, his katana falling to the ground. Rick smiled and went back to attack his fallen enemy.

Juno and Vince both attacked, Trowa standing his ground in front of Quatre. Suddenly, the two boys split up, Vince heading full force at Trowa while Juno moved to the right to get behind Quatre. Trowa blocked Vince's attack with his pole, but Vince just growled and broke the pole in half with his hand. Trowa glared at him, then decided on using the two new poles to attack Vince. While he was attacking Vince, he didn't notice that Juno had gotten behind Quatre until it was too late.

"Hello Quatre." Quatre gasped, spinning around to see Juno smile at him. Quatre quickly used his sword to attack Juno, Juno just dodging each attack.

"Now why do you have to act that way Quatre?" Juno asked. Quatre glared at him, his eyes blazing as he continued his attack.

"Come on Quatre, how could you be so cruel to your Juno?"

"You are NOT my Juno!" Quatre turned his sword into a whip and began to lash it out a Juno, but that too didn't work, the whip cracking the ground. Juno shook his head, his hand coming out to grab the whip. Quatre gasped, Juno giving one mighty tug that sent Quatre flying into him.

"You look so damn hot when you're angry." Juno purred, tightening his hold on Quatre. Quatre cringed, feeling the bones in his back protest as Juno put him in a mighty bear hug.

"Stop it....let go!" Quatre said, his fist hitting Juno in the chest but not doing anything. Juno smirked, squeezing harder and getting a loud scream out of Quatre.

"Yes....scream for me. Scream for me my little Quatre."

Trowa stopped his attack when he heard the scream and immediately rushed over to aid Quatre. However, Vince jumped in front of him and delivered a blow to his stomach, sending him to the ground with a grunt of pain.

"No no no...don't be interrupting Juno with his fun." Vince said, stepping on Trowa's back hard. Trowa shut his eyes, biting his lips so he wouldn't cry out. Vince smirked, stepping harder and harder.

"Yo Vince, make sure that little bitch watches this." Juno said, releasing his hold on Quatre, the blond haired boy falling to the ground in a boneless heap.

"QUATRE!" Trowa tried to get up, but Vince suddenly stepped on his head, causing Trowa to moan in pain, his eyes struggling to stay open.


Quatre moaned in pain, his eyes trying to focus on what was happening. When they did focus, he saw a face that he was hoping to never see again.

Juno smiled down at him, straddling his hips and making Quatre try to push him off of him.

"Oh no Quatre, we have to have some fun first." Quatre shut his eyes in disgust when Juno pressed his lips to his own, the putrid taste overtaking his senses again. He felt Juno glide his hands all over his unwilling body, Quatre blanking his mind again so he wouldn't have to feel the sexual assualt from Juno again.

Rick picked Wufei up by his shirt, the Chinese boy having several cuts and bruises all over his body.

"Now what do you want to see? You want to see blondie get his from Juno or your little schoolboy friend get his from Kei?" Wufei glared, his lips forming one phrase that made Rick see red.

"Fuck you."

"Hm. Well if that's how you wanna play...perhaps I should see what you are made of. You are kind of pretty you know." Rick said, throwing Wufei back down to the ground. Wufei looked up and gasped when he saw Rick take his belt aloose. Wufei stood up and charged at Rick, not willing to let his body be violated by the slime. Rick chuckled.

"You got spirit. So you wish to continue to fight. Fine." Rick charged right at Wufei, the two starting to fight again.

"Don't TOUCH me!" Duo screamed, feeling Kei's hands all over him again.

"Oh Duo...I know you want this, especially with your Japanese bastard of a lover watching." Duo turned his head, seeing Tonga hold Heero down, forcing his eyes to remain open. Kei chuckled, throwing Duo on his stomach and using the collar to hold his head up so he could look directly into Heero's eyes. Duo whimpered, feeling Kei make quick work of his shorts.

"Didn't I tell you that this would happen. DIDN'T I!!!" Duo groaned, feeling Kei rub a hand against his naked ass.

"Oh Duo, I've been wanting this for so long, but it makes it all the better with him watching." Duo heard Kei zip down his own pants and felt him lift his body up so he was on all fours, his ass raised high in the air. Kei smirked at Heero, his hand coming around to stroke Duo while he positioned himself at his entrance.

"All mine...you got that...MINE!" Heero gasped when he saw Kei nudge Duo's entrance, a sick smile on his face.

"Heero...I'm sorry..."


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