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Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Fourteen

Duo looked at the picture again.

"Yeah, I know him." J stared at the boy.

"How do you know him?" Asked Heero.

"Well...remember when that...incident happened at the club? Well, he got me the clothes I needed and went with me." Said Duo.

"Oh, that guy. I knew he looked familiar." Said Trowa, remembering the boy that was at the club with Duo.

"His name is Reiko and I know where he lives too." Said Duo.

"You went to his house?" Asked Heero angrily. Duo gave him a nervous grin.

"Uh....he's friends with Hilde's boyfriend. I needed an outfit to go to the club so I went over there." Said Duo.

"I want to meet him. Besides, if he knows this ingredient than we can tell J and he can start on an antidote." Said Heero. They all nodded.

"Once I re-create the drug I can work on an antidote." Said J.

"We'll go first thing tomorrow morning." Said Wufei. They agreed and went their separate way.

Reiko sighed as he gave Kei another dose of the drug.

"Thanks, I have a feeling I'll be needing this." Said Kei. He handed him the money.

"Thanks for doing business." Said Reiko.

"No problem, this drug is great. I'll be able to pound Yuy to the ground and get his little sweet schoolboy."

"You keep telling me about him, what's he like?" Reiko was curious to know. Maybe Kei would share when he was done. The boy sounded desirable.

"He's the tastiest thing you can ever meet. He's this pretty little thing Yuy meet a while back. I got a piece of that and want more." Said Kei.

"That's great, but what's the kid's name?" He wanted to look him up and try him out himself. It had been a while since he had been satisfied.

"Oh I never did tell you that did I. His name is Duo."

Reiko's heart dropped at that.


Duo was a nice kid and he didn't deserve Kei's rough treatment.

He knew he flirted outrageously with the boy, but he had a good heart and he could tell he was a nice person.

"Are you sure that's the best thing to do. I mean, he has Heero and..." Kei slapped him.

"I didn't ASK for your opinion. You just need to make the drug and shut-up. You need the money anyway don't ya?" Asked Kei.

"Yeah I do." Kei smiled and walked off. Reiko closed the door.

"Yeah I need the money, I have no family to rely on." He went to his dresser to look at a picture. He was 12 at the time, and his father was alive and his mother was with him.

"Damn it I miss them. But, after you died, Mom changed. She was determined to avenge you and that separated us. Mother, I wish you well, and I know it's wrong to help him but I need to survive. I'm sorry Mom." Said Reiko, kissing the picture of the woman with long, brown hair and a pretty smile.

She was now the chief of police, and her son was a prostitute. This was why they were no longer together. So Reiko did what he could to survive, and one of those things was giving a drug to a gang who wanted to take over the city.

The next morning, Heero and the others went to Reiko's house.

"You sure he lives here?" Asked Sally.

"Yeah." Said Duo, ringing the bell. A new voice answered the call.

"Who is it?" Asked the female voice.

"Hilde?" Asked Duo.

"Oh hi Duo, Kenji and me are here visiting Reiko. I'll buzz ya up." Said Hilde. The group went upstairs and Hilde let them in.

"I see you brought the whole gang. Hiya." Said Hilde. They all said hi. Reiko came to the door and smiled.

"Well if it isn't my violet-eyed angel..." Heero glared at him. Reiko smiled.

"And you brought friends. I'm Reiko." The introduction was cut short when the boys got a good look at Reiko's place.

They looked at all the toys around and gave him a nervous grin. Some they knew, some they didn't know, and some looked like they weren't even on the market.

It was actually Trowa who broke the silence.

"Nice place. Hm...that one looks interesting." Said Trowa pointing at one, his hand rubbing circles against Quatre's back.

"Yeah, you clamp the end on the penis and it stays hard until you un-clamp it (1)." Said Reiko. Trowa nodded and Quatre blushed. Reiko saw this and smiled.

"You can try it on him, a gift from me to you." Said Reiko, handing it to Trowa. He then bent down to whisper in Quatre's ear.

"I'd love to see you in pure pleasure like that." Quatre blushed, but retorted.

"And just how do you know I wouldn't use it on Trowa?"

"Well I was planning on trying in out on you little angel. Unless if I could watch." This made Quatre's face turn bright red.

"Enough, we have business to discuss." Said Heero.

"Aw, you're no fun."

"We can discuss the 50 million ways to make someone cum later, this is important." Said Heero.

"Fine, what is it." Said Reiko. This really did sound serious. Heero looked at Kenji and Hilde as if to tell them to leave. They were about to, but Reiko shook his head.

"They stay. Kenji's my best friend and whatever you have to tell me you can tell them."

"Alright..." Started Wufei.

"...we know you've been giving those bastards that drug." Said Heero. Reiko froze.

"What drug?" Asked Kenji.

"It's a drug that increases strength. The Wildcats...tried it out on us." Said Sally.

"What...you're the guys Kei was talking about." Said Reiko.

"Reiko, what are you doing working for those idiots?" Asked Kenji.

"Don't you know what they did?" Asked Hilde.

"I know....that war years ago. And what they did to Duo and you guys." Said Reiko in a low voice.

"You...you KNOW!" Screamed Duo.

"You probably helped them plan it...DIDN'T YOU!" Screamed Heero.

"No...no I didn't. I just, I just make the drug."

"But why?" Asked Hilde.

"I have to get money somehow...and prostitution is getting old." Said Reiko.

"Why not a real job, or your parents, or...." Reiko sighed as Kenji tried to hush the blond, but the wounds were already open.

"It's O.K. Kenji, I could at least tell them WHY I'm helping their worst enemy." Kenji slowly nodded at his friend to let him explain.

//Reiko was happy with his life. He had two great parents who took very good care of him. It was one night that changed everything. His family was walking home one night when they ran into the local gang in the city they lived in at the time. Reiko felt his mother hold his hand and his father walked in front of them. They had to get through them to get home. His father walked through first, then him and his mother, but the gang stopped them.

"Hey there pretty momma." They taunted at his mother. She just ignored them. However, they would not be ignored.

"Hey lady, I just said somethin." Said the same guy, grabbing the front of his mother's coat. Another man approached them.

"Hey, why don't you give us your money?" He asked. She held her purse and handed it to them, but she never let go of her son. The bullies smiled and let her go. She approached her husband with her son in hand.

"Why'd you do that?" He asked her.

"Let's just go honey, it's just a purse." She said. They were about to leave when...

"We're not finished yet lady. Come here." They said. She shook her head.

"Aw come on, we just want to have a good time." They said. Reiko glared at them, he hated this.

"Go away." He said in his tiny voice. His mother shushed him.

"Aw, cute kid." A man came out of the shadows and snatched Reiko up. His mother screamed, but the man put a knife up to his throat.

"I suggest you go and see what my buddy wants, or this pretty little face gets dismantled." Reiko squirmed, but he couldn't get loose. His mother had tears in her eyes as she bravely marched over there.

"No...no Une don't go." Said his father, calling his mother. She didn't look back, she approached them. Suddenly, there was a scream in the air. All turned to see Reiko on the floor with a bloody body behind him. He was crying as he stared at his father....who held a gun in his hand.

"Honey, where'd you get that?" Une asked.

"Don't worry about it."

"Hey, I knew I recognized you, you're that prick of a detective." Said one of the gang members.

"De...Detective? When did this happen?" Asked Une.

"I'm sorry baby, I was gonna tell you but..."

"Cool, daddy's a detective." He pulled out a walkie to call for back up. Just then, the entire gang surrounded him and attacked. Une stared in shock as she saw them close in on her husband. She charged over there to help, but on of the men hit her and knocked her out.

"MOMMY!" Reiko rushed over to his mother and held her limp head in his tiny lap. He had tears in his eyes as he watched his father try to fight them off. He tried his best, but it wasn't enough. They had weapons and he had one gun....that was knocked from his hands long ago.

"DADDY!" Reiko screamed, but it wasn't heard past the brutal force of the gang.

When the police finally came, the gang had scattered and Reiko's father laid in a bloody heap. An ambulance took his mother, but not his father.

"He's already gone. I'm sorry." They said. Reiko cried silent tears as they pulled the sheet over him.

His mother responded the same way he did, crying silent tears of grief. The police was there with them.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but he put up a brave fight. He...he wanted to fight crime and put an end to the war this city is in." Said the current chief of police.

"I...I wanna help." Said Une.


"I wanna help too. I wanna take down the man who runs this....this war. I wanna avenge my husband." Said Une.

"Ma'am, I know you're upset but..."

"DAMN IT! Let me HELP YOU!!!!"

That's when it started. Reiko rarely saw his mother anymore. They moved from city to city trying to find this man. Yeah, she helped end the war in that city but the man who ran the gang fled. She called him a coward and kept chasing him. Reiko wanted it to end but it didn't. She surrounded herself with her work, not having much time to be at home. He was alone...until he met Kenji. He was his best friend and was there for him. Things seemed to look up until....

The two were walking home when a man stopped them.

"Hey kids, you want a job?" He asked.

"No thanks..." Said Kenji.

"What kind of job?" Asked Reiko. Kenji gasped.

"This man is bad news Reiko."

"I know." For some reason he wanted to do this, to get back at his mother for neglecting him like that. Maybe this would make her pay attention to him. He smiled.

"Go on home Kenji, I'll catch up."


"GO!" Kenji left his friend there with a sad look on his face. Reiko followed the man that day, and had his first hand at prostitution.

His mother found out in the worst way. She had a case to take down the man. When she found his base she found her son, kissing the man's neck and his hand in his boxers. The man had a twisted look of pleasure on his face.

"REIKO!!!" Reiko jumped and gasped at what he saw.


"You...you bastard. What have you done to my son?" She asked in a shaky voice.

"Mom, he did nothing. He showed me attention where you didn't." He said.

"Reiko...back away from him now." She had her gun raised at the man, but Reiko stepped in the way. His child-like innocence made him care for the sick creature.

"He cares for me, he pays attention to me. If you kill him I'll never forgive you." He said. She gasped as the gun dropped from her hands. Tears stung her eyes as she ran off. He sighed as he sat back on the man's lap.

"Sorry boss, that'll never happen again." Said Reiko.

"It better not, now, where were we?" He asked. Reiko smiled.

"What do you mean you didn't finish the mission?" Asked the chief.

"I...I couldn't. I..."

"Look, I just want to let you know that after that case you'll get a promotion."

"You mean....I'll be chief?" She asked.

"I'm retiring and I would love you to take my seat." Said the current chief.

"Wow, I don't know what to say." Being the chief, she could easily find her husband's killer.

"I just hope you clear up everything with your son." He said.


"Well, we know what he does, the whole prostitution thing. That's not good." He said.

"But...but what am I suppose to do?" She asked. He shrugged his shoulders as she sat there with a pained look on her face.//

"So she took in my boss and got the job. I understand, cause she wanted to avenge my dad. She did eventually, and that's how she ended up in this city. The killer was here. He was sentenced to life for my dad and a whole bunch of shit.. I always followed her, but I never went back. At the time, I couldn't believe that she would do that. In all honesty, I left her. She just never took me back when I came back home. That's what got me here. Kenji was always there, it just so happened that his family had moved here, so we were able to remain close." Said Reiko with a sad smile on his face.

"That's awful, I'm sorry." Said Duo.

"So, where did the chemical come in, they said he got it in jail."

"He did. My mother had me arrested cause I came home trying to get her to let me in. I kept screaming and screaming and calling her names and shit (2). I met Kei in prison. I told him about the drug I was working on, call it a hobby, and it actually worked. He came back for it when he got out. Thus, leading to the events now." Said Reiko.

"And you know Dr. J?" Asked Heero.

"Oh J, yeah I know the old bastard. His hands seem to wander on pretty things. I met him in town one day and he asked if I wanted to learn something new. At first I thought he was a client, but I learned he was a scientist. Looking back, I'm glad he wasn't a client." Said Reiko.

"So out of his own boredom he taught you some weird shit, and now the ultimate enemy has a hold of a drug that makes them stronger than humanly possible!" Shouted Heero.

"Look, I didn't know it would go that far. I just needed cash and they provided that." Said Reiko.

"Look Reiko, they need the other ingredients to stop them, or else this entire city is going straight to hell." Said Hilde as she pointed at Heero and the gang, wanting Reiko to help them out.

Reiko shook his head.

"Can't do it, it's too late now, I need money." Kenji shook his head.

"What happened to you Reiko? I thought I knew my friend, but I guess I don't." Said Kenji with a frown. Reiko's eyes quivered.

"Don't do this to me Kenji, please, you got to understand..."

"...I understand that you only care for yourself and not others. Look what those bastards did. They raped Duo and Quatre and almost Sally. They beat up Trowa and Wufei and want to fucking take over the city you live in. It's gangs like that which separated your family Reiko. You have the knowledge to help us take them down, but you just care for money." Said Kenji. Heero held Duo as the boy remembered that awful night. Trowa and Wufei also held their loved ones.

"Reiko please help us. Don't let them do what they did to us to anyone else." Said Quatre.

"Please." Said Duo. Kenji took Reiko's hand.

"Please my friend, help us." Reiko sighed and went to the back. He came back out with a scroll and handed it to Heero.

"Here, this shows the ingredients I used to create the drug. J already has the major chemical, he just needed the extra ingredients." Said Reiko. Heero opened the scroll and read.

"Hm, interesting. These things are pretty....natural." Said Heero.

"I know, but it's the myths behind them that make it possible to create the drug. I circled the four that I used, creating the drug. I'm sure J can crate an antidote from it." Said Reiko. Trowa took the scroll, reading along with Wufei.

"The Dogwood equals Durability, the Kingcup equals the Desire of Riches, the Tansy equals...'I declare War against you,' and the Wild Rose equals Pleasure and Pain." Read Trowa.

"Very interesting, thank you Reiko." Said Wufei.

"No problem, and I'm sorry about what happened." Said Reiko. They nodded and left, leaving Reiko alone with Hilde and Kenji.

"We'll go too, thank you for helping them." Said Hilde. Kenji smiled at his friend.

"Thank you Reiko." He said. The two left. Reiko sighed and crashed on his couch.

"I hope they can stop them. Oh Mom, you'd be so proud of me."

(1) Read, "Boy and the Beast," by Arigatomina. This is something Heero used on Duo *blush*

(2) Have you ever seen, "The Basketball Diaries?" Leonardo DiCaprio starred in it and he became a drug addict. He tried to come back home and beg his mother for $20, but she wouldn't let him in cause he was gonna get more drugs. He sat outside and was banging on the door crying, calling her a bitch and stuff, and she called the police on him.

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